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2571 * c1945 - 1972 sheets and part sheets galore in four large (56 x 33 cm) sheet albums. Much dup'n & e.g. 29 sheets 3c Vintage Cars. Strength in definitives (mainly low pence and cents values), e.g. QEII 2½d/3d x 7 sheets each plate 17, but also includes commemoratives, Christmas & healths. Noted full sheet 1947 Government Life ½d muh (alone cat $1,800). All appear muh but some variable condition. Decimal f.v. = $580+ $800.00
2572 * 1946 3d Victory Pre-Printing Paper Crease: - an impressive block of four with RH vertical selvedge. Creasing occurred after the printing of the ultramarine colour, but before the green was printed and subsequent perforating, resulting in lower right stamp with almost no upper left aeroplane visible, and adjacent stamp with sliced spitfire. Accompanied by detailed explanation & charts on 3 pages. MUH. $750.00
2573 E 1965 ANZAC 3d unaccepted hand painted essay (23.9 x 15.2 cm) on card (36.5 x 26.9 cm) featuring map of the Dardanelles, lemon squeezer hat & rifle with additional (pencil) rubric beneath design, submitted & signed by James Berry. Some oily spots on front. $1,000.00
2574 E 1965 3d ANZAC unaccepted hand painted essay (24 x 14 cm) on card (32 x 22.7 cm) featuring calendar, soldiers & outlines of Australia & New Zealand, submitted by TAURUS. Some oily spots on rear. $1,000.00
2575 M* 1965 ANZAC 5d an irregular traffic lights block of 41 (R4/7 - R10/12) m/muh featuring huge cleaner ink fluid spill affecting red ink in R6/7 - R7/12 resulting in 5 Row 6 stamps 90+% red colour omitted; i.e. almost totally white poppies. CP S95a(X). A most impressive error. $1,200.00
2576 * 1965 4d International Co-operation Year colour proof in orange, red & white, sideways invt wmk, with normal for comparison, muh. $250.00
2577 M* 1968 3c Maori Bible varieties: a) vert pair gold colour shifted into upper margin, b) horiz sheet value pair misplaced perfs resulting in vertical white bars at LHS; Captain Cook 1969 4c dark blue ink blob straddling two vertical stamps; 6c vertical lower left sheet corner strip of 3 with brown colour shift; 18c vertical strip of 3 with green doctor blade flaw; 56c miniature sheet embossing misplaced 6mm to right. also, Health 1969 4c + 1c blue colour partly offset on rear. [7 items] M/muh. $250.00
2578 P 1968 3c Universal Suffrage & 10c International Human Rights Year imperfs colour proof essays on Courvoisier’s letterheaded paper. Vendor states that: this is the only recorded set, & also includes set as issued and 3c on New Plymouth FDC. $1,000.00
2579 / 1969 3c Law Society varieties: a) block of four double print of blue together with 11mm vertical shift, m/muh; b) blue rain in vert pair ex column 10 m/muh; also, single on FDC ex Raoul Island and cylinder block of four m/muh, latter with a few light tones. CP S115a(Z) & (X). $1,500.00
2580 * 1969 28c Cook Bicentenary error: embossing grossly misplaced muh with normal for comparison. CP S125a(Z). Also includes 18c in block of 4 with 6mm embossing shift (3 with odd tone) muh. CP cat $580. $100.00
2581 / 1970 - 1998 sel’n of errors & varieties on Hagner (15 items) & page (3 items). Latter includes 1977 8c Anniversaries strip of 3 with black colour doubled; 1979 10c Health Sea Urchin with doubled green; & 1983 35c ANZCER lower selvedge block of 6 (3 x 2) with black colour doubled on lowermost stamps. Hagner varieties include an offset, colour shifts, doctor blade flaws, double prints, mis-perfs and a partial dry print. All are m/muh except 40c Tory Channel mis-perf which is used. The few items listed by CP are cat $1150. $600.00
2582 E 1971 3c One Ton Cup James Berry 15.1 x 8.5 cm hand painted watercolour essay on 20.2 x 15.3 cm white card, this was the accepted design for the 5c stamp. Also includes FDC. $1,500.00
2583 P 1971 3c & 10c Opening of Satellite Earth Station each four different Courvoisier unique imperf colour separation proofs. Also, 8c & 10c cylinder blocks m/muh. $1,500.00
2584 M* 1974 10c Commonwealth Games cycling - a phantasmagorical double error! Several pre-printing paper creases, a paper fold after red & black colours printed; four part-black colour offset designs appearing 90° on rear owing to paper fold. The part sheet of 40 then appears to have been printed again with black ink resulting in 6 stamps/part stamps having design on gummed side. When opened out, R1/10 shows adhesion to next sheet and probably was the cause of all this; R2/6 & R2/7 cyclists for example, appear to be black & grey respectively. CP S179a(Z) but not priced. M/MUH. $3,500.00
2585 M* 1974 New Zealand Day miniature sheet error: a magnificent misguillotined miniature sheet incorporating printer’s imprint & plate numbers in lower left & right stamps respectively; upper selvedge bears undenominated parts of 3 stamps, muh. Vendor states that misguillotined sheet with plate number 1A 1A 1A 1A [one sheet recorded]. Additionally, a misguillotined miniature sheet by 12.5mm resulting in both selvedge inscriptions appearing at left, mint, with normal for comparison. $1,750.00
2586 * 1977 10c 75th Anniversary Automobile Association error: grey colour shift 15mm downwards, dramatically visible in traffic light block of 8 - grey traffic light beneath NEW ZEALAND on 10c RCAS stamp, grey compass points in lower white panel of all AA stamps & grey bar at top of 2nd row of AA stamps. Also, similar error but lower left sheet corner pair with cylinder numbers, both items with normal for comparison, muh. $1,500.00
2587 * 1977 Silver Jubilee 1952-1977 miniature sheet spectacular error: completely imperforate + large silver ink splash at RHS, muh. CP SM220-224(Z) var. Cat $3,500. $1,750.00
2588 * 1982 - 2000 sel’n of muh perforation errors on stock card: a) 1c Mineral (7.5mm shift to left), b) Barcelona Olympic Games $1.00 (1.0cm shift up); c) 1993 Warbrick Terrace $1.50 (5mm shift down), & d) Rainbow Mountain Scenic Reserve $1.20 (6mm down), latter CP SS141a(Z). $500.00
2589 * 1986 Police Centenary 25c x 5 error: sepia misplaced 3mm upwards muh, with normal. Also 1986 Scenic Bays 80c miniature sheet with dramatic diagonal misperforation (2.3 cm to upper left), muh. Latter not listed by CP. $400.00
2590 * 1990 40c The Legend of Rangi & Papa error: chalky blue (denomination) colour omitted, muh, with normal for comparison. CP SH31a(Z). $400.00