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Auction 25 - Friday, September 11, 2020

455 BOOKS (8), NZ Numismatics including Alistair Robb, Banknotes of NZ 1st Edition & Revised 2007 version with 2009 valuations & Coins Tokens & Banknotes 1976; New Zealand Goes Decimal (Cuttings), by Harvey Allen; Bank of New Zealand Banknotes, by R H Griffin; Catalogue of NZ Coins, Tokens Banknotes, by W H Lampard 1981; NZ Coin Catalogue 1966, by John Bertrand; & Starting a Coin Collection in NZ, by D Carrian 1997. F - EF $120.00
456 BOOKS (10), Numismatic History of NZ (4), by Allan Sutherland, Part IV Paper Currency of NZ (2), Part V Medals of NZ & Part VI NZ Coinage; Odd & Curious Money of the World, by Hans M F Schulman; They Made Their Own Money (2), by The Canterbury Branch of the RNSNZ; The Image Maker - The Art of James Berry, by J R Tye; Coins Tokens & Bank Notes of NZ, by Alistair Robb; & Brass Checks & Red Lights, by Fred & Jo Mazzulla. F - EF $100.00
457 AUSTRALIA NSW Locomotive Engine Drivers, Firemen & Cleaners Association Members Pass, ca. 1880's, minted by W J Amor, heart shaped, Obv Scene of steam train passing over bridge, H impressed above, Rev N.S.W L.E.D.F & C.A, 97 impressed above, silver, 11.45 grams. gVF $150.00
458 HONG KONG Imperial Reply Coupon 20 Cents 1950's, Robin 2, 3/ on back, CGA original paper quality. EF45 $200.00
459 NEW ZEALAND POSTAL NOTE Five Shillings 1925, brown, red serial 132477, stamped NZ Auckland 23 Jul 1925, with counterfoil, Harwood Type 5B, two vertical folds & creasing throughout, few nicks in counterfoil margin. aVF $800.00
460 ACCUMULATION TOKENS (37), Noted GB Ralph Heaton & Sons Coiners The Mint Birmingham (2); R H & Sons London Barber Shop (2), 2d & 1 Shilling; Choppington A Pit Miners Pit Check (2); GB Gower & Shephard Billingsgate 5 Shillings; Australia Darling Harbour Monorail 1988 Platypus; Scotland Masonic "They Received Every Man A Penny"; NZ Blenheim Working Men's Club 3d; NZ Clarkson & Turnbull Penny 1865, A69, e/k's, F; & Kirkcaldie & Stains Penny. VG - UNC $300.00
461 RESERVE BANK OF NEW ZEALAND COINWATCH, Swiss made, 1994 50 Cent Bi-Metal Coin as watch face, cased & boxed with cert & Coin watch cards as issued. UNC $300.00
462 BANKNOTE NOVELTIES COLLECTION (1200+), Mostly NZ Funny money, advertising notes, coupons, vouchers, postcards, play money (MP Levin), bonds etc. for food products, pubs, alcohol stores, fairs, festivals, petrol stations, video stores, stationery stores, Kmart, real estate agencies, power companies, malls, unions, political advertising, background documents & more. Most UNC. G - UNC $400.00