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Auction 31 - Friday, September 22, 2023

188 ACCUMULATION (66, 4 silver), incl GREEK, ROME, EGYPT, PARTHIAN & BYZANTINE. Noted Rhodes AR Drachm, 167 - 88 BC, 14.5mm, 1.83g, like S5064, VF; Rome Republic AR Denarius, Rev she wolf, 17mm, 3.11g, dark tone, VG; Trajan AR Denarius, gilded, 18mm, 2.89g, like S3129, F; Constantius II AR reduced Siliqua, 17.5mm, 2.21g, S17950, F; Vespasian AE Dupondius, S2348, Poor; Antoninus Pius AE Sestertius, S4168, VG; Gordian III AE Sestertius, S8732, VG; & Trajan AE Hemidrachm, Rev Trajan in quadriga of elephants, S3298, G; most G - VG without ID. Poor - VF $600.00
189 EGYPT Ptolemy II AR Tetradrachm, 285 - 246 BC, Sidon mint, Obv Dia Hd of Ptolemy I r, Rev Eagle with closed wings standing l on thunderbolt, S above M in l field, similar to Svoronos 720, 26.5mm, 13.44g. VF $200.00
190 EGYPT (2), Ptolemy V, AE 26, 204 - 180 BC, S7880, 14.83g; & Ptolemy VI, AE 28, 180 - 145 BC, S7903, 15.36g; both with Obv Hd of Cleopatra I as Isis r, Rev eagle stg l on thunderbolt, wings open. VF $200.00
191 PARTHIA Artabanus II AR Drachm, 10 - 38 AD, 21.5mm, 3.75g, verdigris otherwise gVF. $100.00
192 ROME AE (7), Caligula - Trajan Decius, 37 - 249 AD. Caligula S1803, Poor; Claudius S1862, F; Domitian (under Titus) RICII 169b, aF; Trajan S3230, VG; Hadrian S3664, aF; Philip I S8989, VG; & Trajan Decius S9398, aF. Poor - F $300.00
193 ROME Vespasian AR Denarius, 72 AD, Rome mint, Obv IMP CAES VESP AVG PM COS IIII, Rev Vesta, S2316, 18mm, 3.35g. F $100.00
194 ROME AR Denarius (4), Trajan 108 AD, Rev Aequitas, 18mm, 3.32g, S3122, F; Hadrian 134 AD, Rev Victory, 17.5mm, 3.15g, S3548, VG; Lucius Verus 163 AD, Rev Providentia, 18.5mm, 3.04g, S5354, VF; & Julia Maesa 220 - 222 AD, Rev Felicitas, 18mm, 3g, S7757, gF. VG - VF $300.00
195 ROME AR Denarius (2), Hadrian 137 AD, Rome mint, Rev Salus feeding snake, S3540 & Severus Alexander 225 AD, Rome mint, Rev Virtus resting on spear & shield, S7934, both mounted on a .925 silver ring. VF $200.00
196 ROME AR Denarius (2), Antoninus Pius, 139 AD, Rome mint, Obv ANTONINVS AVG PIVS PP, Rev Modius with two grain ears & a poppy, RIC III 44, 18mm, 3.17g, VF; & Marcus Aurelius (as Caesar) 156 - 157 AD, Rome mint, struck under Antoninus Pius, Obv AVRELIVS CAES AANTON AVG PII F, Rev Felicitas standing left, holding caduceus & sceptre, leaning on column to right, RIC III 470 (Pius), 18mm, 3.52g, aVF. aVF - VF $250.00
197 ROME Marcus Aurelius AE Sestertius, 165 AD, Rome mint, Obv M AVREL ANTONINVS AVG ARMENIACVS P M, laur bust r, Rev TR POT XIX IMP II COS III SC, Providentia stg, holding wand over globe & sceptre, S5008, RIC 905, 31mm, 19.6g. gF $200.00
198 ROME Britain, Carausius Billon Antoninianus, 286 - 293, Rev PAX, overstruck on an Antoninianus of Victorinus, S13639 - 63, 22mm, 2.3g. VF $100.00
199 ROME AE ACCUMULATION (34), 3rd - 4th Century, noted Constantine The Great (3), Follis (2), S15519, gVF; S16092, VF; & Centenionalis, S16241, VF; Diocletian Antoninianus, S12666, VF; & Maximinus II Follis, S14857, gF. VG - gVF $250.00
200 ROMAN PROVINCIAL Egypt, Nero Tetradrachm, 56/57 AD year 3, Alexandria mint, Obv Nero, Rev Roman Demos stg r, holding sceptre & cornucopia, L G (date) to lower r, Köln 125, 25mm, 13.38g, toned, scarce. VF $200.00
201 ROMAN PROVINCIAL Egypt, Tetradrachm (35), Hadrian - Diocletian, 135 - 296 AD, noted Hadrian, 130/131 AD year 15, Alexandria mint, Obv Hadrian, Rev Alexandria stg r, holding vexillum & presenting grain ears to Hadrian stg l, holding sceptre, L-I-E (date) in field, Köln 1026-9 var (placement of date), 24mm, 12.84g, toned, aVF; Hadrian, Köln 1197, aVF; Antoninus Pius (2), S4350 & S4366, F - aVF; Gallienus, 261/262 AD year 9, Alexandria mint, Obv Gallienus, Rev eagle stg l, wings folded, holding wreath in beak, palm over shoulder, ?NATOV (date) upward in l field, L to r. Köln 2908-9, 23mm, 10.85g, well struck, gVF; Gallienus, Köln 2932, gVF; Salonina (2), S10713, VF & Köln 2979, VF. VG - gVF $900.00