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Auction 28 - Friday, March 18, 2022

533 BANK of AUSTRALASIA, One Pound, Uniform Issue, Plain Rev, 1 July 1924, early serial 023122, NZBG B821b, P S132. Two corner pinholes, fully intact margins, clean & crisp. gF $1,000.00
534 BANK of NEW ZEALAND Ten Shillings 1 April 1920, B 094006, blue and pink front, 2 x "10's" in lower corners, No 2 issue Rev, NZBG D711d, PS223, ex Mowbray A21/521 & scarce type. Heavily used, small split in lower margin, fully intact. aVG $600.00
535 BANK of NEW ZEALAND One Pound 7th issue, 1916 - 24, printed date 1 October 1919, Alfred Smith signature, no p before Manager, C259517 multicolour, NZBG D721k, P S225, Ex E.C. Price Collection, Webb's, Auckland 1988/504, Noble 95/2596, without pinholes or tears. aVF $1,000.00
536 BANK OF NEW ZEALAND One Pound, Uniform issue, straight bank name type, 1 October 1929, D F Reid, serial G267,215, NZBG D921d, PS234a, flattened but clean, bright and crisp. gVF $1,000.00
537 NATIONAL BANK of NEW ZEALAND, One Pound, Plain Rev, 3rd issue larger, 1 January 1923, B649022, NZBG K321q, Robb 2006 31.a.iv, 3.875 rosettes at side, scarcer type, P S307, good corners, one nick in left margin. gF $1,000.00
538 NATIONAL BANK of NEW ZEALAND, One Pound, rare consecutive pair, uniform Issue, Plain Rev, 1 July 1929, E326245 & E326246, NZBG K821f, P S317, both with 3 main vertical folds & crisp, the first with minor foxing, the second clean face, glue drop on back & minor foxing. aEF $3,200.00
539 BANK of NEW SOUTH WALES, One Pound, imprint of Charles Skipper & East, London, 1 October 1927, with sterling, E702071, NZBG C821d, P S162. Clean, crisp & attractive with three main vertical folds & one horizontal fold; would easily grade VF without the tiny centre hole & 2mm split in lower margin. gF $1,200.00
540 1850s OTAGO BANKING COMPANY 1850s, Five Pounds, unissued, headed Bank of Otago with Scottish coat of arms central, ex Mowbray Sales 16/535 & 20/468, NZBG U815, P S338. Tears at top and left, small missing pieces lower right and top, details clear. G $500.00