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116 CARTHAGE AR 1½ Shekel (Tridrachm, debased metal) 20, ca. 3rd Century BC, Obv Hd. of Tanit l, Rev horse standing r., palm tree in background, S6494, 25mm, 10.56 grams. VF $200.00
117 DANUBE Celtic AR Drachm, ca 2nd Century BC, Rev Seated Zeus with eagle & sceptre, Obv Stylised Hd of Herakles wearing lion skin, in imitation of coins of Alexander the Great, 3.35g, 20mm. VF $150.00
118 GREEK MACEDONIA, Alexander III the Great AR Drachm, lifetime issue, 336-323 BC. Head of Herakles to right, wearing lion skin headdress /Zeus seated to left, holding sceptre & eagle; A?E?AN?POY to right, Hermes standing, ? beneath throne, S6731, 4.17g, 16mm. aF $150.00
119 GREEK CAPPADOCIA, Ariathes VII Philometor AR Drachm. Regnal Year 9, 108-107 BC. Diademed head right / ??S???OS ??????TOV FI?OMHTOPOS, Athena Nikephoros standing left, with spear & shield; O-? across fields; M to inner left, T in exergue, S7291, 4.11g, 19mm. gVF $200.00
120 ITALY & ASIA MINOR (2), SICILY Panormos (Ziz) AR Obol or Litra, ca. 405 - 380 BC, Obv Young male hd. l., Rev Man-headed bull stg. l., hd. facing, Punic legend sys above, S889, 11mm, 0.50 grams, aVF; & GREEK Asia Minor Cilicia Tarsos Datames (Tarkamuwa) Satrap of Cilicia & Cappadocia AR Obol, ca. 384 - 361 BC, Obv Diad. hd. of Aphrodite r., Rev Helmeted hd. of Ares r., 10mm, 0.59g, aEF. $120.00
121 ITALY ETRURIA AE Quartuncia, Uncertain Inland Mint, ca. 3rd Century BC, Obv Wheel with six spokes, pellet within, Rev Labrys with handle (double-headed axe), letters above, ICC172, 13mm, 1.56 grams, rare. F $280.00
122 JUDAEA Alexander Jannaeus AE Prutah 'Widow's Mite', ca. 103 - 76 BC, Obv BASI?EOS A?E?AN?POY Anchor, Rev Star with eight rays, 2.04g, 16mm, S6087, Hendin 651, as in the Gospels of Mark 12: 41 - 44 & Luke 21: 1 - 4, well struck. VF $200.00
123 JUDAEA Pontius Pilate under Tiberius AE Prutah, Roman Procurator of Judaea, ca. 26 - 36 AD, Obv IOV?IAC KAICA?OC Three bound ears of barley, Rev TIBE?IOY KAICA?OC LI? simpulum, RPC 4967, 2.23 g, 17mm, clear strike. VF $200.00
124 JUDAEA (2), Antonius Felix, Procurator under Claudius, AE Prutah, Year 14, 54 AD. Obv IOV/LIA AG/PIPPI/NA in wreath, Rev TI KLAYDIOC KAICAP GEPM around two crossed palm-branches, LID between, Hendin 651, 2.61g, 17mm, bend, clear details, F; & Porcius Festus, Procurator under Nero, AE Prutah, 58/9 AD, Obv N?P?NO C in wreath, Rev L ? KAICAPOC round Palm Frond, RPC 4972, 2.57g, 16mm, VF. $260.00
125 NORTH AFRICA NUMIDIA Juba I AR Denarius, ca. 60 - 46 BC, Obv REX IVBA Diad. & dr. bust of Juba r., Rev Neo - Punic legend either side of temple, S6607, 3.88 grams. aEF $340.00
126 ROMAN, Anonymous AR Quadrigatuss or Didrachm, 215 - 213 BC, Obv laureate hd of the Dioscuri; Rev Jupiter r. holding sceptre & hurling thunderbolt, in quadriga driven by Victory, ROMA below, S33, 5.6g, 23mm. G/VG $80.00
127 ROMAN, Anonymous AR Denarius, after 211 BC, Obv Helmeted head of Roma r. with triple earring, spike above visor, X behind, Rev the Dioscuri riding right, ROMA below. S38, 4.1g, 20mm. aEF $200.00
128 ROMAN Denarius (3), Marcus Calidius, Q Metellus & Cn Fulvius, 117-116 BC, Obv Hd of Roma r, ROMA behind, star below chin, Rev Victory in biga r. M CALID below, Q MET CNFL in ex, S160, 3.84g, 20mm, aEF; Sergia, 116 BC, Obv hd of Roma r, Rev horseman galloping l. with sword & severed head aloft, Q below, M SERGI below, SILVS in ex, S163, 3.85g, 17mm, gVF; & Lucius Appuleius Saturninus 104 BC, Obv Helmeted hd of Roma l. Rev Saturn in quadriga r, letter L above, S193, 3.75g, 19mm, VF. VF - aEF $340.00
129 ROMAN (5) Denarius (4), P Servilius Mf Rullus, 100 BC, Obv Minerva l, RVLLI behind, Rev Victory in biga right, P below, P SERVILI M F in ex. S207, 3.26g, 20mm, VF; C. Marcius Censorinus, 88 BC, Obv hds of Numa Pompilius & Ancus Marcius r, two horses galloping right, C CENSO in ex, S256, elongated flan 20mm, gF; Mn Fonteius, 85 BC, Obv Apollo Vejovis r, M FONTEI CF behind, thunderbolt below, ROMA monogram, Rev Genius riding goat r, caps of the Dioscuri above, thyrsos below, S271, 4.1g 19mm, flaw on Rev, otherwise aEF; & P Furius Crassipe, 83 BC, AED CVR, Obv hd of city goddess r, Rev chair inscribed P FOVRIUS, CRASSIPES in ex. S275, 3.88g, 20mm, gVF; & Quinarius, Vettia, 99 BC, celebrates victories of Gaius Marius, Uncle of Julius Caesar, Obv Hd of Jupiter r, P SABIN, Rev Victory, r, trophy with wreath, S211, 1.5 gm, 19 mm, VF. $500.00
130 ROMAN (4), Denarius (3), Ti. Claudius, serrated, 79 BC, Obv Diana r, bow & quiver over shoulder, SC before, Rev Victory in biga r, TI CLAVD TI F AP N in ex, S310, 3.34g, 20mm, F; L Papius, serrated, 79 BC, Obv Juno Sospita r, wearing goatskin; Rev, Gryphon springing r, L PAPI in ex, S311, 2.37g, 18mm, gVF; & M. Volteius, 76 BC, Obv Bacchus r, wreathed with ivy, Rev Ceres holding two torches, in biga of serpents right, S314, 18mm, 3.6g, F; & Quinarius, Anon, possibly Marius, 81 BC, Obv Apollo r, Rev Victory r crowning trophy, last Quinarius for 3 decades, S305, 1.44g, 9mm, VF. $400.00
131 ROMAN, Denarius (5), L. Scribonius Libo 62 BC, Obv, Bonus Eventus r, Rev PVTEAL above well head, with coining hammer, S367, 3.7g, 19mm, gVF; C Memmius, 56 BC, Obv hd of Romulus right, C MEMMI C F QVIRINVS, Rev MEMMIVS AED CERIALIA PREIMVS FECIT, Ceres seated r, serpent at feet, S388, 3.44g, 20mm, F; P Fonteius, 55 BC, Obv P FONTEIVS P F CAPITO III VIR, Mars r, trophy over shoulder, Rev MN FONT TR MIL, warrior on horseback spearing Gaulish enemy, S392, fouree, 19mm, F; Man Acilius Glabrio, 49 BC, Obv SALVTIS, head of Salus r, Rev MN ACILIVS III VIR VALETV, Salus standing l, with serpent, S412, 3.26g, 19mm, aF; & C Vibius, 48 BC, Mask of Pan r, PANSA below, Rev OVIS AXVR C VIBIVS C F C N Jupiter Axurus seated l, S420, 3.76g, 17mm, VF. $340.00
132 ROMAN Denarius, Julius Caesar, 47 - 46 BC, Africa. Obv, Venus r, Rev CAESAR, Aeneas walking l, fleeing flames of Troy, carrying Anchises & the Palladium, S1402, 3.67g, 18mm. aVF $400.00
133 ROMAN Denarius, Julius Caesar, Spain 46 - 45 BC, Ag, hd of Venus R, Cupid on shoulder, Rev, CAESAR, trophy of Gallic arms between seated male & female captives, S1404, 3g, 18mm. aF $400.00
134 ROMAN, Denarius, Augustus, 2 BC - AD 12, Lugdunum (Lyon), Obv CAESAR AVGVSTVS DIVI F PATER PATRIAE, laureate hd, Rev AVGVSTI F COS DESIG PRINC IVVENT, Gaius & Lucius Caesar standing facing; shields & spears between; simpulum & lituus above; C L CAESARES in exergue, S1597, 19mm, 3.83g. gVF $400.00
135 ROMAN Augustus, 11 - 12 AD, Dupondius, Obv. bare head left of Augustus, around IMP CAESAR DIVI F AVGVSTVS IMP XX, Rev. PONTIF MAXIM TRIBVN POT XXXIIII around large SC, S.1689, RIC 471, 10.6g, 27.5mm. Good strike, Obv slightly off-centre. gVF $260.00