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1 AUSTRALIA (2), British War Medal, 175 MT-DVR.F.D.WALDEN. 9 EN. A.I.F.; & Australia War Service Medal 1939 - 45 to NX147563 C.J.WEBSTER. Charles James Webster (1916 - 43) was killed in an accident in New Guinea while serving with the 2/33rd Australian Infantry Battalion. EF $160.00
2 BELGIUM (5), Decoration du Travail, 1st Cl; Medaille Commemorative de la Guerre 1940 - 45 with Crossed sabres & Canal Albert clasp; Medaille Commemorative de la Guerre 1914 - 1918, privately engraved "E. J. de Bremaecker"; Croix de Guerre (WW1), with Palm, for bravery; & Medaille de l'Yser, for distinguished service during the Battle of Yser in 1914. EF - AU $260.00
3 CANADA (4), British War Medal & Victory Medal Pair, 229314 CPL.E.G.PICKERING. 16-CAN.INF to Edwin George Pickering (1891 - 1946), enlisted in the 16th Canadian Infantry in June 1917, wounded 21 Sept 1916 & discharged 23 June 1917 with wounds to the left leg & right arm; Canadian Forces Decoration, QE2, impressed WO A.F. DAVIS, MYB255; & Canadian Volunteer Service Medal 1939 - 45, with Maple Leaf clasp, unnamed, MYB188. VF - EF $280.00
4 GB, New Zealand Medal, undated, 979 PTE. M. MULHAMPHY. 12:FOOT, MYB123, Michael Mullampy (spelling varies) served in NZ 1864 - 66, disciplinary trials in 1865, returned to England, discharged 1874. UNC $1,000.00
5 EGYPT, Khedive's Star (2), 1884 - 86, MYB132, EF, & replica VF; & GB, Ashanti Star replica, MYB144, UNC. gVF - UNC $200.00
6 GB (5), Army Long Service & Good Conduct Medal, Victoria 1874 - 1901 type, MYB229, 1213 SERGT.W.H.ELLIS.W.SURR:R; Royal Air Force Long Service & Good Conduct Medal, Geo V, MYB268, 302817.S.M.2 B.N.ELLIS.R.A.F; Army Long Service & Good Conduct Medal REGULAR ARMY bar, GVI IND IMP, MYB229, 1422258 GNR.J.TURNER. R.A., Joseph Turner (1899 - 1975), enlisted Royal Artillery about 1919 discharged 1937; Royal Naval LS&GC Medal, Geo VI IND IMP, J.111701 W.R.AMES.A.B. H.M.S.VICTORY, MYB218 & 1939-45 War Medal, Walter Ralph Ames (1909-1986) joined Navy 1924, captured during the Battle of Crete, POW in Germany until 1945. VF - AU $440.00
7 GB (4), Grand Military Tournament Glasgow Medal 1892, later ribbon; Coronation Medal 1937, unnamed; Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service Reserve Cape Badge, 29mm, unnamed; & Civil Defence Long Service Medal, British Rev, unnamed. gVF - AU $200.00
8 GB (3), Volunteer Officer's Decoration, VR, unnamed, in slightly damaged case of issue, MYB231; Efficiency Decoration with TERRITORIAL suspender, GRI, 1942 Rev, unnamed; & Efficiency Decoration with TERRITORIAL suspender, QE2, 1957 Rev, unnamed, in case of issue, MYB236. EF - AU $300.00
9 GB, Queen's South Africa Medal, clasps Cape Colony, Orange Free State, & Transvaal, 22327 TPR.R.W.COCKBAIN. C.IN C. BDY:GD., Robert White Cockbain bn UK 1873, died South Africa 1908, C-in-C Lord Kitchener’s Body Guard was initially an elite small group undertaking difficult operations at Kitchener's direct instigation, enlarged over time. aEF. [Description corrected]. $600.00
10 NZ/GB (3), Queen’s South Africa Medal with 6 clasps - Cape Colony, Tugela Heights, Orange Free State, Relief of Ladysmith, Laing’s Nek, & Belfast, 830 TROOPER T.O.ROBINSON. RL.E.KENT M.R. ATTACD S.A.L.H. (number, rank & 'attacd SALH' re-engraved); British War Medal & 1914 - 15 Star, both 23/898 CPL. T.O.ROBINSON. N.Z.E.F., Thomas Owen Robinson born UK 1873, died NZ 1958, member of "Harris Eleven", presented QSA by King Edw VII. He was attached to the South African Light Horse, one of 11 men who were recruited in this way by Sir George Canning, Lord Harris. This group was labelled the "Harris’ Eleven" (a cricket reference). They arrived in time to assist in the Relief of Ladysmith. The Army Commander, Maj-Gen Sir Redvers Buller, said of them "Among the best irregulars I have here are a party of the East Kent Yeomanry". [The Globe, 21 Dec 1899] ( VF - gVF. [Description corrected]. $440.00
11 GB, Queen's South Africa Medal with clasps Cape Colony, Orange Free State, & Transvaal, MYB150, 1224 CORPL. W. McKAY. KIMBERLEY VOL. REGT, also entitled to KSA. VF $220.00
12 GB, Queen’s South Africa Medal with Natal & Transvaal clasps, type 3, 2481 GNR. G. STEWART. EDIN. COY. R.G.A. VF $200.00
13 GB (1), Yorkshire Imperial Yeomanry Tribute Medal 1901/2 - type 2, impressed 26133 PTE.A.HUMPHREYS. Arthur Selden Humphreys (1880 - 1960) served in the South Africa War & was a Major, Army Service Corp, in WW1, MiD & DSO London Gazette, 22 June 1915. AU $400.00
14 GB (2), Territorial Decoration, EVII & GV, both unnamed & undated, MYB233. EF $300.00
15 GB, Royal Naval Reserve Long Service & Good Conduct Medal, Edward VII, E.2126 J.BRITTON. SEAMAN 1CL.R.N.R., MYB220. EF $140.00
16 GB (4), Efficiency Medal, GV, INDIA suspension, MYB237, PTE.D.H.SEALEY. 2 E.I.RY.R.A.F.I. (2nd East India Railway Regiment of the Auxiliary Force India); Territorial Force Efficiency Medal, Geo V, MYB234, 486 CPL.J.A.HOLMES. 64N.STAFF.R, John A Holmes in North Staffordshire territorial force 1908 to 1920, during WWI in France with North Staffordshire & 1st Lincolnshire Regiments; Territorial Force Efficiency Medal Edw VII, MYB234, 103 SJT.G.TITTERINGTON. 2/W.LANC.B. R.F.A., George Titterington (bn 1882) served with 5th Lancashire & 2nd West Lancashire Royal Field Artillery until 1910; & Efficiency Medal, GVI INDIAE:IMP, Territorial suspension, Bar with Crown (for additional 6 years service), MYB237, 2057658. SPR.C.E.FURZER.R.E, Charles Edward Furzer 1909 - 1987. EF - AU $460.00
17 NZ (3), Military Medal, GV, MYB55; British War Medal; & Victory Medal, 32065 CPL O.G.RICHTER. N.Z.E.F. [PTE on MM], London Gazette 7 July 1917, 'For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. On the night of 22/23 near Warneton he twice went through the heavy German barrage to collect scattered members of the party and by his coolness, bravery and initiative steadied the other men at a critical period. His work on the night is deserving of the highest praise. He worked regardless of his own safety on this and the previous night when on a fighting patrol and set a splendid example to the other men.', Ola Gordon Conrad Richter (1888 - 1968), born NZ of Norwegian parents, employed by BNZ, was a signatory of BNZ £100 pound uniform issue notes in the 1920's (Pepping, 2020, p273). Also includes Richter’s fibre ID tag, RSA badge & MM ribbon bar. gVF – EF. [Description corrected] $1,400.00
18 GB, Territorial Force War Medal, MYB171, 307087 GNR.W.BANNERMAN. R.A., William George Bannerman (1897-1917) killed in action in Belgium. AU $400.00
19 GB (2), 1914 Star, with 5th Aug - 22 Nov 1914 clasp, impressed SPECIMEN; & Mercantile Marine Medal, unnamed. EF $100.00
20 GB, Military Medal, George V 1916 - 30, unnamed, MYB55. EF $400.00