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509 AUSTRIA Franz Maria Bishop of Linz Confirmation ND medal, by Leo Zimpel, silver, 41mm, e/ks. aVF $50.00
510 BRAZIL medals (4), Construction of the Avenida Central 1906, by A Girardet, silver, 51mm, EF; Princess Isabel Institute of History & Geography 1888, AE, 46mm, VF/EF; Barao Do Rio Branco Labor et Scientia Brasiliae Integratio 1910, by A Girardet, AE, 62mm, boxed, UNC; & 100th Ann Independence 1922, silver, 31mm, VF. VF - UNC $360.00
511 FRANCE Charles de Secondat Baron de Montesquieu 1753 medal, by J A Dassier, Obv Dr. bust l., Rev Truth before the eyes of Justice, bronze, 60mm, toning. gVF $120.00
512 FRANCE medals (2), Louis XV 1774, by Puymaurin & Caque, Obv Uniformed bust l., Rev Legend, copper, 51mm, light wear on highest points, AU; & Eugene de Beauharnais 1824, by Gayrard, Obv Uniformed bust r., Rev Legend, copper, 50mm, UNC. AU - UNC $240.00
513 FRANCE Napoleon Bonaparte Peace of Luneville 1801 medal, by Andrieu, Obv Uniformed bust r., Rev Peace stg. l., bronze, 42mm, toning. AU $120.00
514 FRANCE Napoleon Bonaparte Peace of Luneville 1801 galvanos (2), by Duvivier, one with Obv Uniformed bust r., other with Rev France giving olive branches to the Gods of Po, Tiber, Danube & Rhine, die crack running through France, white metal, 55mm & 56mm. AU $100.00
515 FRANCE Napoleon I Planned Invasion of England 1804 medal, By Droz & Denon, Obv Laur. hd. r., Rev Hercules wrestling the lion, bronze, 40mm, usual die crack Rev, light toning. UNC $400.00
516 FRANCE Pauline Bonaparte 1808 medal, by Andrieu, Greek legends, Obv Bust l., Rev Three graces, bronze, 23mm, die crack above bust Obv, toning, wear on highest points Rev. AU $120.00
517 FRANCE Louis Napoleon I King of Holland medal, by George, Obv Bust r., Rev French coat of arms with a lion in the centre, bronze, 49mm, toning, verdigris spots notably on Rev. UNC $200.00
518 FRANCE medals (4), Louis Joseph de Bourbon Prince de Conde 1817, by Dubois, copper, 40mm, EF; Charles Phillipe (Future Charles X) Count of Artois Entry of the Count in Paris 1814, by Gayrard, bronze, 40mm, toning, AU; Death of Charles Ferdinand d'Artois Duke of Berry 1820, by Gayrard, bronze, 41mm, UNC; Caroline Ferdinande Duchess of Berry Wedding 1816, by Gayrard & Barre, copper, 41mm, AU. EF - UNC $200.00
519 FRANCE Louis Antoine Duke of Angouleme medals (2), Electoral College de la Gironde 1815, by Andrieu, bronze, 40mm, toning; & Declaration Pont St Esprit 1815, by Gayrard, copper, 40mm. Both with scratch in field, otherwise UNC. $100.00
520 FRANCE Louis XVIII medals (4), Marriage Duke of Berry 1816, by Andrieu & Brenet, bronze, 40mm; Homage to General Kaablukoff 1818, by Andrieu & Puymaurin, bronze, 40mm, toning; Confirmation de la Charte de 1814 1816, by Gayrard, copper, 40mm; & Louis VXII & Charles Philippe (Future Charles X), by Barre & Gayrard, bronze, 40mm. gEF - UNC $200.00
521 FRANCE Armand Emmanuel Sophie Septemanie du Plessis Duke of Richelieu 1822 medal, by Dieudonne. Du Plessis was a Major General in Russia's Army after the French Revolution and builder of Odessa after Russia took over the Crimea and Prime Minister of France twice. Obv Uniformed bust l., Rev Legend, bronze, 41mm, accession number in Obv field, scratch Rev field. AU $360.00
522 FRANCE Napoleon II 1834 medal, by Caque, Obv Uniformed young bust l., Rev Legend, bronze, 51mm, toning. AU $200.00
523 GB Scottish Coronation of Charles I 1633 medal, by N Briot, Obv Crowned & dr. bust l., Rev Thistle flower, silver, 29mm, Eimer 123, even wear, scarce. F $300.00
524 GB Charles I Death & Memorial ND medal, by J & N Roettier, Obv Armoured & dr. bust r., Rev Hand issuing from heaven holding a celestial Crown with sheep below, bronze, 50mm, Eimer 162a, offered for sale in the London Gazette 1695 at 5 Shillings, toning both sides. EF $220.00
525 GB Landing of William of Orange at Torbay 1688 medal, by G Bower, Obv Armoured & dr. bust r., Rev Equestrian figure leads his army assembled on a beach, beyond, a large fleet at anchor, cast silver, 49mm, Eimer 297B. aEF $600.00
526 GB William and Mary ca. 1689 medal, by J & N Roettier, Obv Conjoined busts, Rev Three columns supporting a crown, silver, 25mm, Eimer 318, cleaned, toning Rev. AU $200.00
527 GB medals (5), Death of Mary 1694, by J & N Roettier, bronze, 49mm, Eimer 362; Death of Princess Charlotte 1817, by T Webb & G Mills, bronze, 50mm, Eimer 1097; Prince Albert Death & Obsequies 1861, by Ottley, white metal, 64mm, Eimer 1547; Death of the Duke of Marlborough 1722, by J Dassier, bronze, 42mm, Eimer 495; & Death of the Duke of Sussex 1843, white metal, 38mm. EF - AU $460.00
528 GB Coronation of Anne 1702 medal, by J Croker, Obv Dr. bust l., Rev Pallas stg. l. hurling thunder at a two-headed monster, silver, 35mm, Eimer 390, purple tone. UNC $500.00