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151 AUSTRALIA Melbourne International Exhibition 1880 Medal, by Stokes, rim impressed D. Altson, Melbourne Saddles and Harness, silver, 51mm, 92.2g, r/k's & scratches. gVF $150.00
152 AUSTRALIA K G LUKE DISPLAY BOARD OF MEDALS 1962 - 63 (10), British Empire & Commonwealth Games Perth, Western Australia 1962 (6), Participant's medallion (2), obverse & reverse; Prize Medallions (3), Gold obverse with metal laurel decorated neck chain, Silver reverse & Bronze obverse; & Official's badge; & First Asian Cycling Championships Kuala Lumpur, Malaya 1963 (4), Participant's Medallion Bronze obverse; & Prize Medallions (3), Gold obverse with neck ribbon, Silver obverse & Bronze reverse. Medals glued to board bearing gold blocked descriptive text, largely intact with some damage to edge of board, medals mostly about EF. $300.00
153 BRIGADE & LIFE SAVING MEDALS (6), Boy's Brigade (2), Squad Medal, silver 50mm, with ribbon & Other, silver, 28mm, with ribbon; Girl's Life Brigade Section Medal, bronze, 32mm, with ribbon; & Royal Life Saving Society (3), Award of Merit engraved to E.DASHCROFT. 1915., silver, 29mm, with loop suspension; engraved to ANDREW BAMBURY, bronze, 33mm, with patches of verdigris; & NZ Intermediate Star, bronze, 23mm. VF - EF $100.00
154 COMMONWEALTH COMMEMORATIVE WAR MEDALS (21), GB (4), Transvaal War National Commemorative War Medal 1899 - 1900, In Commemoration of the Great War 1919, Memo of Egypt 1914 - 15 & Xmas Stocking Egypt 1942; NZ (13), South African War 1899 - 1902 (7) & Peace Commemoratives 1919 (6); & Australia (4), In Honour of Our Brave Boys Maryborough 1915, Department of Education Victoria ANZAC 1916 (2) & Peace Medal 1919. F - gVF $300.00
155 FIJI & PAPUA NEW GUINEA INDEPENDENCE MEDALS (4), Fiji 1970 (2), MYB 341, cu-ni, 32mm, with ribbon; & Papua New Guinea 1975 (2), MYB 341, cu-ni, 36mm, with ribbon. EF - UNC $200.00
156 FRANCE (8), Louis XV 1774, by Puymaurin & Caque, copper, 51mm, AU; Eugene de Beauharnais 1824, by Gayrard, copper, 50mm, UNC; Louis XVIII (4), Marriage of Duke of Berry 1816, by Andrieu & Brenet, bronze, 40mm; General Kaablukoff 1818, by Andrieu & Puymaurin, bronze, 40mm, toning; Confirmation de la Charte de 1814 1816, by Gayrard, copper, 40mm; & Louis XVII & Charles Philippe (Future Charles X), by Barre & Gayrard, bronze, 40mm; Duke of Richelieu (French Premier & Major-General), 1822, by Dieudonne, 41mm, accession number in Obv field, scr Rev field; & Napoleon II 1834, by Caque, bronze, 51mm, toning. gEF - UNC $400.00
157 FRANCE Napoleon I Uniface Portrait Cliché Medal ND, by Andrieu, lead, 140mm. This portrait type was designed by Andrieu 1761 - 1822 for use on Napoleon's Baptism Medal 1811. Andrieu owned a shop in Paris from which he sold uniface copies of his medals. EF $180.00
158 GB Coronation of Caroline 1727 Medal, by J Croker, Obv Dr. bust l. wearing bandeau, Rev Queen stg. facing between Religion & Britannia, silver, 34mm, Eimer 512. VF $120.00
159 GB Dassier's Kings & Queens of England 1731 Medals (2) Oliver Cromwell Memorial 1658, Obv Laur. armoured & dr. bust r., Rev Genii around tomb, bronze, 38mm, Eimer 203; & Edward IV Memorial 1483, Obv Crowned, helmeted, armoured & dr. bust r., Rev Statue of Fortune within a monument, bronze, 41mm, Eimer 20. EF $200.00
160 GB GEORGE III (4), Accession 1760, by T Pingo, Obv bust l., Rev Britannia, bronze, 41mm, Eimer 683, AU; Golden Jubilee 1810 Medals (2), Obv Bust l., Rev Britannia attended by three infants, 48mm, Eimer 1007, scrs in fields, EF; & by C H Kuchler, Obv Bust l., Rev Arms of Salisbury, bronze, 48mm, Eimer 1008, attempted piercing Obv, scrs on Obv, gVF; & Brunswick Accession Centenary 1814, T Wyon Jr, Obv Bust r., Rev Britannia stg. upon island, holding trident & Victory upon globe, bronze, 50mm, Eimer 1056, die crack by lion, spot Rev, very scarce. gEF $400.00
161 GB (2), Battle of Trafalgar Boulton's Medal 1805, by C H Kuchler, white metal, 48mm, slightest trace of engraved naming in field, with edge lettering, Eimer 960, gF; & Matthew Boulton Obsequies Medal 1809, AE, 41mm, Eimer 1003, gVF. The Trafalgar Medal was produced at Boulton's Soho Mint in Birmingham, at his own expense when "publicly saddened" that George III had not produced an award for the brave Royal Navy seamen who won the Battle of Trafalgar. They were produced in silver & copper for officers and white metal for other ranks. Apparently the seamen were displeased that their medals were not silver & could not be pawned so many were thrown overboard. Boulton's Obsequies Medal was struck for distribution to mourners at his funeral & to his workmen. gF - VF $150.00
162 GB CORONATIONS (3), George IV 1821 (2), by B Pistrucci, Obv bust l., Rev GIV enthroned, crowned by Victory, Britannia, Hibernia & Scotia, bronze, 35mm, Eimer 1146a; & by J G Hancock, Obv Bust l., Rev Crown, orb & sceptre, bronze, 34mm, both with small amount of verdigris, wear on high points, EF; & William IV 1831, by W Wyon, Obv Bust r., Rev Diad. bust r., bronze, 33mm, Eimer 1251, AU. $300.00
163 GB QUEEN VICTORIA (3) Visit to London, 1837, J Barber, Obv Bust l., Rev Victoria beneath a canopy, welcomed by Lord Mayor, Br, 61mm, Eimer 1303, marks on bust, EF; Coronation 1838 (2), by B Pistrucci, Obv Bust l. wearing a bandeau, Rev Victoria enthroned l., silver, 36mm, Eimer 1315, mark on cheek Obv, purple tone lower right Rev, otherwise EF; & 1838, J Barber, Obv Bust almost facing, with sceptre, Rev Queen holding orb & sceptre, leads to a procession supported by courtiers, Br 61mm, Eimer 1311, spots, wear on highest points, gEF. $400.00
164 GB (2), York Cathedral Medal 1854, by Jacques Wiener (Belgium), Obv Exterior view, Rev Interior view, bronze, 60mm, AU & Marquess of Lansdowne, Indian Viceroy Medal 1888, by A Wyon, Obv Conjoined busts r. of the Viceroy & Marchioness, Rev Ornately garnished arms, bronze, 51mm, suspension at top, EF. EF - AU $300.00
165 GB Field Marshall Lord Raglan, Obv Mausoleum Born A.D.1788, Rev Panoramic View of encampment "Died in the service of his country at headquarters before Sebastopol June 25th 1855", bronze, 41mm, 36.4g, Eimer 1495, small scratch Rev. gVF $100.00
166 GB EXHIBITION MEDALS (6), Colonial & Indian Exhibition London 1886 (3), by L C Wyon, bronze, 52mm, Eimer 1725; Exhibition of Arts, Science & Manufactures Devonport, edge W Shaw Model of Royal Barge 1869, bronze, 45mm; & British Empire Exhibition 1924 (2), by B Mackennal & P Metcalfe, bronze, 51mm, Eimer 1987, cased; & by J R Gaunt & Son, bronze, 32mm. EF - UNC $140.00
167 GB (5), Jubilee (Metropolitan Police) Medal 1887, engraved to PC, W.NEEDHAM.R.DIVN, with 1897 clasp, MYB 294, bronze, with ribbon, patches of dark tone; Coronation (Metropolitan Police) Medal Pair 1902 & 1911, engraved to P.C.. A. CROLL. S.DIV. & P.C.. A. CROLL., MYB 303 & 310, bronze & silver, with ribbon, ex Minerva Medals 1974; Coronation (Metropolitan Police) 1911, engraved to P.C.. A. MAXTED., MYB 310, silver, with ribbon, some verdigris around suspension & some tone in field, Ex Downies 1971; & Coronation (St John Ambulance Brigade) 1911, engraved to PTE. T. PONT., MYB 310, silver, with ribbon, toning both sides, ex Minerva Medals 1976. VF - AU $230.00
168 GB SCHOOL MEDALS (3), Queen Elizabeth's Free Grammar School St Saviours Southwark Honour Student Medal, by Kirk, silver, 41mm; St John's Wood Art Schools for 2nd Best Drawing of a Figure from Life, edge engraved to VALENTINE HAVERS MORGAN, 1892., by J S Wyon, silver, 37mm, cased, dark toning, e/k's; & School Board of the Newport School District Punctuality & Attendance, engraved to E. BARRETT 1903, by Vaughton & Sons, silver, 39mm, e/k's. aEF - EF $100.00
169 GB (3), Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1897 (2), bronze, 55mm, Eimer 1817a, a few spots of verdigris, cased & white metal, 76mm, Eimer 1816; & Great Exhibition Exhibitor's Medal 1851, by W Wyon, bronze, 44mm, Eimer 1459. VF - UNC $160.00
170 GB CORONATION & JUBILEE MEDALS (4), Edward VII Coronation 1902, MYB 301, silver, with ribbon; George V Coronation 1911, MYB 309, silver, with ribbon, dark even tone; George V Jubilee 1935, MYB 313, silver, with ribbon; & George VI Coronation 1937, MYB 314, silver, with ribbon. VF - AU $320.00