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Auction 27 - Friday, September 24, 2021

168 ROME, Leo I, 457 - 468 AD, Solidus, Gold, Constantinople, Obv Leo, helmeted & cuirassed bust three quarters to r holding spear & shield, Rev Victory standing l, star in right field, CONOB in exergue. S21404, 4.4g, 20 mm. NGC XF sl bend, edge marks. EF $1,000.00
169 ROME, 76 AD, Titus AU Aureus S2416, RIC859, Rev heifer walking left as in S1577, COS V above, the heifer representing a famous statue brought to Rome by Augustus; Obv T CAESAR IMP VESPASIANUS, (Titus as Caesar under Vespasian. Titus directed the storming of Jerusalem in AD70, becoming Emperor from 79 - 81 AD), 6.64g, 19mm, ex-mount but very scarce type. F $2,500.00