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Auction 26 - Friday, March 12, 2021

559 BANK OF NEW SOUTH WALES One Pound, imprint of Charles Skipper & East London, 1 January 1924, with sterling, serial E023808, Robb 10.a.1, earliest listed serial, NZBG C821 unlisted date, PS162, edges intact, some discolouration, scarce. aF $1,200.00
560 BANK OF NEW ZEALAND One Pound, Uniform issue, straight bank name type, 1 October 1928, D F Reid, serial F261,617, NZBG D921c, PS234a, fully intact, heavily worn. F $500.00
561 BANK OF NEW ZEALAND Ten Shillings, Uniform issue, 1 October 1931, serial C640,950, Ten Shillings in corners, NZBG D911f, PS232a, signature D F Reid, crisp with intact corners all intact, print very clear. gF $1,000.00