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71 GB (5), all commemorating historical battles 1708 - 1799, Capture of Lille 1708, Obv Queen Anne, copper, 44mm, E435, gF; Capture of Portobello 1739, brass, 38mm, VG; Recapture of Prague 1744, copper, 44mm, E591, VF; Battle of Culloden 1746, copper, 42mm, E605 var, cleaning residue, otherwise gF; & Capture of Helder Point 1799, copper, 40mm, E910, toned, EF. VG - EF $400.00
72 GB Peace of Utrecht 1713, Obv laureate bust of Anne left; Rev Britannia standing, holding olive branch, shield & spear, ships to left, farming scene to right; E460, silver, 35mm, 14.8g, cleaned, some dirt & tone. gVF $250.00
73 GB Battle of the Nile 1798, Obv, Victory seated before a pyramid & holding a medallion of Lord Nelson; Rev, a ribbon marked LAUS DEO NOV 29 1798 decorating a shield & an anchor; E892, minor r/n's, bronze, 38mm, 27.8g. EF $350.00
74 GB set of four medals housed inside 'The Queen, Prince Albert and Britain's Hope' brass box, c.1850; Queen Victoria 'Europe's Glory', cud Rev, 5g, aEF; Prince Albert 'England's Pride' 1840, 4.3g, EF; The Chinese Junk 'Keying' 1848, 6.1g, aEF; & The 6 Royal Children, 4.9g, aEF; all WM, 27mm, some cleaning; case gVF. gVF - EF $500.00
75 GB The Wreck of HMS Foudroyant 1897, Obv facing uniformed bust of Horatio Viscount Nelson, Rev Foudroyant at Anchor, E1813, verdigris spot Rev, tone spot Obv, lustre present, excellent rim, copper, 38mm, 28.5g. aEF $140.00
76 GB MBE Civil, 2nd type, King & Queen, in Royal Mint Box, minor scuff to box lid. EF $250.00
77 ITALY/ROME Paduan cast medals after Giovanni Cavino 1499-1570 (2), Vitellius 69 AD, Obv emperor Vitellius, A VITELLIVS GERMANICVS IMP AVG P M TR P, Rev Honos stg r, holding sceptre & cornucopiae facing Virtus stg l, holding parazonium & spear, HONOS ET VIRTVS, S C in exergue, 32mm, 19.33g, VF; Pescennius Niger 193 - 194 AD, Obv emperor Pescennius Niger, IMP CAES C PESC NIGER IVS COS II, Rev Fortuna stg l, holding rudder & cornucopia, FORTVNAE REDVCI, 32mm, 22.63g, F. F - VF $150.00
78 NETHERLANDS Princess Beatrix 1938 - 63, gold, likely .900, 7.88g, approx .23 oz AGW, lustrous. UNC $800.00
79 NZ Exhibition 1865, bronze, high relief, Rev design Maori warrior & Kiwi, 64.5mm, 129.23g, M1865/1, rare. gEF $800.00
80 NZ Exhibition, Nelson 1873, bronze by Stokes & Martin, edge impressed "W. Darby, For Piano." M1873/2. Darby won first prize for New Piano & won a prize of £50, 38mm, 28.18g, old cleaning, scr under Z of NZ otherwise aEF. $600.00
81 NZ International Exhibition Christchurch 1882, struck in gold on Half Sovereign, M1882/10, faint underlying lettering visible Obv, beaded rim of Half Sovereign visible on both sides, 3.87g, 19mm, 0.11 oz AGW, pierced, sl bend, engraved image inside wreath on rev worn, extremely rare. F. [NOTE: description has been amended]. $300.00
82 NZ International Exhibition 1882, M1882/24b, unlisted in copper, Obv female standing with r hand to A of NZ, handing out a wreath, Rev milled off & with 20th century label "Milner & Thompson Piano makers." Few r/n. VF $200.00
83 NZ & South Seas Exhibition 1889-1890, Rev Advance New Zealand, M1889-90/11, silver, 17.5mm, loop suspension, cleaned, rare. VF $150.00
84 NZ Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1897, M1897/3, gold, unlisted in 1996 & 2000 Morel catalogues, unknown 1.8mm thickness, likely 15ct, 6.94g, 21mm wide, loop suspension added. VG $450.00
85 NZ Royal Visit 1901, Duke & Duchess of Cornwall, M1901/8, unlisted in silver, e/k Obv, not pierced, 7.49g, 27mm. gVF $150.00
86 NZ Canterbury Agricultural & Pastoral Association medal, awarded to Earnest Short for Champion Romney Marsh Ewe 1906-7, 30mm, 20.5g, (likely 15ct gold, approx .41 oz AGW), cleaned. Earnest Short , born 1872, owned a farm in Parorangi where he ran a Hereford breeding program. He was Chairman of the Waituna West School Committee, & a member of the Kiwitea County Council, the Manawatu & West Coast A & P Association, & the New Zealand Hereford Breeders Association. EF $1,350.00
87 NZ Manawatu & West Coast A & P Association medal 1905, awarded to Earnest Short for Champion Romney Ram, silver, 51mm, 60.7g, tone & small mount marks Rev, otherwise AU. $400.00
88 NZ Manawatu & West Coast A & P Association 1912, Obv engraved to N. P. Nielsen for Champion Tamworth Boar 1916, Rev pastoral scene, silver, 51mm, 61.7g, cased. AU $500.00
89 NZ Souvenir Troopship No.5 N.Z. 1914, M1914/2, copper, uniface, 22mm, 4.33g, scarce. aEF $100.00
90 NZ CANTERBURY BOWLING CLUB CHAMPION FOB MEDAL 1919, awarded to Matthew Frank Barnett. Born in Avoca, Victoria on June 6th, 1861, Barnett moved to NZ with his family when he was six. After finishing school, he established a bookmaking business in Christchurch. When he retired, Barnett put more effort into his hobby of bowling & became one of the best-known figures in NZ bowling circles. He won several awards & championships & was a standout member of the Canterbury bowling club. He was regarded as one of the best counsellors in the sport & managed the 1921 NZ team that toured England. In 1931, he donated the Cook Statue that stands in Victoria square, Christchurch. 27mm, 18ct gold, 14.3g, approx .34 oz AGW, made by Robert Chandler, Birmingham, few scratches. aEF $1,000.00