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377 ACCUMULATION (16), Including NZ, GB, USA, Australia, Russia & France. Noted GB 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Queen Victoria 1969 Set of three, each 0.999 silver, 40mm, 32mm & 25mm, cased with cert; Prince Albert Death Medal 1861, white metal, 64mm; & Victoria College of Music London, AE with ribbon, 33mm, cased; NZ The Waikato Polytech 25th Anniversary 1993, silver, 60mm; Russia Lenin & Family, 72mm, 141.8 g, dark tone; & USA Centennial of the Statue of Liberty 1965, AE, 63mm. VF - UNC $200.00
378 K G LUKE DISPLAY BOARD OF MEDALS 1962 - 63 (10), British Empire & Commonwealth Games Perth, Western Australia 1962 (6), Participant's medallion (2), Obverse & Reverse; Prize Medallions (3), Gold Obverse with metal laurel decorated neck chain, Silver Reverse & Bronze Obverse; & Official's badge; & First Asian Cycling Championships Kuala Lumpur, Malaya 1963 (4), Participant's Medallion Bronze Obverse; & Prize Medallions (3), Gold Obverse with neck ribbon, Silver Obverse & Bronze Reverse. Medals glued to board bearing gold blocked descriptive text. Largely intact with some damage to edge of board, medals mostly about EF. $600.00
379 FRANCE Napoleon Bonaparte Peace of Luneville 1801 medal, by Andrieu, Obv Uniformed bust r., Rev Peace stg. l., bronze, 42mm, r/k's, surface marks. VF $80.00
380 GB Jacobite Rebellion Battle of Culloden 1746 Medal, Obv WILL DUKE CUMBERLAND, bust r., BORN 16 AP 1721 in exergue, Rev REBELLION JUSTLY AWARDED, Battle scene, CULLODEN 16 AP 1746 in exergue, Eimer605 variety, brass, 36mm. VF $160.00
381 GB William of Orange Stadholder 1747 Medal, Obv WIL CAR HEN FRIZO PRINCE V ORANJEN NASSAU, Equestrian l., Rev STADHOUDER ADMIRAAL KAPITEYN GENERAAL VAN, Lion surrounded by shields, brass, 41mm, pierced. gEF $200.00
382 GB Sentimental Magazine Medals 1773 - 1774 (5), by J Kirk, Queen Charlotte 1773, Duke of Gloucester 1773, Lord Camden 1773, D Garrick Esquire 1773 & Marquis of Granby 1774, all copper, 25mm. These medals were put out by The Sentimental Magazine as a promotional item, one medal given away with the early issues of the magazine. There were 13 medals to complete the set each depicting a different person, mostly royalty & the aristocracy, though two outliers are also depicted, one being David Garrick, the famous actor & playwright. F - EF $150.00
383 GB Battle of Trafalgar Nelson Memorial 1805 Medal, by P Wyon, Obv Seaman stands mournfully beside a tomb, an obelisk decorated with a medallion of Nelson & naval trophies above, Rev Britannia, grief stricken, seated beside a pedestal, Neptune seated r., an urn covered with a veil above, Eimer958, white metal, 52mm, wear to highest points, ex Spink & Sons. gVF $180.00
384 GB George III Death Medal, by Kettle, Obv FEAR GOD HONOUR THE KING, Name of Jehovah in Hebrew above rays shining down on Imperial crown, Rev The Lord's Prayer, brass, 25mm, underlying toning, BHM 996, RRRR, the highest rarity in BHM. EF $300.00
385 GB Medals (24), Masonic Charity Jewel 1830, gilt silver, 36mm; George V Coronation 1911, AE, 52mm; Lord Nelson's Flagship 1897 (2), AE, 37mm; Death of Duke of Windsor 1972 (2), silver, 38mm, toned & Cu-Ni, 44mm; Sinking of the SS Lusitania 5 May 1915, cast iron, 55mm; Baptist Mission Centenary 1892, white metal, 45mm; Births, Deaths & Marriages 1937, silver, 32mm; Duke & Duchess of York, AE, 38mm; Elizabeth II Coronation 1953 (2), Cu-Ni, 38mm, with ribbon & aluminium, 35mm; 1300 Years of the Diocese of Hereford 1976, AE, 40mm; Charles Prince of Wales 1969, silver, 40mm; Empire Day (2), AE, 33mm & 31mm, pierced with ribbon; School Attendance (6), variety of metals, 38 - 40mm, all awarded; & Charles Dickens 1870 (2), AE, 38mm. VF - UNC $300.00
386 GB/BELGIUM York Cathedral Medal 1854, by Jacques Wiener, Obv Exterior view, Rev Interior view, bronze, 60mm. AU $280.00
387 GB Albert Edward Prince of Wales (future Edward VII) & Princess Alexandra of Denmark Medals (6), Marriage 1863 (5), by Dodd & Sons, Eimer1564, AE, 41mm; by J Moore, AE, 38mm; by Ottley (2), Eimer1563, white metal, 51mm; & brass, 23mm, pierced; & Opening of Abbey Park Leicester 1882, white metal, 39mm, pierced. F - EF $120.00
388 GB Medals & Token (13), Robert Holt Crystal Palace 1867 Unofficial Farthing, AE, 22mm, W2602; Union of Scotland & England 1707, Eimer425 variety, struck on small thin flan, silver, 26mm, pierced; Duke of Clarence & Avondale Memorial 1892 (2), AE, 24mm, pierced; Caroline (3), AE, 25mm; The Royal Exchange London 1844, AE, 24mm; Charlotte & Leopold 1816, AE, 25mm; Arthur Duke of Wellington 1852, gilt, 22mm; Princess Charlotte 1817, AE, 25mm; Frederick Duke of Sussex 1843, AE, 23mm; & William IV & Queen Adelaide 1831, AE, 18mm. F - EF $150.00
389 GB MASONIC Rose Croix Jewel 19th Century, silver with paste stones, total weight 19.82 grams. A popular Rosicrucian scene of a mother bird, typically a pelican, with her young pecking at her breast, being nourished with blood from her self-inflicted wound. The pelican signifies Christ saving humanity with the sacrifice of his own blood. EF $400.00
390 GB & FRANCE (2), GB Colonial & Indian Exhibition London 1886, by L C Wyon, Obv Albert Edward Prince of Wales, bronze, 52mm, Eimer 1725, case worn, EF; & FRANCE Société D'Agriculture De L'Orne, by J Lagrange, Obv Animals & Plants in wreath, Rev Sower & Ploughing, silver, 41mm, cased, aEF. $60.00
391 GB Masonic Jewels to A J Carpenter (2), Burrel Lodge No 1829 'Presented to Bro Alfred Joshua Carpenter P M 1829 by the Brethren at the expiration of his year of office in token of their esteem for services rendered Oct 5th 1893', by William Hair Haseler, 15ct gold with enamel, total weight 31.24 grams, in W J Smith & Co box; & Supreme Grand Chapter 'Presented to ex comp A J Carpenter by the chapters in Brighton in recognition of valuable services rendered to the order in the provinces of Sussex May 25th 1911', by G Kenning & Son, 9ct gold, total weight 26.39 grams, in G Kenning & Son box. EF $2,500.00
392 GB Victoria Medals (40), Noted Diamond Jubilee 1897 (2), Eimer1817a, AE, 56mm; Lancaster Exhibition Arts & Crafts 1897, AE, 51mm; 150 Years Birth of Victoria 1819 - 1969, silver, 40mm; In Commemoration 1837 - 1897 (3), AE, 39mm; Far Famed Cakes & Biscuits are the best 1897, AE, 38mm; & Gigantic Wheel Earls Court 1897, AE, 38mm. F - UNC $400.00
393 GB Edward VII Medals (40), Noted Coronation 1902, Eimer189b, gilt, 46mm; Coronation 1902 (2), Eimer1871b, silver, 31mm, one with loop suspension; Queen Alexandra Dock Cardiff Opening 1907, Eimer1900, AE, 51mm; & many other Borough Coronation medals including Cambridge, Burnley, Woolwich, Bridlington, Walsall, Morley, Macclesfield, Hammersmith, Sunderland, Abergavenny, Ipswich & Kingston upon Hull. VF - UNC $300.00
394 GB Masonic Royal Arch Jewels Early 20th Century (2), 'Deo Regi Fratribus Honor Fidelitas Benevolentia', by James Fenton, Birmingham & by William Henry Toye, London, both silver gilt, in black Pobjoy holder. VF - EF $300.00
395 GB Investiture of Prince Edward as Prince of Wales 1911 Medal, by W Goscombe John, Obv Crowned & draped bust three-quarters l., Rev Caernarvon Castle, Welsh dragon below, Eimer1925, silver, 35mm. EF $100.00
396 GB Masonic Jewels to L F Carpenter (2), Duke of Sussex Charity & Benevolence Masonic Jewel presented to 'Bro L F Carpenter served as steward R.M.I.G 1954 R.M.B.I 1961 R.M.I.B 1962', by G Kenning & Son, 9ct gold band, in box; & Sir Edward Clarke Chapter No 3601 'Presented to E Comp Lewis Francis Carpenter in appreciation of his services as M.E.Z 1970 - 71, by Ernest Pobjoy London 1969, silver gilt, in J R Gaunt & Son box. AU $230.00