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285 GREEK Asia Minor, Caria, Kaunos AR Stater, ca. 410 - 390 BC, Obv Winged female figure running l., Rev Baetyl (a meteorite or similar looking rough stone of divine origin), flanked by an inverted ? & G, 11.7 grams. gF $400.00
286 GREEK (4), THESSALY Lamia AR Hemidrachm, ca. 400 - 344 BC, Obv Hd. of young Dionysos l. wreathed, Rev ?????/O? Amphora, ivy leaf above, prochous in r. field, S2097, 2.44 grams; ARKADIA The Arkadian League AR Triobol, ca. 280 - 234 BC, Obv Laur. hd. Zeus l., Rev Pan seated l. on rock, r. hand raised, holding lagobolon in l., A, ? & eagle flying in field, S2690, 2.16 grams; BOEOTIA Thebes AE 13, ca. 196 - 146 BC, Obv Boeotian shield, Rev ???O?O? Trident head, dolphin in r. field, S2415, 2.27 grams; & LOKRIS OPUNTIA & EPIKNEMIDIA AE 16, ca. 350 - 338 BC, Obv Hd. of Athena r. in crested Corinthian helmet, Rev Bunch of grapes, S2334-, 2.48 grams. F - VF $260.00
287 GREEK Asia Minor (4), TROAS Kebren AR Obol ca. 387- 310 BC, Obv Ram's head r., Rev Youthful male hd. r., 0.57 grams; MYSIA Kyzikos AR Hemiobol, ca 480 - 450 BC, Obv Forepart of boar l., tunny behind, Rev Hd. of roaring lion l. in incuse square, 0.36 grams; CARIA Mylasa AR Obol, ca. 450 - 400 BC, Obv Forepart of lion facing, Rev Scorpion in incuse square, 0.57 grams; & Uncertain Mint AR Trihemiobol, ca. 6th - 5th Century BC, Obv Hd. of animal r., possibly wolf, Rev Incuse punch, 1.13 grams. VF $200.00
288 GREEK Asia Minor, Bithynia, Kalchedon AR Drachm, ca. Mid 4th Century BC, Obv Bull stg. l. on grain ear, ???? above, Rev Quadripartite incuse square of 'mill sail' pattern, surfaces granulated, S3742, 3.66 grams. gVF $150.00
289 GREEK Peloponnesus, Argolis, Argos AR Triobol, ca. 4th - 3rd Century BC, Obv Forepart of wolf r., Rev Large A, ? to l., Corinthian helmet below, incuse punch top, 2.62 grams. VF/EF $250.00
290 GREEK Babylonia, Babylon AR Tetradrachm (Double Shekel), ca. 328 - 311 BC, Obv Baal seated l., Rev Lion walking l., S6140 variety, 17 grams. aVF $400.00
291 GREEK Asia Minor (8), TROAS Alexandria AE 12, ca. 300 BC, Apollo & Horse grazing, S4029; TROAS Skepsis AE 9, ca. 400 BC, Forepart of winged horse & Fir tree, S4134; CARIA Rhodos (2), AE 11, ca. before 304 BC, Rhodos & Rose, S5071 - 3 & AE 11, ca. 167 - 88 BC, Helios & Rose, S5080; PISIDIA Selge AE 14, ca. 2nd - 1st Century BC, Herakles & Forepart of stag, S5489; AIOLIS Kyme AE 16, ca. 3rd Century BC, Forepart of horse & One handled vase, S4188; PAMPHYLIA Side AE 14, ca. 2nd - 1st Century BC, Athena & Nike, S5440; & IONIA Erythrai AE 14, ca. 3rd Century BC, Herakles & Legend, S4441 Obv & S4442 Rev similar. gF - gVF $120.00
292 GREEK Phoenicia, Sidon AR Tetrashekel Baalshallim II or Bodashtart, ca. 4th Century BC, Obv War galley travelling l. over waves, Rev Bearded deity, r. hand raised, stg. in horse drawn cart driven by charioteer, the King of Sidon walking behind, holding sceptre, cable border, S5934, 26.15 grams. F $500.00
293 GREEK Pamphylia, Aspendos AR Stater, ca. 4th Century BC, Obv Two wrestlers grappling, Rev ?S?F?????S (retrograde) Slinger advancing r., triskeles before, all within dotted square within incuse square, 10.93 grams, weak strike Obv & lower Rev. F/aEF $250.00
294 GREEK Attica, Athens New Style AR Tetradrachm, ca. 2nd Century BC, Obv Hd. of Athena Parthenos r., Rev A-TE AF?O-??S? ?IO-GE-S?-?? Owl stg. facing on amphora, double cornucopia to r., all within wreath, S2553 -, 15.8 grams. VF $420.00
295 GREEK Thessaly, Rhodian Mercenaries AR Tetrobol, ca. 2nd Century BC, Obv Hd. of Helios facing three quarters r., hair loose, Rev ?????S Rose with bud on r., Z O either side, 2.74 grams, Provenance Sitichoro Hoard 1968 in Thessaly, mint state with some cabinet toning. UNC $600.00
296 GREEK EASTERN COINAGE (7), THE BITHYNIAN KINGDOM Prusias II AE 15, ca. 185 - 149 BC, Caduceus, S7269; SYRIA Seleukis & Pieria Antioch AE 17, ca. 1st Century BC, Tyche of Antioch stg. l. holding staff & cornucopia, S5859; & SELEUKID KINGDOM (5), Antiochos IV Epiphanes AE 13, ca. 175 - 164 BC, Veiled & dr. goddess to l., S6994; Demetrios I Soter (2), AE 25, ca. 162 - 150 BC, Tripod, S7026 & AE 20, ca. 162 - 150 BC, Bow & quiver, S7027; & two others. aF - VF $150.00
297 GREEK Asia Minor, Ionia, Ephesos AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm, ca. 180- 67 BC, Obv Cista mystica containing serpent, all within wreath, Rev Two serpents entwined around bowcase, thunderbolt above, magistrate's initials M? above EFE monogram l., lit torch r., scarce variety. EF $200.00
298 GREEK Asia Minor, Cilicia, Tarsos AE 26, ca. 2nd - 1st Century BC, Obv Turreted hd. of Tyche r., Rev Pyre of Sandan in the form of pyramidal structure containing figure of Sandan on lion, surmounting square basis, eagle perched on apex, ???S?O? r., two monograms l., S5672. aVF $60.00
299 GREEK Bithynia, Nikomedes II Epiphanes AR Tetradrachm, ca. 149 - 128 BC, Obv Diademed hd. of Nikomedes r., Rev BASI?EOS E?IFANOYS NIKOMH?OY, Zeus stg. l., holding wreath & sceptre, eagle stg. on thunderbolt over monogram over date T??, S7273 variety, 16.5 grams. VF $600.00
300 GREEK Crete, Gortyna AR Drachm, ca. 2nd - 1st Century BC, Obv Bearded hd. of Zeus or Minos r., in tainia, letter beneath, Rev GO?TYNION Apollo seated l. on rock, r. hand resting on knee, holding bow & arrow in l., letter r., S3185 variety, 3.28 grams. VF $200.00
301 GREEK Asia Minor, Mysia, Pergamon AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm, ca. after 133 BC, Obv Cista mystica containing serpent, all within wreath, Rev Two serpents entwined around bow case, ?E?G monogram to left, magistrate's initials MA above, serpent entwined Asklepian staff r., S3947 variety. EF $150.00
302 GREEK Cappadocian Kingdom (4), Ariarathes VI Epiphanes Philopator AR Drachm, ca. 130 - 116 BC, S7289, 3.92 grams; Ariarahes VII Philometor AR Drachm, ca. 116 - 101 BC, S7291, 4.22 grams; Ariarathes IX Eusebes Philopator AR Drachm, ca. 101 - 87 BC, S7298, 3.99 grams; & Ariobarzanes I Philoromaios AR Drachm, ca. 95 - 63 BC, S7301, 3.95 grams. All with Obv Diad. hd. r., & Rev Athena stg., holding Nike. F - VF $160.00
303 GREEK Syria, Seleukis & Pieria Laodikeia AR Tetradrachm, ca. before 47 BC, Obv Turreted & veiled bust of Tyche r., Rev ?AO?IKEON ?O? ???S/T???SS?? Zeus enthroned holding Nike & sceptre, all within wreath, S5874 with legends of S5876, 14.4 grams. VF $250.00
304 GREEK IMPERIAL Corinth, Caligula AE 21, ca. 37 - 41 AD, Obv C CAESAR AVGVS Bare hd. r., Rev M BELLIO PROCVLO II VIR Pegasus flying l., COR beneath, S384, 6.56 grams, even green patina. F $150.00