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162 NZ Albert Medal & Royal Humane Society of New Zealand gold medal. Unique New Zealand pair to Charles Augustus Chapman (1885 - 1945) for gallantry in saving four lives at Paparoa during the flood of 1920. Albert Medal, 2nd Class, for Gallantry in Saving Life on Land, bronze and enamel, O&M 23, Rev engraved 'Presented in the name of His Majesty to Charles A Chapman for gallantry in saving life in the Paparoa Valley New Zealand on the 27th March 1920'. Original white and crimson striped ribbon, slight rim knock to left, central enamel slightly loose. Original case of issue, missing small piece of outer leather at back, with labelled paper under case, with Chapman's handwritten name, worn, lining in good order. gVF. Royal Humane Society of New Zealand, Type II (1913 - 1923), O&M 126, medal by Elkington & Co, for Saving Life, Rev engraved 'Awarded to Charles A Chapman for an act of bravery 27th March 1920', 15 Ct. gold, 33.1 grams, 38 mm, with original blue ribbon (detached) and 15 Ct. gold buckle, 8.1 grams, in Elkington & Co box. Original case scuffed, lining separated. AU. Charles Augustus Chapman was born in Sydney, Australia 1885 to Thomas Chapman and Frances (nee Green). He came to New Zealand about 1905 with electoral rolls showing his occupation as a box maker and assistant storeman prior to the rescue. He was a competitive swimmer, winning championships in both Australia and New Zealand. Royal Humane Society Case No 508 shows that in the early hours on the 27th of March 1920, a severe flood swept through the Paparoa Valley North of Auckland. When Chapman who at the time was living nearby in Huarau received news that the town was inundated with water and people were drowning, he hastily put on his bathing suit and ran to the Paparoa township to help. Seeing that the torrent was too strong, Chapman used a ladder as a flotation device to save the first two victims. Immediately after, Chapman ran to another part of the flood to rescue a mother and her young child from a tree. He swam out to the endangered pair but to effect a rescue he had to go back for a plank. In his second attempt his safety rope broke, so he used some fencing wire to tow the child back to safety, with another swimmer finally joining him for his last rescue of the mother. After the rescue, Chapman worked at the Rotorua baths before returning to Sydney for a period. He later returned to Wellington where he spent the majority of his life working as a foreman. Research, photos and correspondence available. $23,000.00
163 ACCUMULATION (34), NZ 1899 Transvaal, M1899-1900/2, gilt; NZ 1900 Canterbury Jubilee Exhibition, M1900/19 (2), aluminium & bronze; NZ 1916 Jutland, M1916/1, brass, lacking back pin; also Chinese Sun Yat Sen medallion, NZ trade tokens, incl Gratten A152, F; & GB mines tokens, & others. aF - EF $140.00
164 ACCUMULATION (8), NZ 1950 Arrival at Lyttelton Centenary (2), MP1950/1, matt silver, cog wheel Rev & MP1050/4, matt bronze, plain Rev, unengraved, both 52 mm, AU; GB 1935 Silver Jubilee, silver, 32 mm, in red box; & 1953 National Playing Fields Assn Coronation, gilded aluminium, 35 mm in red box; Australia 1954 in original K G Luke box, unlisted in Carlisle, Rev of C 1953 1a, Obv similar to C 1954/2, legend Elizabeth II: Philip: Royal Tour, 58 mm, 82.5 grams, UNC; James Cook 200 Years Bicentennial Collection, 27 mm; & French Catholic medals (2). VF - UNC $180.00
165 ACCUMULATION Agricultural medals (43), Includes medals from Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Great Britain & the Netherlands. Predominantly cattle but also poultry, pigs & horticulture. Most large, AE, some silver & gilt. Most VF - AU $400.00
166 ARGENTINA Collection of medals (9), Homage to Lieutenant General Julio A Roca 1941, AE, 80 mm; Initiative of the National Bank, silver, 38 mm; Homage to Manuel Belgrano 1903, silvered bronze, 65mm; Homage to Juan Gregorio 1906, silvered bronze, 65 mm; British Invasions of the River Plate Centenary 1907, silver, 51 mm; School Opening in Cordoba 1910, silvered bronze, 52 mm; Promotion of Immigration to Argentina Centenary 1912, silver, 51 mm; Centenary of Declaration of Independence 1916, silver, 51 mm; & Alberdi Plaza 1927, bronze, 55 mm. gVF - EF $180.00
167 AUSTRALIA Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria, Obv Wreath, understood 1894, engraved Daniel Topp, Rev Standing female figure with wreath & animals, edge engraved FIRST PRIZE GENTLEMENS SADDLE, silver, 35 mm. See A&C, p133. EF $100.00
168 AUSTRALIA Collection of commemorative & other medals (5), New South Wales Amateur Athletic Association 1964, bronze, 44 mm; Queensland Numismatic Society 10 years at Newstead House 1996, bronze, oval; Numismatic Association of Australia (2), National Conference 2013, antique silver, 39 mm; & ANS Queensland Annual Dinner & Awards Night 2013 memento, aluminium, 39 mm; & Sydney Mint 170th Anniversary 1997, brass, 27 mm. UNC $60.00
169 AUSTRALIA James Cook 1977 Franklin Mint Medallions, only issued in Australia, complete album of 20 proof sterling silver medallions depicting the voyages of Captain James Cook, with separate description album, each medallion 20.22 grams, total 12 oz ASW. PROOF $320.00
170 BELGIUM Peter Paul Rubens Bicentenary medal Anvers 1840, by L J Hart, copper, 72 mm. Rubens 1577 - 1640, Flemish, was considered one of the most influential artists of the Northern European baroque movement. This medal commemorates the 200th anniversary of his death, r/n's. VF $140.00
171 BELGIUM & FRANCE Agriculture medals (14), Noted; Belgium Chickens 'Beker 1926', silver, 39 mm, with loop; & Improvement of Cattle Breed Liege, by Dillons, silver, 44 mm, with loop, aEF; France Prize offered by Mr Galpin MP ND, silver, 45 mm, EF; & Society of Agriculture and Art of Seine-et-Oise 1863, silver, 41 mm, EF. aEF - AU $220.00
172 CANADA Carleton County Potato Growing Competition 1917 First Prize awarded to John A Plunkett, silver, 63 mm x 2mm, in C A Olmsted & Son Ottawa box. Toned. AU $70.00
173 DENMARK Exposition & other medals (5), Industrial Exhibition Copenhagen 1852, 48 mm; Nordic Industry & Art Exhibition Copenhagen 1872, 54 mm; Nordic Industry Agricultural & Art Exhibition 1888, 53 mm; Country Exhibition Aarhus 1909, 53 mm; & Invalid Festival 1895, 52 mm. Mostly white metal. VF - UNC $100.00
174 EGYPT (2), Inauguration of opening of the Suez Canal 1869, by Angelo Restelli, Obv bare head of Ferdinand de Lesseps left, Rev view of the canal, silvered white metal, 49 mm. VG $100.00
175 EUROPE Collection of medals (7), Austria Francis I, Establishment of the German Confederation 1815, brass, 31 mm; France Jean-Baptiste Colbert, Controller of Finances, zinc, 80 mm; Germany Athletics medal commemorating Victor von Podbielski 1921, AE, 90 mm; Hungary Magyar Athletic Club 1875, white metal, 37 mm; Spain Rafael Gomez Ortega "Gallo" bullfighter 1986, bronze, 67 mm, AU; Poland IAAF World Championship Cross Country Warsaw 1987, silver, 57 x 63 mm rectangular, cased; & Sweden Svea Lifeguard 1926, bronze, 56 mm. VF - AU $140.00
176 FRANCE (4), Gallery of Great Men of France (3), Eudes de Mezeray 1817, Charles Rollin 1818, & Ennio Quirinus Visconti 1818, bronze, 41 mm; & Charles X of France 1824, bronze, 41mm, verdigris spots. EF - UNC $90.00
177 FRANCE Universal Exposition of Agriculture, Industry & Fine Arts Paris medal 1855, by Albert Barre, Obv Napoleon III, Rev Imperial coat of arms, surrounded by the nameplates of the 20 nations taking part in the Universal Exposition, copper, 59 mm. AU $200.00
178 FRANCE Collection of medals (7), Caisse d'Epargne (French Bank), silver (2), Paris, 32 mm & Lorient, 34 mm; Ministry of Commerce & Industry Loi du 27 Juillet 1822, silver, 33 mm; Recongnition of Service for teacher Mr. C Fontaine 1873 - 1898, silver, 41 mm; Southern France Poetry Contest, bronze, 32 mm, some verdigris spots; Athletics St Severin Challenge 1920, silver, 44 mm; & FTEP 2e prix 1931, by C H Pillet, bronze gilt, 46 mm. gVF - EF $220.00
179 FRANCE Exposition medals (5), International Exposition Lyon 1914, gilt, 50 mm; International Exposition Nice 1901, gilt copper, 50 mm; Exposition of Progress Paris 1926, bronze, 60 mm; & Universal Exhibition Paris 1878 (2), bronze plated, mount removed, 51 mm, & white metal, 51 mm. F - aEF $100.00
180 FRANCE Collection of medals (14), Sanitation of the Seine 1899, silver gilt, 50 mm; Faiencerie de Choisy-Le-Roy 1909, bronze, 56.5 mm; Industrial Society of St Quentin & L'Aisne, silver, 57 mm; Royal Commision of Monuments & Sites Centennary 1935, AE, 60 mm; Village of Faches-Thumesnil 1944, bronze; Thermal Installation Union 1954, bronze, 57 mm; Chateau de Pierrefonds, bronze, 59 mm; Electricity & Gas of France, silvered bronze, 55 mm; Industrial Society of the East (2), silver & silver gilt, both with ribbon; Ministry of War, silver, 50 mm, cased; National Society for the Encouragement of Agriculture, silver gilt 40 mm; Shooting Society of Besancon, bronze, 40 mm; & University of Caen, silver, 50 mm. VF - UNC $300.00
181 FRANCE & BELGIUM Music medals (4), France (3), Ville de Versailles Musique 1st Prize Piano 1901, silver, 51 mm; Concourse du Chatelet en Brie 1901, silver, 55 mm, with loop suspension, toned; & Art Nouveau harpist, gilt, 40 mm, with loop suspension; & Belgium (1), 50th Anniversary of the founding of Conservatoire Royal de Musique de Li├Ęge 1877, bronze, 60 mm AU. VF - AU $150.00