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Auction 28 - Friday, March 18, 2022

264 GREEK Athens (Attica) AR Tetradrachm, ca. 449 - 413 BC. Obv: Helmeted head of Athena r. Rev: Owl stg. r., hd. facing, olive-spray with berry & crescent above to l., all within incuse square, ?T? before, S2526, 16.92 grams, 25mm, high grade example. EF $1,300.00
265 GREEK Mysia Kyzikos AR Drachm, ca. 390 - 330 BC, Obv: Hd. of Persephone l., Rev Lion's hd. l, A to r., tunny beneath, grain seed to l., S3858, 15mm, 2.66 g. VF $100.00
266 GREEK Macedon Alexander III The Great AR Drachm (2), from c. 336BC & posthumous, Obv: Hd. of young Herakles r. clad in lion's skin. Rev: A?E?AN?POY to right, Zeus enthroned l., holding eagle & sceptre, S6731 varieties, 3.59 & 4.1g, each 17mm. aF $200.00
267 GREEK Euboia Histaia, AR Tetrobol, 3rd C. BC, Obv Hd of Nymph, Rev Nymph seated r on galley, head of trident & monogram below, S2496, 2.36g, 15mm. Strong Obv. gVF $100.00
268 GREEK Lydia, Tralleis, 189 - 133 BC, AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm, Cista Mystica within ivy wreath/Bow in case between two serpents, as S4745, 26mm, 12.51g, ex Heritage, February 2001. gVF $200.00
269 GREEK Cappadocian Kingdom (3), Ariarathes V Eusebes Philopator, AR Drachm, 131 - 130 BC, year G?, S7286, 3.6g, 18mm, VF; Ariobarzanes I Philoromaios, AR Drachms (2), 83/2 BC, Obv King middle aged, year ?G, S7301, 18mm, 3.6 grams & 66/5 BC, Obv King elderly, S7302, year ?, VF; all with Obv KIng's hd. r., & Rev Athena stg., holding Nike, spear & shield. VF $120.00
270 GREEK Seleucid (4), Seleukos I Nikator, 305 - 280 BC, AE 21mm, 8.26g, Obv Hd of Athena r in Corinthian helmet, Rev Nike stg l, anchor to r, S6853 similar; Antiochus IV Epiphanes, AE 15mm, 2.1g, serrated, 174 - 165 BC, Obv King with radiate Hd; Rev Hera stg, S6994; & Seleucis of Antioch, under Nero, AE 16mm, 3.64g, year 108 (60 AD), Obv Hd of Apollo r, Rev lyre, BMC 80# 703; & Phoenician or Palestinian city coin, AE 21mm, 9.23g, Obv bearded Hd r, Rev Tyche with cornucopia & sceptre. VG - VF $160.00
271 ITALY & GREEK Asia Minor (6), SICILY Panormos (Ziz) AR Obol or Litra, ca. 405 - 380 BC, Obv Young male hd. l., Rev Man-headed bull stg. l., hd. facing, Punic legend sys above, S889, 11mm, 0.50 grams, aVF; TROAS Kebren AR Obol ca. 387- 310 BC, Obv Ram's head r., Rev Youthful male hd. r., 0.57 grams, VF; MYSIA Kyzikos AR Hemiobol, ca 480 - 450 BC, Obv Forepart of boar l., tunny behind, Rev Hd. of roaring lion l. in incuse square, 0.36 grams, VF; CARIA Mylasa AR Obol, ca. 450 - 400 BC, Obv Forepart of lion facing, Rev Scorpion in incuse square, 0.57 grams, VF; Cilicia Tarsos Datames (Tarkamuwa) Satrap of Cilicia & Cappadocia AR Obol, ca. 384 - 361 BC, Obv Diad. hd. of Aphrodite r., Rev Helmeted hd. of Ares r., 10mm, 0.59g, aEF; & Uncertain Mint AR Trihemiobol, ca. 6th - 5th Century BC, Obv Hd. of animal r., possibly wolf, Rev Incuse punch, 1.13 grams, VF. aVF - aEF $300.00
272 JUDAEA (2), Herod I AE Prutah. ca 40 BC - 4 AD, H?O? BACI, anchor / double cornucopiae with caduceus between, dots above, Hendin 500, VF; Procurator Porcius Festus under Nero, AE Prutah, ca. 59 - 62 AD, Obv: NEP ?NO C, in wreath tied at bottom with X, Rev LE KAICAPOC, Palm branch; off centre strike, details clear, 17mm, 2.58g. gVF $300.00
273 PERSIA Arab-Sasanian (5), Khosrow II & similar AR Drachm, ca. 590 - 628 AD. VG - VF $300.00
274 ROME REPUBLIC Denarius, L. Furius CN.F. Brocchus, 63 BC, Rome mint, 3.75 g, Obv. Ceres bust to right, between wheat-ear & barley corn, III VIR across field, BROCCHI below, Rev. curule chair between fasces, L. FVRI/CN.F above, S365. Attractively toned. EF $300.00
275 ROME Augustus Denarius, 19 BC, Rome mint, Obv busts of Fortuna Victrix & Fortuna Felix, Rev altar, legend CAESARI AVGVSTO, S1605, 19mm 3.51g. aF $120.00
276 ROME ACCUMULATION (24) each from a different Emperor, 260 - 388AD incl Silver Siliqua (2), Billon (22). Emperors: Postumus; Victorinus; Tetricus I; Tetricus II; Claudius II; Quintillus; Aurelian; Carus; Diocletian; Maximian I; Constantius I; Galerius; Severus II; Maximinus II; Licinius I; Licinius II; Constantine The Great; Crispus; Delmatius; Constantine II; Constans; Constantius II; Valens (Siliqua, holed) & Arcadius (Siliqua, S20771, holed). Most Billon higher grade with good detail showing, some with silvering. gF - gEF $500.00
277 ROME ACCUMULATION (77), mostly Billon Centenionalis with some Antoninianus & Follis, 268 - 340 AD, Emperors incl: Postumus (2); Licinius I (14); Licinius II (6); Constantine I (15); Crispus (14); Delmatius; Constantine II (18); & Constantius II (7). All in holders with vendor ID. Little duplication, most VF or better. F - gEF $500.00
278 ROME ACCUMULATION (27) Billon Follis, AE Double Maiorina, Maiorina etc, 295 - 353 AD, incl Maximian (7), noted Follis, Hercules, S13284, aEF; Constantius (6); Galerius (9); Severus II; Maximinus II (2); & Constantius II (2), noted Billon Heavy Maiorina, S18148, fallen horseman, gVF; & Double Maiorina, AD353, Br, S18083, RICVIII Treveri 333 EF/VF; few duplicates, all with ID. Most VF - EF $600.00
279 ROME Constantius I Billon Follis, Trier, 298 - 299 AD. CONSTANTIVS NOBIL C, laureate head right / GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius stg l, modius on head, naked except for chlamys over left shoulder, holding patera & cornucopiae, B-star across fields, TR, RIC VI Trier 348a var, 26mm, 9.22g, unlisted officina B. Scarce. gEF $100.00
280 ROME Diocletian Billon Follis (8), noted Antioch, 305 - 7 AD, Obv type A (post abdication), Rev of Providentia stg. R., extending r. hand to Quies stg. 1, S12945, scarcer issue, EF; Cyzicus 295 - 9 AD, Obv type Ec, Rev Genius holding patera, S12791, with silvering, AU; & Alexandria 308 AD, Obv D N DIOCLETIANO BAEATISS, Rev Providentia & Quies, S12921, aEF. gF - AU $400.00
281 ACCUMULATION (45, 8 Silver), incl GREEK, ROME, EGYPT, IRAN, noted Pisidia, c325 - 250BC, AR Stater, S5477, Obv two naked wrestlers, K between, Rev slinger about to discharge sling, 23mm, 7.4g VG; Rhodes, AR Hemidrachm, 1.21g, 12mm, Obv Helios threequarters r, Rev rose with bud to r, Magistrate F????????S, S5065 similar, EF; Pontus Amasia AE26, 11.6g, Commodus, 187 - 8 AD, Rev Asklepios stg with serpent entwined on staff, SNG von Aulock 6702 similar, VF; Rome Siliqua, (2), Eugenius, 392 - 394AD, Urbs Romana, Rev Roma seated l, Lugdunum S20687, 19mm, 1.56g, VG, & Arcadius, 388 - 408 AD, S20759 - 66, mint unclear, 16mm, 1.14g, otherwise VF; & Byzantium (3), Syria & others (14), AE17 - AE12 (14), eagles, palm trees etc. Poor - EF $500.00