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393 ACCUMULATION (8), NZ 1950 Arrival at Lyttelton Centenary (2), MP1950/1, matt silver, cog wheel Rev & MP1050/4, matt bronze, plain Rev, unengraved, both 52mm, AU; GB 1935 Silver Jubilee, silver, 32mm, in red box; & 1953 National Playing Fields Ass Coronation, gilded aluminium, 35mm in red box; Australia 1954 in original K G Luke box, unlisted in Carlisle, Rev of C 1953 1a, Obv similar to C 1954/2, legend Elizabeth II: Philip: Royal Tour, 58mm, 82.5 grams, UNC; James Cook 200 Years Bicentennial Collection, 27mm; & French Catholic medals (2). VF - UNC $100.00
394 BOER WAR Commemorative medals (6), Success To Our NZ Riders, M1899-1900/3, silver, 22.5mm, with loop suspension, EF; To Commemorate the Departure of the NZ Contingents (2), M1899-1900/4, silver VF & gilt EF, 21mm, with loop suspension; To Commemorate the Departure of the NZ Rough Riders, M1900/13, silver, 21mm, with loop suspension, F; & GB, Victoria, Roberts, Kitchener portraits (2), one with flags & South Africa 1900 Rev, other with rifles, wreath & crown Rev, silver, 16.5mm, both with loop suspension, EF. $100.00
395 CHINA, ISRAEL & USA Commemorative medals (5), China (3), God of Wealth & Longevity Shenyang Mint 1987, brass, 40mm, cased in box of issue; Centenary of the Machine Made Silver Dollar 1989 commemorative pair, cased & boxed; & Opening of Shen Da Highway 1990, bronze, 58mm, cased; Israel, Bank of Israel 20th Ann 1974, bronze, 59mm, boxed with wooden stand as issued; & USA Transport Expo 1972, bronze, 34mm, in plastic. UNC $120.00
396 COSMOPOLITAN CLUB Life Member medal, marked silver on Rev, 24mm, with loop suspension. gVF $50.00
397 DENMARK Jonas Collin President of The Royal Rural Holding Company 1809 - 1855 commemorative medal, by H Conradsen, bronze, 54mm, 94,25 grams, small r/n Rev, otherwise UNC. $80.00
398 EUROPE Collection of medals (17, 3 silver), Noted; Belgium Antwerp Universal Exhibition 1885, white metal, 65mm, heavily knocked rim, otherwise VF; France Academy of Surgery 1935, awarded to Maurice Marcille, bronze, 52mm, gEF; & Denmark Association of Craftsmen Copenhagen ND, silver, 44mm, 41 grams, cased, heavy toning, r/k, AU. F - UNC $300.00
399 EUROPE Agricultural medals (9), Noted; German Agricultural Society Hamburg 1910, awarded to M G Neukirchen, silver, 34mm, aEF; Argentina Institute of Meat 'No Tema Al Toro' Do not fear the bull ND, silver, 31mm, with loop suspension, toning, EF; Russia Soviet Collective Farms Voroshilovgrad (now Luhansk Ukraine) Best Milkmaid 4000 Litres 1981, Aluminium, 50mm, with red ribbon. gVF - UNC $80.00
400 GB Collection of medals (8), Marriage of Victoria to Prince Albert 1840, white metal, 38mm, pierced; Yorkshire Mines Inspectorate Ambulance League medal, awarded to H E Veale 1908, silver enamel, 30mm, with loop suspension; The Silvani Smith Medal for Excellence ND, silver, 41mm; The Gardening Illustrated Medal 1934, AE, 45mm; Highland & Agricultural Society of Scotland Long Service 1942, silver enamel, 40mm; Royal Horticultural Society Civil Service 1953, bronze, 33mm; East Suffolk County Association President 1936, AE Enamel, with blue ribbon, in original box; Daily Mail Trophy Competition 1912, bronze, 44mm. EF - UNC $100.00
401 GB Music medals (9), Royal Academy of Music (4), 1889, 1910, 1927 & 1931, bronze, 41mm, 1927 with clasp; North London Music Festival 1928, silver enamel, star; New Era Academy of Drama & Music 1951, silver enamel, 26mm; London College of Music 1950, silver enamel, 23mm, with ribbon & clasp; London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art 1951, silver enamel, 28mm; & London Academy of Music Honoris Causa, bronze enamel, oval, all with loop suspension, some verdigris on bronze. VF - AU $120.00
402 GB & AUSTRALIA Shooting & Commemorative medals (3), GB Earl Roberts Shooting medal ND, awarded to CSM McChesney. R.J.W., bronze, 44mm, in original case; Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs Lord Roberts of Kandahar Shooting medal, bronze, 30mm, with ribbon; & Australia Transvaal War 1899 - 1900 Success to 1st Aust Imperial Contingent, bronze, 23mm, pierced. VF - UNC $90.00
403 GB St John Medals & Nursing badges (5), St John Ambulance Association (3), awarded to Tod Morden 1904, silver & gold, wreath around circle; G Clarke 1897, silver & gold, wreath & shield; & unawarded, silver, wreath around circle; Student Nurses Association Royal College of Nursing badge, silver enamel & The College of Nursing, 23086 on Rev, silver enamel. F - UNC $200.00
404 GB St John Ambulance Association medals with service bars (10), 1917 - 1960, one marked stg silver with three bars & on ribbon, all awarded. VF - AU $180.00
405 GB The Royal Mint London Britannia Moneta medal, bronze, 36mm, Struck at the Royal Mint stand at the British Empire Exhibition 1924 - 1925. Total of 2,524 including both bronze & silver medals struck, scarce. VF $50.00
406 GB QEII Coronation Medal 1953, "Queen Elizabeth. II . Crowned 2nd June 1953", silver, 32mm, with original ribbon, MYB 315. gEF $100.00
407 GB Charles Dickens Centenary 1970, by Hungarian British medallist Paul Vincze, sterling silver gilt, 64mm, 120 grams, Obv Bust of Dickens, Rev Library with kneeling muse holding lamp of knowledge, attractive tone at edge in Royal Mint case, with certificate. UNC $120.00
408 GB & USA medals (2), GB BSAS 1910, (probably British Sea Angling Society) Patonce Pattee Cross with loop suspension, marked Laughton Birmingham, 9ct, 3.64 grams; & USA CSA 50 Years ND, small enamel circle on shield suspended by 50 Years clasp, marked 10k gold, 5.13 grams. gVF - EF $200.00
409 ROYAL LIFE SAVING SOCIETY Medals & badges (92), most 1900's - 1940's, silver (19, 4 on ribbon), bronze (58, 3 on ribbon), gilt (1) & badges (14), all awarded, some boxed. Most Medals EF - AU, VF - UNC $300.00
410 ROYAL LIFE SAVING SOCIETY Medals, certificates & other booklets (27), all awarded to E W G Clee, Medals (17, 12 marked stg silver) 1923 - 1930, 15 medals presented in wooden frame, 2 others in boxes of issue; Certificates (4), 1929 (2), 1931 & 1934; Booklets (3), Directions for Working the Rocket Life Saving Apparatus issued by the Board of Trade 1911, The Cambridge Borough PC Club Rules & Redcar Amateur Swimming Club Member's Card 1927; & Photograph of Clee & Royal Life Saving Society Greeting Card 1936 - 1937. Some foxing and wear on packaging, Medals AU - UNC. $80.00
411 ITALY 1968 Deaths of John F. & Robert F. Kennedy, portraits Obv, Quote from E Hemingway Rev, 28mm, 10.2 grams, 0.75 gold, 0.246 oz AGW, cased with Cert, Italiana Coniazloni Artistiche - Milan. PROOF $500.00
412 MASONIC MEDALS/JEWELLS (6), USA General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons Centennial 1897, bronze, 42mm UNC; GB Treasurer badge Mr E Bennett 1875; Canada Western District Grand Chapter, lower part presented to R Hoad 1980 - 1981, middle section presented to D Kibblewhite 1989 - 1990, gilt/stg silver; & 56th Imperial Council Session Toronto 1930, bronze, 32mm; & GB RMBI Steward 1981, gilt enamel & Companions Royal Arch Chapter, gilt, together in vinyl pouch. F - UNC $150.00