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436 AUSTRALIA Medal production plasters & rubber mould (13), Plaster (12), Sydney Opera House 1973 Obverse set (2); Charles Sturt Explorer 1830 one side set (2); Douglas Mawson Antarctic Explorer 1907 - 12 one side set (2); Cobb & Co 1854 one side set (2), one piece with broken edge; Matthew Flinders Explorer Australia 1803 single mould; Caroline Chisholm Immigrants' Friend 1854 single mould; Gold Discoveries 1851 single mould; & First Papal Visit to Australia Pope Paul VI 1970 single mould, broken in half; & Rubber mould (1), Charles Kingsford Smith Aviator 1928. All approx 27mm, Pope Paul VI 19.5mm. $200.00
437 COOK ISLANDS (2), Five Dollars 1978 Polynesian Warblers nesting, preliminary pencil drawing on tracing paper, 23x28.5mm; & 1, 2, 5, 20 & 50 Cents & One Dollar, rough pencil concept drawings on tracing paper, 21x28.5mm. EF $100.00
438 ACCUMULATION of drawings, photographs & correspondence (46), Drawings (4), Centennial of New Zealand 1840 - 1940 Medal, black & white pencil/ink drawing on card, drawing 19mm diameter; 1977 Waitangi One Dollar Obverse, preliminary pencil drawing on card, as later used in 1979, 11.1x14.2mm; Lower Hutt City Award of Honour Medal, four concept pencil drawings on folded paper, 15x9.5mm; & H H Richardson, Novelist 1929, preliminary pencil drawing on paper signed 16/12/1974, 15.8x20.7mm; Photographs (31), Depicting Berry & his work; & Correspondence & Other (11), Including letters, newspaper clips, print copy of USA Bi-Centennial $100 1976 design & card prepped with blank grey circle ready to have design drawn on. VF $100.00
439 NZ Royal Visit 1949 Medal (14), preliminary pencil drawings on tracing paper showing four different design concepts, two for an Obverse & Reverse respectively, drawings are 20mm each in diameter; & Correspondence between James Berry & A W Orgill & W F Gaunt from J R Gaunt & Son Ltd Medallists & Button makers, London, May - October 1948 (10). The letters detail various medals including the preparation for 300,000 Royal Visit medals in which Berry had hoped to interest the Government to sponsor and present to New Zealand school children. Berry had trouble getting Government approval meaning it would have been too late to strike the medals in time for the visit. Although It was proposed to strike and distribute them anyway, the tour was cancelled so no medals were struck. F - VF $120.00
440 NZ & COOK ISLANDS James Cook Bicentenary 1969 (4), NZ (2), black & white pencil/ink drawings on card showing designs for both sides of medal MP1969/6; & COOK ISLANDS unadopted Fifty Dollars & Five Dollars, approx 27.5x36.5mm. EF $200.00
441 NZ James Berry 1971 Medal (3), Piwakawaka (Fantail), preliminary pencil drawings on tracing paper showing design development, each approx 24x28mm. The designs are similar to those used on the 1980 New Zealand Dollar reverse. EF $300.00
442 USA Robert E Peary North Pole 1970 Medal (5), preliminary pencil drawing on card 18.5x15mm; & Production plasters (4), three of the Obverse, one with broken edge & one of the Reverse, all approx 27mm. F - EF $150.00