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99 NZ Volunteers helmet plate/glengarry badge 1895 - 1901, OLD2/7, Corbett p61, silver plate, 68mm, sharp details. gEF $210.00
100 NZ Dominion Scouts badge 1908 - 23, dark patch on left fern, lugs strong, Brass, 47mm, 19.4g, overall EF. $200.00
101 NZ Cap & Collar badges (57), incl 2nd - 17th regiments & 1st - 4th, 6th, 9th - 12th MR; on cards in ringbinder, noted 3rd Auckland MR cap badge, OLD5/16, gVF; 6th South Canterbury MR cap badge, 5/58, VF; 7th West Coast rifles cap badge, aEF; 10th Nelson MR, 5/68, VF; & Onward collar badge, 4/233, gVF; full list available for this quality & diverse collection, all lugs intact, few duplicates, most WW1 period, most VF - EF. F - EF $900.00
102 NZ Cap & Collar badges (44), noted Machine Gun Corps cap, OLD8/198, stubby barrels, brass, gEF; Medical Corps cap, 8/210, EF; Specialist Corps cap, 4/303, EF; MR Reinforcements collar, 4/192, aEF, & 4/205, toned, aEF; Expeditionary force reinforcements right collar, 4/168, EF; & sweetheart badge 6th MR, in style of 5/47, .925 silver, 7.7g, aEF; quality & diverse collection, nearly all lugs intact. F - gEF $750.00
103 NZ Reinforcements badges (17), 17th, 19th-25th, 28th, 31st, 33rd; noted 19th cap, OLD4/89, small size, & collar, 4/90, both design types, EF; 24th cap, 4/115, bronze, toned aEF & collar (2), 4/120, low head, EF; 33rd cap, 4/164, straight tops, bimetal, EF; & sweetheart badge, 20th reinforcements, in style of 4/95 collar, .925 silver, 4.7g, EF. aVF - EF $800.00
104 NZ Accumulation (33), noted 18th Reinforcements cap, design type, OLD4/84, aEF; 19th cap, design type, 4/88, gVF; 22nd cap, design type, 4/104, VF; 27th cap, 4/130, EF; 31st cap, 4/154, EF; & Railway battalions cap, 8/319, F; all with lugs intact, most VF - EF, & WW1 period. F - EF $750.00
105 NZ Mounted Rifles Reinforcements badges (3), general pattern cap badge, OLD4/186, KC, brass, 50mm, Lugs intact, aEF; 24th collar, OLD4/200, brass, 31mm, lugs intact, EF; & 32nd cap badge, 4/203, low tail, bimetal, 41mm, pin back, aEF. aEF - EF $400.00
106 NZ Railway Battalions cap badge, OLD8/319, Corbett p116, brass, 44mm. EF $70.00
107 NZ 16th Waikato Reg cap badge, OLD 6/154, Corbett p231, gilt, 41mm, verdigris spot rev. aEF $120.00
108 NZ Cook Islands Company cap badge, OLD4/260, Corbett p238, brass, 48mm. gEF $170.00
109 NZ Band Badges (32), incl Ashburton, Auckland, Gore, Hawera, Lower Hutt, Masterton Municipal band, Nelson, Oamaru, Porirua, Port Nicholson, Tauranga, Waimarino, Wellington, Whanganui, & Woolston; also incl Maori Brass NZ; incl's Brass, City, Civic, & Municipal Bands, NZ Police Musicians OLD10/37, VF; most with lugs intact, one glued to card, few Queens Crown. VF - AU $250.00
110 WORLD Fire Service Badges (119), incl Austria, Canada, Germany, Ghana, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Netherlands, NZ, Russia, Swaziland, Switzerland, Turkey, USA, great diversity, most metal, few NZ cloth, also incl few award & silver types. VF - AU $900.00
111 CANADA Police Badges (34), incl Calgary, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Royal North West Mounted Police, Wallaceburg Police Corporal badge impressed to W. Scully, Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, Abbotsford, Dartmouth, Delta, Edmonton, Matsqui, Montreal Deputy Chief Constable badge impressed to W. Scully, Ontario incl Sergeant, Quebec constable, Sudbury, & Vancouver, most WW2 era or later, some numbered, a superb variety in excellent condition. gVF - AU $400.00
112 GB Liverpool City Police badges 1880 - 1967 (14), incl Parks Constabulary & Airport Police, noted helmet plate 1880 - 1920, white metal, AU. EF - UNC $300.00
113 GB Police Helmet Plates (48), significant collection of early police helmet plates from 20th century, incl plates from Bedfordshire, Birmingham, Bradford city, Cardiff, Cleveland, Cornwall, Devon, Durham, Guernsey, Great Yarmouth, Gwent, Kent, Lancashire, Leicester city, Manchester City, Monmouth, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Sheffield, & Yorkshire; Noted general issue police badge, KC, voided, white metal, 85mm toned aEF; Folkestone Police helmet plate, Brass, KC, 87mm, superb lugs, EF; most EF or better, Most QC. VF - AU $800.00
114 GB Police Cap & Collar badges & Whistle (152), significant collection of police badges from the UK incl Aberdeenshire, Ayrshire, Bedfordshire, Berwick Rozenburg, Belfast, Birmingham city, Cheshire, Devon & Cornwall, Dominica, Durham, East Riding of Yorkshire, Essex, Hampshire, Herts, Hull, Hunts, Hertfordshire, Kent, Lincolnshire, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Mid-Anglia, Newport, Northampton, Northumberland, North Riding, Renfrew, Sheffield, Somerset & bath, St Lucia, Stockport, Surrey, Sussex, Ulster, Wallasey incl Whistle, Warwickshire, Wiltshire, West Midlands, West Riding, West Yorkshire, & Wolverhampton, Civil aviation constabulary, special constabulary, metropolitan police, & traffic wardens; diverse collection, many WW2 era, some modern, most cap badges, most EF or better. VF - UNC $800.00
115 SOUTH AFRICA Pretoria Police helmet plate 1901 - 1910, rare, white metal 118mm. gVF $140.00
116 SOUTH AFRICA (52), Police (30), Military Police (9), Traffic (13), excellent collection. EF - UNC $350.00
117 SCOTLAND Lanark County Constabulary cap badge, 1901 - 07, white metal, 62mm, sl dent on C of County, EF details. VF $150.00
118 USA Police Cap & Collar Badges (46), superb collection incl badges from California, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, & Wisconsin, few copies. VF - UNC $950.00