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1 NEW ZEALAND MEDAL 1860-1861, Imperial issue, impressed LIEUT. S. M. MEDLEY, H.M.S. IRIS; MYB123, Medley was awarded this medal for his actions at Puketakauere serving aboard the HMS Iris; approx 72 medals awarded to H.M.S Iris, ex Mowbrays private sale by family members, scrs. VF/EF $2,000.00
2 NEW ZEALAND MEDAL, Imperial issue, undated although records show entitlement to 1863-66, impressed 123. EDMD. MARTINDALE. 1ST BN. 12TH FOOT., MYB123, Edmund (also called Edward) Martindale, born in Salford, enlisted with the 12th Foot on 5 Oct 1858 & was discharged as a Sergeant in England by completion of service on 11 Jan 1869, with copies of research & discharge paper. Edge bruising. VF $800.00
3 NEW ZEALAND MEDAL ND, officially reengraved from an Auckland Militia issue to ALEXANDER STRACHAN. ALEXANDRA CAVALRY, late issue in 1914, MYB123. Strachan, born 1846 at Comrie, Scotland, migrated to New Zealand in 1851, joining the Alexandra Cavalry in Aug 1864. He participated at Waikiwi & Waitotara (11 Jan 1865), was under fire at the first engagement at Nukumaru (24-25 Jan 1865), Otautu, near Patea, & at Kakaramea. His claim for the medal stated he had been under fire "upwards of 20 times". He also served in the Commissariat Transport Company in 1865 & stated that in 1868 he served under von Tempsky. Strachan later farmed at Lornty & died at Wellington in 1928. Stowers states there were 11 known claims for the Alexandra Cavalry, 8 known medals, scarce. gVF $1,500.00
4 NZ Group of 4, Queens South Africa (copy unnamed), British War Medal & Victory Medal, impressed 42175 CPL. J.O’NEILL. N.Z.E.F., & WW2 NZ War Service Medal. James O’Neill (spelt O’Neil in the QSA records) 1881 - 1973, enlisted with the 6th contingent for the Boer War (service no 3271). A labourer at enlistment, he was drafted from the No.3. Waikato Mounted Rifles where he reached the rank of Sergeant. He received the Queen’s South Africa Medal with Transvaal, Orange Free State and Cape Colony clasps & South Africa 1901 and 1902 clasps. On 3 Jan 1917 he enlisted as a private with the 1st Brigade of the Auckland Infantry Regiment, & proceeded overseas on 2 April 1917. At enlistment he described his occupation as Bushman. He was promoted to L/Cpl on 20 April 1918, Cpl on 1 June 1918 & received a gunshot wound to his thigh in France on 3 Oct 1918. He spent the rest of the war in England. In WW2 he resigned his commission of Lieu (Temp) on 25 July 1942. With service records. EF $250.00
5 NZ/GB Group of 13, to Major Justin McCarthy Power 1914-15 Star, BWM, Victory Medal, 1939-45 Star, Atlantic Star, Africa Star with 8th Army Clasp, Pacific Star, Defence Medal, War Medal with MID Oak Leaf, New Zealand War Service Medal, UN Korea Medal, NZ Long and Efficient Service Medal, MYB257 & New Zealand Territorial Service Medal, MYB259, plus Army Pay book. Two medals to Power have not been found after searches - the General Service Medal 1918 with Clasp S. E. Asia 1945-46 & the British Korea Medal. Large volume of hard & soft copy research confirms the awards. Naming available in additional research notes at Power (1892-1962) gave varying ages but was born in Paeroa, Ohenimuri County, New Zealand to a hotel keeper. In 1911 as a Railway Clerk he joined the Territorial Battalion of Railway Engineers, the prelude to an exceptionally long & diverse military career in supply & support. He joined the Samoan Advance party on 12 August 1914, on 3 August 1915 reenlisted & was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant. By 10 November 1915 he served in France reaching Captain by 30 September 1915. He continued to serve in Territorial units in New Zealand after WWI. From a position as Secretary/Organiser for the Wellington branch of the National Party in 1939 he enlisted again, becoming a Captain in the NZ Army Service Corps. He served in Greece, Crete, Palestine & Syria earning an MID in 1941. Despite being retired in 1943 as medically unfit, he moved to Britain & was appointed to No 28 Group Pioneer Corps, then posted to Ceylon, Burma & Sumatra over 1944-46, working also in Berlin after WWII, finally being posted to Korea in 1953 & retiring in 1955. Details in OMRS Journal, Autumn 1982, Chamberlain, p166. Unusual large group for unique lengthy military career. Court mounted. gVF - AU $2,000.00
6 NZ (4), part DCM Group, Trio with 1914-15 Star, British War Medal, Victory Medal with MID & 1914-15 Star, BWM & VM impressed 11/557 SJT. L. STRACHAN. N.Z.E.F. (Son of Alexander Strachan above), with copy DCM. Laurie Strachan, bn Waverley NZ, 12 October 1886, like his father was a soldier & farmer. He attested 15/8/1914, serving in Gallipoli, Egypt & Palestine. He was twice mentioned in dispatches, incl; the 6 July 1917 citation for "gallant and distinguished conduct in the field and other services". His DCM, one of five to the Wellington Mounted Rifles, was for "conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in rushing forward and bayoneting an enemy sniper who was inflicting casualties amongst our men. By his prompt and gallant action he greatly assisted in our advance.", awarded 22 October 1917. He was killed in action on 14 November 1917. EF $600.00
7 NZ Group of 4, 1914-15 Star, British War Medal & Victory Medal, impressed 10/3128 PTE.W.WILSON. N.Z.E.F., & WWI Memorial Plaque with named illuminated Scroll, letter from Minister of Defence & Buckingham Palace encl slip. Walter Wilson, bn Oamaru in 1889, served with the Wellington Regiment in Egypt in 1915-16, was wounded in action on 10 Sept 1916 but rejoined his unit on 14 Nov 1916. He was killed at Messines on 7 Jun 1917, the first day of battle. Unusually complete. EF $500.00
8 NZ Group of 3, BWM, Victory Medal & WWI Memorial Plaque, to 45998 PTE J.A.CHRISTOPHERS N.Z.E.F. Julian Anthony Christophers, born 1884 in Dunedin, was educated in Invercargill, incl at Southland Boys High School. In 1902 he was a wing three-quarters back for the Southland rugby team & he excelled at rowing. At enlistment he was a manager for Dalgety in Wairoa & had served as a Sergeant in the Volunteers. He left for France on 5 Sept 1917 & died of wounds in action on 5 Dec 1917, the third brother to die in the war. A fourth died in France in 1918. Plaque lacquered, BWM aEF, VM EF. $300.00
9 NZ WWI BWM impressed to 33077 2/LT. B.C.ANNAND. N.Z.E.F. & WRIST ID TAG impressed NZETC B C ANNAND 33077. Bertram Charles Annand (1891-1963) born in Timaru, was a Civil Engineer & served with the NZ Engineers 4th Tunnelling Reinforcements. He embarked on the SS Aparima on 16 Feb 1917 to England & left from there for France on 4 June 1917. The Tunnelling units were involved with extensive tunnelling in preparations for the Battle of Arras, the Spring Offensive, the Somme & Havrincourt. gVF $200.00
10 NZ MEMORIAL CROSS, GVI, impressed 66694 PTE A.J.GILROY, MYB191A, silver, cased with ribbon, toning both sides. Alan Joseph Gilroy, 1915 - 26 Oct 1942, was a shop assistant when he was called up for service. He enlisted with the 21st Bn New Zealand Infantry on 14 March 1941 & died of wounds at El Alamein on 26 Oct 1942. AU $300.00
11 NZ MEMORIAL CROSS impressed NZ423939 F/SJT. H.R.FALLOON. MYB191A, Henry Reid Falloon, bn 1922, enlisted with the Royal New Zealand Air Force on 28 May 1942 & had extensive experience in raids over Germany & France, including Pathfinder missions. He was the navigator on a Lancaster bomber that left on 22 April 1944 from Little Staughton to bomb railway yards at Laon on his 16th operational flight. His plane was intercepted by a night-fighter & exploded, crashing in flames at Dives (Oise) 20 km NNE of Compiegne. All crew were lost, 1 of 9 planes lost of 181 on the raid. AU $400.00
12 NZ MEMORIAL CROSS, GVI, impressed to S/Lt (A) D.K. CULPAN RNZNVR, MYB191A, silver. Desmond Keith Culpan, bn 1919, was an Auckland motor mechanic & enlisted as a Gunner with the 1st Heavy Battery on 4 Sept 1939 but was discharged after disciplinary offences, mainly being AWOL. He re-enlisted on 28 Aug 1941, not revealing his previous service & was attached to the Fleet Air Arm, as part of the Royal New Zealand Naval Volunteer Reserve Force. He was killed in a flying accident 170 miles north of Haifa, Palestine on 24 Nov 1944. gVF $250.00
14 AUSTRALIA (5), 1939-45 Star, Pacific Star, Defence Medal, War Medal, & Australia Service Medal impressed NX67976 J.RAMSAY. Joseph Ramsay, born Glasgow, Scotland in 1904, a school teacher, enlisted with 104 General Transport Company, Australian Army Services Corp on 29 Jan 1941, & served in New Guinea. He was discharged on 13 Dec 1944, being required for employment in an essential occupation. He died in Sydney in 1968. With named medal entitlement slip & Minister for the Army compliments slip. gVF $200.00
15 AUSTRALIA (5), 1939-45 Star, Pacific Star, Defence Medal, War Medal, & Australia Service Medal impressed to VX113643 W.N.JOHNSTON. William Neil Johnston, born Balranald, NSW, 1923, enlisted as a private with the 57/60 Australian Infantry Battalion on 4 Oct 1942. A shop assistant prior to enlisting, he mainly served in Bougainville, was discharged on 5 Aug 1946, then worked as a survey assistant & died in Melbourne in 1993. Swing mounted as worn. VF $180.00
16 CANADA Canadian Memorial Cross, 1919 GV type, MYB188A, to New Zealander, impressed 742849 Pte. W. D. Wells. William David Wells, son of Louisa T Wells, was born in Masterton, joined the Canadian Infantry 26th Bn (New Brunswick Regt) & died on 6 November 1917 at the Ypres Salient. With ribbon & case, smaller than the New Zealand issue, with maple leaves. gVF $200.00
17 FRANCE (2), St Helena Medal EF; & Croix de Guerre, Théâtres D'opérations Extérieurs, with bronze palm, ribbon glue on back, VF; & ITALY (1) Messina Earthquake Commemorative Medal, unnamed as issued to British forces assisting, silver, MYB163A, aEF. $180.00
18 GB Davison's Nile Medal, 1798, Gilt Bronze for Petty Officers, pierced with suspension & blue ribbon, MYB78, issued by Lord Nelson's prize agent Alexander Davison, full edge lettering, Rev engraved John Bennett, H. M. S. Minotaur; edge bruises & knocks on Rev. gF $550.00
19 GB Davison's Nile Medal, 1798, Bronze, removable from silver mount with blue ribbon, MYB78, issued by Lord Nelson's prize agent Alexander Davison, full edge lettering, unnamed. gF $300.00
20 GB Seringapatam Medal 1799, Bronze, 48mm, no suspension added, unnamed, MYB79. aVF $500.00