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Auction 27 - Friday, September 24, 2021

497 BANK of AUSTRALASIA, One Pound, Uniform Issue, Plain Reverse, 1 July 1924, Z068897, NZBG B821a, P S132; Around three Z prefix examples known in private hands after Robb, rare. Heavily used but no significant tears. VG $2,000.00
498 BANK of NEW SOUTH WALES, One Pound, 1 November 1918, C331934, Wellington domicile, Imprint of Charles Skipper & East London, NZBG C421g, P S154m, scarce. Top margin uneven, but free from tears & pinholes & relatively clean & crisp. F $1,200.00
499 BANK of NEW ZEALAND Five Pounds, Wellington, 1st October 1922, serial 724192, without words Bank of New Zealand but incl No 4 ISSUE on back, NZBG D741i, P S227b, small split in left margin, bank stamp on back. Rare. F $3,000.00
500 BANK of NEW ZEALAND Five Pounds, Uniform Issue, Wellington 1st October 1927, serial 751,442, NZBG D841d, PS235, heavily used, intact & free of tears. VG $900.00
501 BANK of NEW ZEALAND One Pound 7th issue, 1916 - 24, printed date 1 April 1920, Alfred Smith signature, no p before Manager, C890442 multicolour, NZBG D721l, P S225, Imprint of Bradbury Wilkinson & Co. Pinholes, flattened, clean & attractive example without tears. gF $1,200.00
502 BANK of NEW ZEALAND One Pound Uniform issue, scarcer arched bank name type, 1 October 1925, A Hempton, B099,555, NZBG D821c, P S233. Clean with good margins, attractive example of scarcer type. aVF $600.00
503 BANK of NEW ZEALAND One Pound, Uniform issue, straight bank name type, 1 October 1928, D F Reid, serial F182,158, NZBG D921c, PS234a, edges fully intact. F $500.00
504 BANK of NEW ZEALAND One Pound, Uniform issue, straight bank name type, 1 October 1930, D F Reid, serial H1856,680, NZBG D921e, PS234a, edges & interior intact. F $500.00
505 BANK of NEW ZEALAND Ten Shillings, uniform issue, 1 October 1924, signature A Hempton, serial 375,233, £½ in corners, NZBG D811a, P S231. VG $400.00
506 BANK of NEW ZEALAND Ten Shillings, Uniform issue, 1 October 1932, serial D290,014, Ten Shillings in corners, NZBG D921g, PS232b, Robb 2009 D811, signed B A Moore. Nine held privately according to Robb 2006. Pinholes & nick in top margin, well used but sound. F $600.00
507 THE COLONIAL BANK of NEW ZEALAND One Pound, issued, Third Issue (NZBG, three known), 1 March 1891, serial S/Z 339596, Dunedin, NZBG G324, P267, Robb 2009, G22; Front, Shield with bank monogram at centre flanked by two women, head office on Rev; folds & creases, foxing at lower margin but margins otherwise sound. Extremely rare. F $8,000.00
508 NATIONAL BANK of NEW ZEALAND, One Pound, Plain Reverse, 3rd issue, 1 January 1916, A068284, NZBG K321i, 4 rosettes at side, P S307, one main vertical fold & horizontal fold & other folds; foxing in left & lower right margins, overall clean with sharp details. aVF $1,400.00
509 CHEQUE, THE NEW ZEALAND BANKING COMPANY, no domicile, 1840 - 1845, unissued, complete with stub. Robb 2009, p41 & Clifford, p167 refer. About 20 cheques exist but no banknotes are known for New Zealand's 2nd bank. AU $400.00
510 UNION BANK OF AUSTRALIA, Five Pounds 1st March 1905, NZBG N541b PS363b, serial 3/N 133827, Wellington, New Zealand in margins, heavily used, fully intact, split in lower left margin, small internal split at upper left fold, remains an attractive example. VG $2,000.00
511 UNION BANK OF AUSTRALIA, One Pound, Photographic Reproduction of unused trial design. Unlisted. Ex Spink Sale 17008, Lot 824. EF $50.00