Auction 37 - Saturday, September 12, 2020

271 U 1890s-1980s huge accum of pmks on stamp or piece, sorted roughly alphabetically in envelopes in carton. Mostly 1930s or later. Probably 20,000+. Nothing rare noted on cursory inspection but great variety, dupn. $750.00
272 CU Manuscript postmarks 1880s-1900 range of 10 diff on stamp or piece, almost all with complete office name & date, incl many of Wairarapa origin. Noted Ahiaruhe 1898, Fordell 1881, "Wolfe" (of Mount Wolff, 1896), Parkvale 1899, Putara 1901, Saunders Rd 1901, Sentry Hill 1899, Stronvar 1901, Wainuioru 1897. Also fine" Mangamahoe Dec 6 81 m/s on QV 1d p/c (spiked) to Christchurch. Scarce lot. (11 items). $1,250.00
273 C Masterton 1st A-type cds, good virtually complete strike 3 OC/70 alongside 2d blue FFQ p12½, canc fine "6" in bars rectangular obliterator (invt), on fine small cover to Wellington. This d/s is surprisingly rare (in fact, not even identified specifically by Craddock, 1982). Listed in RPSNZ Vol 7 as recorded 1870-75, but very few examples known (possibly less than half a dozen). Ex McNaught, H Dickens. $350.00
274 CU Wairarapa (& Woodville area) extensive colln of 250+ pmks c 1870s-1950s on stamp or piece on 12 Hagner pages, partially organised, incl good to fine strikes of many scarce items (eg Atea, Belvedere, Bideford, Dalefield, Hastwell's, Horoeka, Ihuraua, Kaiwaiwai, Kohinui, Kahutara, Marima, Matarawa, Newman, Pleckville, Pori, Tauherenikau, Te Kopi, Tutaekara, Waterfalls & many others). Also 31 covers 1860s-1950s, mostly fine strikes, incl Dalefield, Hopelands Iharaua, Kopuaranga, Kuripuni (1907), Masterton 1860s-70s (2) & 1901 (1 Jan) 1d Universal FDC, Newman, Parkvale, Pori, Rangitumau, Te Nui (1881), Tiraumea, Whakataki. Also 1960s-80s relief pmks, 12 covers & 16 pieces. $1,750.00
275 U Postmarks, large accum (thousands) in album, small boxes & 4 circuit books, all in carton. Noted scarce "PF" manuscript pmk 1882 (of Peel Forest, m/s pmk known 1881-3), fine Globe Mine A-type cds, 1907 2/- Official FU & other better items. Much lower South Isl material. Some items misidentified. Also a few c1960s-1980s pmks of Australia. Inspection essential. $1,250.00
276 U Obliterator postmarks, fine range of c250 on 12 Hagner pages. Only partly organised, but noted 45 early Perkins Bacon type (nos. between "1" & "18") incl 21 on FFQs. Also good variety of others (incl 50+ on FFQs). About 50 items are ex duplex A-type datestamps & 27 are 1920s-30s packet obliterators. $1,000.00
277 C 1855 (10 Nov) envelope Petre to Tauranga via Auckland CC cancel, '2' rate. Auckland transit d/s on face, "Paid at Petre New Zealand" cds on reverse. SG CC5. Cat £1400. $900.00
278 1835-1869 7 letters, no outers. Correspondence from Whareama (Castle Point) & Matua (?) Mahunga, (Gisborne?). Subject of letters incl the transport of sheep fleeces & the non-arrival of parcels + letters. Two letters are purportedly sent from Boggley Wollah, the fictitious tiger ridden jungle of "Vanity Fair". The writer apparently saw himself stranded in a similar place to Thackeray's "lonely, marshy, jungly district". $250.00
279 C 1859 cover to London with 1d dull orange, 2d pale blue & 6d bistre-brown Richardson white paper FFQs (SG 8, 9, 12) - 9d rate, inscribed via Marseille. B/s Otago No. 8 1859 & London FE 4 60 (in red). 1d stamps sideway (some oxidation) & 6d upside down but good mixed franking. Not recorded by Thackery but if so would be the 7th earliest recorded use of the 6d. $1,250.00
280 C 1861 envelope addressed to "Kia Te Koroneho Kei Aparawa" ("To Colenso at Aparawa") with 2d blue imperf 3 margins (just touches on 4th) (SG 10) tied by barred "11" cancel (Ahuriri), Auckland SP 10 1861 cds & b/s Ahuriri SP 2 1861. Scarce cover addressed in Maori. $300.00
281 C 1867 Envelope to London with 6d red-brown (SG 122) & 4d yellow (SG 120) tied by Dunedin 21 NOV 1867 duplexes inscribed via Suez & Marseilles. London MR 23 1868 receiving cancel in red. Flap & front torn. Generally untidy. $500.00
282 C Cover bearing 4d yellow & 6d brown (SG 120 & 122) ex Dunedin 18.11.1870, carried by the Avoca from Melbourne (dep 6.12.1870) arr Bolton, England 23.1.1871 b/s. Although endorsed "via Marseilles" it was redirected to Brindisi because the Marseilles route had just been closed (in Dec 1870) due to the Franco-Prussian war. This is the only known NZ-GB "via Marseilles" cover redirected via Brindisi in the 10d rate period. A lower "via Brindisi" surcharge of 3d/½oz was announced while this letter was in transit. Provenance M Benvie. $1,500.00
283 C O.P.S.O stampless official covers x 3: (a) with imprint of District Land & Survey Office, Wellington, franked by violet signature h/s of Receiver of Land Revenue, canc "flag" machine d/s 1901, original rental receipt inside; (b) "Returned Letter" printed envelope ex Dead Letter Office, PU 1899; (c) long cover with actual signature frank, ex Board of Education, PU 1891 (some ageing). First 2 fine. $500.00
284 C 1898 "SS Wairarapa" wreck cover sent from Sydney (stamp floated off) to Auckland. Characteristic warped "Saved From Wreck of The Wairarapa" cachet. (With c1970s trading card showing wreck). $500.00
285 C WWII censored covers, colln on 57 in small album, with all diff NZ circular censor h/s numbers between "2" & "197". Mostly on international mail (incl some with NZ Army Base PO, London readdressing h/s), & several internal to Gisborne dentist (unusual). Also 27 NZ WWII printed patriotic covers, used & unused (fine), with some dupn, & 6 others used as 1946 Peace FDCs. Total 90 covers. $500.00
286 C 1942-44 WWII Prisoner of War aerogrammes x 4 used, incl 1942 1s 6d Samuel GA2a, 1943 1/- GA3a, 1944 GA7a x 2. Also similar GB 2½d POW aerogramme ex London 1943 to NZ POW (with oval h/s in Arabic) & another to NZ POW 1944 readdressed to NZ & with 3 cachets incl " Recovered by allied forces" & "Returned from continent in undelivered mails". $725.00