Auction 39 - Saturday, September 25, 2021

475 M* 1967 ½c Manuka proof booklet sheet comprising 3 columns of 30 stamps (3 x 10), separated by 2 columns of unprinted paper. Sheet comprises booklet plate pane XA twice, plate No's 1A 1A 1A beneath R10/1-2 & signature of S Jones in blue ink underneath R10/2. Ex DLR archives. Unique. Mint/MUH. $1,500.00
476 * 1967 ½c Manuka vert pair, most impressive error: red colour displaced 5mm upwards in upper margin (oily spot), with normal for comparison. Not listed by CP. MUH. $300.00
477 P 1967 2½c Kowhai x 5 plate proof colour separations imperf horiz pairs (each colour & all colours). Also 1½mm shift of green colour & vert imperf pair. MUH. $300.00
478 * 1968 $2 Geyser multi colour plate & imprint block of 10. Cat $1000. MUH. $250.00
479 / 1970 Defins colln ½c to $2 in 2 albums, incl many blocks. Mostly MUH. Noted: ½c all colours offset on back; 1c black colour offset; 2c black omitted; 4c imperf block of 4 & 18c all colours offset on back (green faint). Varieties alone cat CP $3600+. Ex Derek Holmes. $1,000.00
480 * 1971 4c ovpt, 2 vol colln. Mostly MUH blocks, plus s/b pages etc. Noted: bars top right block of 4, surcharge on back stamp of 4, & many retouch + minor varieties blocks. Ex Derek Holmes. $1,000.00
481 * 1971 4c Moth horiz strip of 3 booklet stamps with LH binding selvedge, missing dark green (wing veins), sideways wmk. CP P6bz. Cat $2250. MUH. $850.00
482 * 1971, 1975 50c Abel Tasman 2nd print, right headland omitted. 1975 4c Rose imperf horiz pair with selvedge. CP PA19az(1), PA4aY. Cat $600. MUH. $250.00
483 U 1971 30c National Park, blue sky variety. Described as "the forgotten error of NZ philately" by Robert Samuel, President of the Royal (London Philatelist, June 1999). This first discovered example is a horiz pair on piece with light machine cancel, p13¼ x 13½ as for the few other known examples. Also included are items of correspondence with Bradbury & Wilkinson, the printers, in which they state that these stamps were accidentally printed in blue. CP P18a var. FU. $5,000.00
484 * 1972-3 Pictorial errors (4): 2c missing black (spectacular); 2c yellow offset; 4c missing brown, white gum (spectacular); 4c on 2½c black ovpt offset (London letterpress). CP P3bx,y, P6cx, P30bv. Cat $1325. MUH. $500.00
485 * 1973 4c Moth error upper horiz strip of 8 (R1/1-8), light green colour omitted on 1st 3 stamps (these alone cat $1200), partially omitted on next 4 & R1/8 is normal, no wmk, PVA gum. CP P6c(Y). MUH. $500.00
486 * 1973 10c QEII Coat of Arms block of 4 with LH selvedge, rosine colour (hair ribbon) omitted, no wmk. CP P12bz. Cat $600. MUH. $300.00
487 * 1974 8c John Dory (fish) block of 4, black colour shift 2½mm downwards ("John Dory" in lower margin, fins over "8c"), no wmk. CP P11bu. Cat $1000. MUH. $600.00
488 * 1974 8c John Dory, missing blue-green colour error with normal. Spectacular. CP P11bx. Cat $600. MUH. $400.00
489 * 1979 14c on 10c QEII ochre (flesh) colour omitted. CP PA31aY. Cat $1200. MUH (with normal). $600.00