Auction 36 - Saturday, March 7, 2020

203 C/ 1870s-1960s 3 boxes of accum of envelopes, regd envelopes, Dept of Education, airmails, wrappers etc. Several thousand. Much dupn but better noted eg: regd: EA1a (m, grubby), EA2a (m, 2), EB2A (u, 2), ED3a (3). Good range of Regn labels. Education: AX1a (m); AX4 (m). Thousands. Mint & Used. $1,000.00
204 C 1870s-1950s large accum of p/cs + printed matter & lettercards mint & used. Much dupn but better incl Austin Walsh card (m), & Samuel AC6a (u), AC 12a (m & 2u) AC17 (u), AC19k (m), AC 22a invtd, AU1a (m & u), AU3a, BB1a (m x 7) BB5a (m), BC2 (m), BC9 (m), BC10 (m x 2); BC13 (m), BC25a (m), BC26b ovpt ½d+ 1d (m), BC 27a (m). These alone cat $1800+. Numerous QV illustrated cards. 600 items. $1,200.00
205 C 1893 OPSO PASD "Printed Matter Only" parcel label to Agent-General for New Zealand in London, bearing 1 July 1893 Wellington "A" class cancel & double. Ringed purple circular h/s reading "NEW ZEALAND. OFFICIAL PAID" at upper left. $200.00
206 M 1899 ½d Mt Cook, 1d Terraces on foolscap envelopes unused. Small fault on 1d. Scarce. Samuel CA1b, CA2a. $200.00
207 C 1932 ½d on 1d postcard "Masterton Local Provisional". "Halfpenny" in green ovpt on 1d Field Marshal postcard tied by Masterton 11 AU 32 cds (date rather indistinct). Wairarapa Farmer Co op Assn advert "15th August" etc. Listed in Samuel catalogue as cutout only, but (later) 1932 Provisionals book noted that Mr Schumann owns one. A major New Zealand postal stationery rarity. Samuel AC22b. $2,000.00
208 C 1932 1d on 1d Field Marshal p/c, "ONE PENNY" ovpt invtd. Samuel AC22k. Unused. $250.00
209 C 1932 4d on 4d GV reg'd envelope + 4d on 2 x 1d Field Marshal adhesives, h/s in blue. Samuel EC12a. Unused. $500.00
210 U 1932 4d on 4d GV (Die II) registered envelope + 2d adhesive ovpt 4d, ovpts horiz in blues. Napier reg'n cdss. Samuel EC15a. Used. $500.00
211 C 1932 Wellington provisional plain envelope with 2d GV & strip 1d Field Marshal x 3 & Wellington reg'n label. 2d GV h/s "ONE PENNY" horiz in maroon. Addressed to RJG Collins. Samuel mentions 3 known, this item illustrated in 1932 Provisionals book. $1,500.00
212 C 1940 2d on 1d GVI carmine lettercard, without advert on back. Lower Hutt 1940 machine pmk b/s Motupiko 24 Dec 1940 squared circle cds. $250.00
213 C 1940 2d on 1d GVI carmine lettercard, without advert on back, unused. Samuel BE3a. Cat $350 (2001). $250.00
214 C 1941-5 POW aerogrammes - all 9 issues, some very scarce. Unused. Samuel GA1a-9a. Cat $4050. $2,000.00
215 C 1941-4 POW aerogrammes - 1st 8 issues (missing only 1945 6d issue) range of postal markings, various Stalag no's etc. Samuel GA1a-8a. Cat $3175. $2,000.00
216 C 1953 2d on 1d Ministry of Education postcard. "C" of "Card" with one serif only. Listed by Samuel as "not recorded". Samuel AX10b. Used. $200.00