Auction 37 - Saturday, September 12, 2020

255 C Concorde 1960s-2000s hugh colln of Concorde FDCs, FFCs & special event covers. Wide ranging incl from Hong Kong, Saudi, Iceland, Peru etc, 400+ covers, some p/cs for stamps, 2 related books. Weighs 11kg. $750.00
256 / Fire - useful colln & misc material, incl display pages from Stampex. $225.00
257 / Flowers (some fungi) 1960s-1980s wide ranging colln in Warwick album (incl m/s), many packets & 60+ FDCs. Will make colourful display. $300.00
258 / Postal Services & Philately accum in 5 albums, choc box, packet plus UPU booklet. Some series of pgs written up for display (eg: Rowland Hill), p/cs of post offices, Stampex issues etc, etc. $700.00