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304 C 1863 stampless cover St Helena to NZ, canc large part "ST HELENA" double-oval d/s MR 311863 (in black), red (indicating postage paid) LONDON/GF transit cds AP 29 63 & unclear CHRISTCHURCH NZ receipt cds JY 26 63, all on front. Light soiling, some edge wear, flap tears. The St Helena d/s is quite rare & mail between St Helena & NZ must have been virtually non-existent at the time. Notation on the back indicates postage NZ to St Helena cost 2/8d. Very rare origin for early mail to NZ. Possibly unique. $1,000.00
305 C Covers x 7 1864-1873 franked FFQs (6 to GB, 1 local). Noted fine 1864 cover to GB "Via Marseilles" with FU imperf 2d x 2 & 6d (still with original letter). Others all perf frankings, incl 1865 with early Christchurch machine pmk, 1871 to Ireland with 6d (damaged), 3d & 1d, 1873 Wellington to Christchurch with 2d retouched pair. One cover (in poor condition) has a good "PORT ALBERT/NEW-ZEALAND" cds b/s (rare). $750.00
306 C 1865-1868 F E Wright "CHRISTCHURCH. NEW ZEALAND" postmarking machine (impression applied sideways). Fine study of 9 covers (mostly fine), well written up on 5 pgs, incl 8 franked by FFQs (4 to GB, 4 local, incl 1 at 3d interprovincial rate). The first machine pmk used in NZ (the next was not until 1899). The 9th cover incoming from GB, scarce lot, with 1994 article by Startup. $1,600.00
307 C 1868-84 Inward envelopes from GB x 10 - interesting range of rates & routes. Various stamps incl 4 mixed frankings. 8 are addressed to Melville Gray, Ashwick Station, Timaru. Stamps on cover STC £4985. $1,350.00
308 / c1870s-1900 Postmarks - 7 pages incl handmade cancels (A, L & LSN), manuscript cancels - Omaha & Orari, various alpha/alpha & numeral obliterators on 81 stamps & 3 covers - mostly FSF & SSF era. $500.00
309 C Two PAID ALL covers to North America, 1/- 1873 Greymouth to Canada West via Nelson, Adare & Lucan (Ontario) with appropriate b/s, NZ stamp(s) removed by the Post Office, the PAID ALL marking in red crossed through & US stamps applied over it. 1878 to Boston franked FSF 6d with good New Plymouth cds MY 25 & weak boxed "PAID ALL" (2 covers). $300.00
310 U Postmarks, extensive accum 1880s-1990s, all on stamp or piece, arranged alphabetically in large 64-page stockbook. Much overlapping so some items not immediately visible. Nothing rare noted at first sight but could be possible "finds". Considerable toning noted on top rows. Must be several thousands. Ex Dennis Gee. $750.00
311 C 1880s-1940s useful range of 32 items (almost all covers) incl 1870s-90s covers x 9 (incl 3 registered to GB, 1 franked SSF 5d & ½d), 1904-12 3d registered envelopes x 4 diff FU, fine 1913 "Special Constables' Camp/Queen's Wharf/Auckland" oval h/s in violet on large piece, 1954 salvaged mail h/s (NZ aerogrammes x 2 to Europe), WWII OHMS covers incl 1944 by air to South Africa via Egypt with 2/- Official, Tattersall's lottery tickets (7) etc. $750.00
312 C 1894 "SS WAIRARAPA" wreck cover with characteristic warped "Saved from wreck of the/Wairarapa", stamp floated off, sent from Brisbane to Royal Hotel Timaru. Lot incl real photo of ship, p/c (painting) of wreck, several 1950s newspaper articles, modern photo Royal Hotel, photos etc of related items in Kelly Tarlton Museum & Bernard Beston article re Queensland mail on wreck. Ex Margaret Horton. $600.00
313 C 1895 "MARINE P.O." A-type cds, 9 strikes (fair-good) 10 AU 95 on cover to Stanley Gibbons & Co., London, with unusual franking of 9 x ½d SSF (1 damaged). Light soiling/ageing. Rare. $300.00
314 C 1896-1904 boxed PACKET BOAT handstamps, 1896 on attractive incoming 'Ship Letter / per SS Wakatipu / Extra fee added' cover from NSW to Dunedin franked 4d Captain Cook, 1904 tying 1d Universal to postcard to USA (p/c of Waikato River) with additional good strike of NZ Marine PO / SMS "Sonoma" cds in green. Nice clean items. $400.00
315 C Southern North Island 1897-1907 registered covers (11) with range of boxed regn cachets in purple or red for Dannevirke, Eltham (only recorded), Featherston (earliest recorded), Greytown North, Levin (the earlier of the 2 recorded), Mangaweka (latest date), Martinborough, Marton (in red - previously unrecorded), Patea, Petone, Wellington South. All but one Tatt cover to Tasmania with spike holes. $600.00
316 CU 1914 WWI collection of 44 covers or postcards & 7 pieces carefully written up in L/L album. Good range of NZ military PO pmks ex Middle East, Western Front or GB. A few NZ military camp pmks, incl fine Rangiotu Military Camp & Tauherenikau Military Camp (2) on piece. Also 5 Australian WWI covers (2 ex Gallipoli) & cover NZ to Samoa with scarce Samoan No.2 censor boxed cachet (also 2 pieces). Ex Dennis Gee. $750.00
317 C 1914 WWI postal history colln in 6 albums (no NZ), incl: (a) varied range of prisoner of war & military internee mail (29 stampless covers or postcards); (b) wide range of military mail from various countries, incl GB (c1940), Germany & Austria (100+), & c40 others (incl 12 post-1918 ex plebiscite areas) & (c) c50 covers demonstrating censorship of civilian mails. All written up in detail on pages. Very interesting & wide-ranging lot, ittle duplication noted. Total approx 370 items. Ex Dennis Gee. $2,000.00
318 C 1914-18 WWI postal history, range of 55 covers or cards with NZ military markings ex Middle East or Europe mostly to NZ, incl 1 OAS stampless ex Samoa 1914, many diff NZ FPO cds ex Middle East & some ex Europe (incl 2 Malta), NZEF No. 1 Hospital Ship boxed d/s, etc. Interesting lot. $600.00
319 C 1915-19 WWI postal history: 22 covers with NZ military postmarks or markings, incl scarce "Returned to N.Z." h/s(1919), "Passed by the military censor N.Z." violet h/s (6 NZ to other countries), "On Active Service MEDT." h/s x 2 diff (ex Malta to NZ), & misc NZ FPO cds. $500.00
320 C 1935 Royal Train Visit of HRH Duke of Gloucester. 1d Admiral on cover canc Royal Train New Zealand 14 JA 35 7 AM & addressed to Napier 14 Jan said to be last day of HRH's visit to NZ. Adhesive remnants on front edges. Said to be one of 8 or 9 surviving covers. Also article from Stamp News on similar item. $750.00
321 CU 1939-45 WWII military camp postmarks, 15 covers & 7 stamps or pieces, incl scarce Dannevirke Military Camp & Wingatui Military Camp 1941 relief cds on fine covers, also Waiwera South, Wanganui military camps, Levin, Swanson Air Force covers. Some post 1945 covers & 2 covers & 11 pieces ex WWI camps (incl Tauherenikau & Rangiotu). $600.00
322 C 1939-45 WWII military mail, interesting accumulation of approx 200 covers in small box, with a very wide range of markings. Noted much ex North Africa & Pacific, mostly censored, many RNZAF & naval (eg ex HMNZS Achilles & Taupo). Virtually all to NZ. Also a few NZ military camp postmarks. Will repay investigation. $750.00
323 C 1939-45 NZ military forces in WWII, colln of approx 160 covers, cards etc mounted on pages, incl many written up. An interesting range, incl scarce items probably scarce. Noted 1941 air cover ex French Consulate, Wellington to French Ambassador, Washington, USA franked 4/- Arms & with "Not opened by censor in N.Z." cachet. Also 1942 registered air cover ex NZ FPO in Egypt to South Africa franked 11 NZ stamps to total face value of 12s 5d incl 5/- Arms, 1935 3/- 2/-, 1/- 9d pictorials. Also a few airgraphs & NZ FPO cancels (ex Egypt) on piece. $1,500.00