Auction 43 - Saturday, September 23, 2023

711 C NZ 1920 (24 Feb) Thames-Auckland, 1½d Victory stamp tied by Thames 24 FE 20 cds. Addressed to Auckland, inscribed "By Seaplane 24/2/20". Vert fold, 223 covers flown. This item illustrated in NZAMC Catalogue. NZAMC 6b. Cat $1500. $950.00
712 C NZ 1920 (8 March) Dargaville-Auckland, 1½d GV tied by indistinct 8 March Dargaville cds, "Seaplane Mail" s/l cachet. Addressed to Auckland. 3 vert folds, flap torn (5 known). This one illustrated in NZAMC Catalogue. NZAMC 9c. Cat $1500. $950.00
713 C NZ 1920 (9 April) Auckland-Kaitaia leg of Walsh Bros & Dexter Ltd special government-subsidised flight organised by Col Allen Bell using a Boeing seaplane of the NZ Flying School, with black cachet VIA SEA PLANE with 1½d Victory. Tied by Auckland 8 APR cds & Kaitaia 9 MARCH b/s. AMSNZ authentication. Signed by Allen Bell & pilot George B Bolt, with photo. This cover illustrated in NZAMC catalogue. NZAMC 15e. Cat $1250. $950.00
714 C NZ 1920 (24 July) Rawene-Auckland leg printed "Per First Aerial Service Hokianga to Auckland July 23, 1920", 1½d stamp tied by Rawene 23 July cds, addressed to Matamata, b/s Matamata 26 JUL. Flight delayed on earlier leg. Also enclosed letter dated Rawene 23 JUL. NZAMC 22f. Cat $1500. $950.00
715 C NZ 1920 (24 Jul) Rawene-Auckland leg, 1d & ½d Victory stamps tied by Rawene 23 JL 20 cds, typed "Per Aerial Mail", typed Auckland address, flight delayed on earlier leg. Central fold. AMSNZ authentication. NZAMC 22f. Cat $1500. $950.00
716 C NZ 1920 (19 Oct) Wanganui-Hastings Walsh Bros & Dexter Ltd special flight "Per Aeroplane" s/l cachet in reddish-mauve. 1d Victory pair tied by Wanganui 18 Oct cds, addressed to Hastings (re-addressed to Palmerston North), b/s Hastings 19 Oct. (also indistinct 2 Nov Hastings cds on the front, presumably relating to redirection). AMSNZ authentication. 22 covers flown, only 3 known. Ex Barry Scott. NZAMC 26. Cat $2250. $1,500.00
717 C NZ 1921 (6 April) Timaru-Christchurch weekday experimental service (operated from 31 Jan to 7 April), 7½d pair vertical 2 perf. Tied by Timaru 6 April cdss, "Aerial Post" s/l cachet & inscribed "Aerial Mail". (NZAMC 27e for 1st flight, cat $1250). $750.00
718 C NZ 1921 (9 May) Whangarei-Auckland 1st flight of regular weekday service, 6d Victory tied by Whangarei 9 MY cds, typed "Per Aerial Post", "Per Aerial Post" s/l cachet, addressed to England. Also in red inscribed "Received Enclosed to Postmaster Whangarei (signed)". This item illustrated in NZAMC catalogue. NZAMC 28b. Cat $1250. $950.00
719 C NZ 1921 (22 Jul) Auckland-Whangarei regular weekday service (operated 9 May-30 July), 7½d + ½d GV tied by Whangarei 22 JL cds, "Per Aerial Post" s/l cachet, addressed to Auckland. Signed by G Bolt (pilot). AMSNZ authentication. Flap missing. (NZAMC 28b for 1st flight, cat $1250). $600.00
720 C Zeppelin 1936 USA-Cuba reg'd cover franked 2 x 20c + 15c Airmail stamps addressed to Habana. H/s Hindenburg First Flight & via Airship Hindenburg from Lakehurst to Frankfurt. B/s NY 9 & 10 May, Frankfurt 14 May, Habana 27 May. Some toning spots. Frost cat US$1650. $500.00