Auction 38 - Saturday, March 13, 2021

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584 * 1967 ½c Manuka block of 4 with left selvedge, wine colour shifted 5mm upwards. Spectacular. To be listed in future by CP. MUH. $600.00
585 * 1967 2½c Kowhai, 3c Puarangi (flower) & 7c Rata in imperf horiz pairs. Also 3c imperf selvedge block of 4. 2½c & 3c are MUH, 7c is no gum. Not listed by CP. CP OD4a, 5a, 9a var. $950.00
586 * 1967 2½c Kowhai, 3c Puarangi (flower) & 7c Rata in imperf horiz pairs. Also 3c imperf top left corner block of 4. 2½c & 3c are MUH, 7c is no gum. Not listed by CP. CP OD4a, 5a, 9a var. $950.00
587 * 1967 7c Rata imperf block of 4. MUH. $150.00
588 * 1967 8c Flag complete offset blue & red - top R/H corner horiz block of 8. CP OD10a var. MUH. $3,000.00
589 * 1970 ½c Butterfly error - all colours offset; 1c Red Admiral errors: red colour omitted, blue colour omitted, major red colour shifts: a) pair, red misplaced to right & b) pair, red misplaced vert; black colour offset; dry print of background etc. Also, plate & value blocks, lesser varieties & complete sheets (7) of both. CP cat $3250. MUH. $1,200.00
590 * 1970 2c Butterfly errors: black colour omitted & also yellow offset; 2½c Moth - albino (4c & bars) surcharge error; 3c moth double perfs in block of 4. Also various lesser varieties, plate/value blocks & 5 sheets. Also incl "Magpie Moth" handbook re plated varieties. CP cat $825. MUH. $300.00
591 * 1970 3c-20c Pictorial counter coils with wmk/no wmk sets & incl start/end papers. Noted 3c (reading up) wmk paper set No's 7, 8 & 9 have "stops" manually added, 3c (reading down) wmk paper "1." & misc varieties (4c Moth, 5c Fish & 8c Fish officially patched) etc; on 25 Hagners. CP cat approx $2800. MUH. $900.00
592 * 1970 4c Puriri Moth errors: blue colour omitted, yellow omitted, purple-brown omitted, light green omitted, dark green omitted, imperf pair, colour shifts, block of 16 upper left corner superb double perfs error affecting 1st 2 columns; various lesser varieties, plate blocks & 2 complete sheets. CP cat approx $5000. MUH. $1,750.00
593 * 1970 5c Fish seln of minor varieties & 6c Seahorses errors - olive colour omitted, various olive offsets, plate & value blocks & complete sheets both values. MUH. $200.00
594 * 1970 7c Fish error: horiz strips of 4 & RH selvedge - last 2 stamps missing black, also block of 4 dry mint - top 2 stamps affected (nice variety), various lesser varieties, plate blocks & (IB) complete sheet. CP cat $2100. MUH. $750.00
595 * 1970 7½c Garfish error: all colours offset; also 8c John Dory error - missing background colour, minor varieties, plate blocks & complete sheets of both values. CP cat $1200. MUH. $450.00
596 * 1970 10c QEII Coat of Arms range of missing colours: red, navy blue, silver; offsets incl red, blue & silver (both wmk & no wmk), misperfs, imperf vert pair with upper sheet selvedge, plate 2A2A2A3A - scarce - as block of 6 & various other plate blocks etcs on 8 Hagners (& single used). CP cat $3250. MUH. $1,200.00
597 * 1970 15c to $2, 18c Maori Club errors: black colour omitted, black colour shifts, black colour offset, also partial green offset; 20c Tattoo black colour shift in plate block of 6 (black 1A almost completely super imposed on brown 1A); 25c Maritime Park black & purple colours doubled; purple colour offset; 50c deep & light green colours omitted, also shifted upwards, foreshore omitted & block of 6 double perfs. Also various plate blocks & lesser varieties on 28 Hagners. CP cat approx $7000. $2,500.00
598 * 1970 Pictorials extensive 4 vol colln incl various errors (ex Baillie), omitted colours: 1c red, blue; 2c black; 4c blue, yellow, purple; 6c olive; 10c deep blue, red (2), silver (2). Also 2c yellow offset, major colour shift; invtd wmk; 3c part double perf; 4c on 2½c double surcharge one albino block of 4; 7½c offset; 10c silver offset (4-12), major perf shift. These errors alone cat $5000+. Also 4c on 2½c (weak) albino surcharge block of 4 unlisted by CP. Numerous plate blocks, plate flaws in blocks etc. 7c no wmk, both plate blocks, 8c no wmk x 4 plate blocks etc etc. Extensive counter coils, nearly all MUH. $1,875.00
599 * 1971 4c on 2½c Moth colln on 12 Hagners incl value block of 8 (4 missing red colour); strip of 5 with offset of surcharge & bars on 2, also similar but pair with 1 offset; block of 4 with surcharge in upper selvedge & bars at top right; strip of 10 (in 2 perfs) with no surcharge on bottom stamp & bars in selvedge; singles no 4c, 4c at base & double print - 1 albino. Also incl lesser varieties, plate & value blocks & 12 complete sheets. Also incl "Magpie Moth" handbook re plated varieties. CP cat $9450+. MUH. $3,000.00
600 * 1973 4c Moth no wmk pva gum, error - upper horizontal strip of 8 (R1/1-8) light green colour omitted on 1st 3 stamps (these alone cat $1,200), partially omitted on next 4 and R1/8 is normal. CP P6c(Y). MUH. $450.00
601 M* 1973 7c Leather Jacket (fish) horiz block of 6 with top selvedge, yellow colour shift approx 4mm upwards, no wmk. CP P9bx. Cat $600. MUH (selvedge hinged). $250.00
602 * 1973 10c QEII Coat of Arms block of 4 with LH selvedge, rosine colour (hair ribbon) omitted, no wmk. CP P12bz. Cat $600. MUH. $250.00
603 * 1974 8c John Dory (fish) block of 4, black colour shift 2½mm downwards ("John Dory" in lower margin, fins over "8c"), no wmk. CP P11bu. Cat $1000. MUH. $500.00