Auction 39 - Saturday, September 25, 2021

222 Brett's Historical Series Early New Zealand by Sherrin, Wallace, Thomson, Leys, 728 + 48pp. Publ Brett 1890. Hardback book damaged/repaired spine. $225.00
223 GB 1791 Royal Warrant, signed by King George III at St James' Palace 25th January 1791, appointing "our trusty and well-beloved John Rollo gent." to the rank of Lieutenant in the 76th Regiment of Foot. Parchment document with embossed royal seal & 2s6d impressed adhesive revenue stamp attached. Signed "Grenville" at lower right. $750.00
224 GB 1796 parchment document, with arms of the city of Perth, Scotland at top, dated 20th September 1796, granting the freedom of the city to Captain John Rollo of the 76th Regiment of Foot. With city seal on attached ribbon. Also parchment document (with 3 pictorial devices at top) of the Lodge St Andrew, Perth, Scotland, bestowing the rank of Master Mason on James Rollo. Dated 25th March 1826, with the Lodge's wax seal on attached ribbon (2 items). $500.00
225 GB 1799 Royal Warrant, signed by King George III at St James' Palace 30th August 1799, appointing John Rollo to be "Barrack Master of the barracks for our Forces at Perth" (Scotland). Vellum document with embossed royal seal & 12s6d impressed revenue stamp attached. Also earlier manuscript foolscap gilt-edged letter from the War Office, dated 5th April 1796, appointing Rollo to the post at a salary of 10 shillings per day & printed foolscap "Circular" (with manuscript endorsements) dated 31st December 1799 from the "Barrack-Master General", confirming the granting of a royal commission as Barrack-master at Perth to John Rollo. (3 documents). $1,000.00
226 GB 1807 Royal Warrant, signed by King George III at St James' Palace 25th December 1807, appointing John Rollo (8th Lord Rollo, Baron of Duncrub, Perth, Scotland) to be "Barrack-Master to the Barracks for our Forces in Great Britain". Parchment document with embossed royal seal & £1.10 shillings impressed adhesive revenue stamp attached. Also separate document from the Lords Commissioners of H.M. Treasury, same date, appointing Rollo to the same post on a salary of 10 shillings per day. With £20 (high value) impressed adhesive revenue stamp attached. The barony of Duncrub was created by Charles II in 1651 to reward the first incumbent's loyalty during the English Civil War. John's forebear, Andrew, the 5th Lord Rollo, was a professional soldier who served the King in the 1740s-50s period in Europe, America and the Caribbean (capturing Dominica from the French) and retired with the mark of brigadier-general (2 items). $1,000.00
227 LOTR & "The Hobbit" colln of philatelic as well as numismatic material & other related items. Incl scarce "Ultimate Collections" all 3 for LOTR & Hobbit ("The Fellowship of the Ring" particularly scarce); LOTR Trilogy colln, Limited Edn; Journey Through Middle Earth (incl numbered m/ss); colln in s/b noted Air NZ p/cs set of 6; tickets to Premier etc; wallet for crew; actual film strip; 4 $1 silver coins (LOTR & all 3 Hobbit); Gollum book & DVD; phonecards; programmes; leaflets; newspapers etc etc. A wonderful lot for the aficionado. $2,500.00
228 NZ 1939 8/6d Postal Note blue (poundage 4d) with 1d Peace stamp, p14, Wellington East 21 July 1947 octagonal cancel. Very nice cond. Harwood PN7c-16. Cat US$250. $250.00
229 C NZ 1940-64 Bernard Freyberg memorabilia: (1) cover from Egypt to Bishop of Wellington. Hand addressed by & signature of "B.C. Freyberg Major Gen". Cancel NZ FPO 13 MY 40; (2) Xmas card with best wishes from Royal Household, signed Bernard Freyberg, (a little scruffy) in envelope cancelled 5 NOV 1962 addressed to C Hegglun; (3) + 2 others. $225.00
230 C Postcards: pictorial NZ nice range of mainly Southland 1900s-30s era, with emphasis on shipping. Noted fine lot of Stewart Isl (x 54, almost all settlements), also ferries (x 12), Bluff (x 9), Invercargill (x 8), Dunedin & Port Chalmers (x 32). Total 135 cards (of which approx 20 are more modern type). Many fine views. Inspection essential. $600.00
231 C Postcards: pictorial - ships & shipping theme, worldwide colln of approx 750 in 6 modern photo albums. Mostly 1900-30s period (about 100 more modern type). Noted scarcer types such as 30 shipwrecks (incl 17 NZ), also naval, WWI etc. A few Scandinavia apparently unrelated. Inspection essential. $1,750.00