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236 U c1860s-1904 Postmark interesting group of 8 items. Waitiri "A" class (mostly complete), Wooders 8 rating; Wharuarimu "G" class (virtually complete on small piece, rating 9. Mangorei "H" class mostly complete, rating 9; Barred "1" in diamond obliterator mostly complete (Karo). "T/5 manuscript (Taranaki?) on FFQ; fancy "P" m/s (Paroa?) on FFQ & "N" 6/4 80" m/s on 3d FSF Normanby. An interesting rare group. $1,250.00
237 U c1880s-1970s postmark accum in many folders. A miscellaneous lot, nothing scarce noted. Weighs 3kg. Ex Derek Holmes. $250.00
238 U Postmarks: D, E, F, G, H, I, R & S offices range up to 1960s on stamp/piece/cover + various reg'n labels etc. Noted East Cape, Eastern Bush, Guernsey Delta Air Force. Approx 1000 items. $300.00
239 C Dunedin 1865-75 "5-line" A-type datestamps (mostly duplex type) of general type in use 1862-82. Range of 9 covers, (8 with FFQ stamps, 1 with FSF 1d pair). Appear to be all diff types. Other cancels noted include Tokomairiro, Queenstown & Nelson. Also 2 covers to Christchurch 1873 franked FFQ 2d vermilion, both canc fine HOKITIKA / C21 5-line A-type duplex d/s. Good-fine strikes overall (11 items). $2,500.00
240 U Postmarks: J, K, L, M, N & O offices range up to 1960s on stamp/piece/cover + various reg'n labels etc. Noted Lake Pukaki Hydro, Mariri, Ngatimote etc. Approx 1300 items. $400.00
241 U Postmarks: offices N-W extensive colln of approx 1750 on stamp or piece in fine 64 pg Lighthouse s/b, mostly 1890s-1980s period. Appears mostly commoner material & great variation in quality & completeness of impressions. Nevertheless, plenty of fine strikes throughout & some good scarcer items. $275.00
242 U Postmarks: P, Q, T, U, V, W & Y offices range up to 1960s on stamp/piece/cover + various reg'n labels etc. Noted: Pine Bush, Top Valley, Umutaoroa etc. Approx 1500 items. $500.00
243 U White's Point (NN 1882-Jan 1898, March 1898-1899; moved to Newton Flat), clear fairly complete "WHITE'S PNT" 20½mm diameter A-type cds 28 AP 99 on 1898 1d (back thin). of the name, "-ITE'S PNT" is clear but "WH" has been added in m/s ink. Rare (very few examples recorded. Latest date known of this d/s (no proof date is known) Gold mining. Note: an earlier A-type, 21½mm diameter, with "WHITE'S POINT" in full, is known used 1892-1896 (scan of an example with this lot). Newton Flat A-type cds was proofed 1 SP 99. $400.00
244 U A study of "number in bars" obliterators 1 to 18 (as supplied by Perkins Bacon & Co in 1855). Total 35 stamps (incl 22 FFQs) & 5 covers (all FFQ) on 10 pgs. Stamps noted incl FFQ 1/- SG 3 (repaired), SG 6 x 2, SG 16 (rebacked), SG 44, 2d SG 5, SG 9 on cover, 1d SG 4, SG 97. One cover (to GB) has a 3 colour franking with imperf 1d (oxidised), 2d & 6d black-brown, canc clear "8" obliterator & b/s fine New Plymouth cds 8 OCT 1862. Some items misidentified. High CV. $2,250.00
245 1835-1869 7 letters, no outers. Correspondence from Whareama (Castle Point) & Matua (?) Mahunga, (Gisborne?). Subject of letters incl the transport of sheep fleeces & the non-arrival of parcels + letters. Two letters are purportedly sent from Boggley Wollah, the fictitious tiger ridden jungle of "Vanity Fair". The writer apparently saw himself stranded in a similar place to Thackeray's "lonely, marshy, jungly district". $200.00
246 C 1842-1851 GB to NZ pre-stamp ship letters x 5, study on 5 pgs, well written up. Earliest item is 1842 to Auckland with m/s "By favour of Captain Ormond" & no postal marking except m/s "6" (6d to pay); contents dated 11 April 1842. There were no postal h/ss held at Auckland until June 1842. An 1845 entire bears fine oval unframed "PAID SHIP LETTER / LONDON" d/s (red), good oval "WELLINGTON / NEW ZEALAND" d/s DE 2 1845 & a weak strike of a similar Nelson oval d/s (scarce!) DE 6 1845. The other 3 items are all canc unframed "SHIP LETTER / LONDON" D/S in red & endorsed "Ship Letter" in m/s. NZ markings on these incl Auckland & Wellington unframed cds & 2 with large ornate black "2" h/s (2d to pay in NZ). Varied condition. $2,250.00
247 C 1844-5 entire GB to NZ, with fine unframed (red) cds "PAID SHIP LETTER / LONDON" (with crown) 7 OC 1844, m/s red "8" (8d paid) & black "4" (4d to pay). On receipt, fine almost complete crown within oval d/s (rare) "NELSON / NEW ZEALAND" JA * 27 / 1845 & good similar Wellington d/s FE 17 1845 (21 days from Nelson!) Addressed to "Col. W. Wakefield, Principal Agent of the New Zealand Company, Wellington, New Zealand". This Nelson d/s used only 1844-7 & good examples are rare on cover. Well written up on page. $1,000.00
248 C 1845-6 entires x 2, canc fine strikes of unframed "NEW-ZEALAND" cds (Type I, used 1843-7 at Auckland): a) AU 12 1846, with very fine (red) boxed h/s "PAID AT / AUCKLAND" on Wesleyan entire to GB (m/s "Per 'John Bull' "); b) NO 15 1845 on entire ex GB to Rev Henry Govett at Auckland, NZ, readdressed to "Waikenai" (Waikanae); with m/s red "1/-" (1/- paid) & black "8" (8d to pay), weak oval unframed d/s of Wellington. well written up on page. (2 items). $1,000.00
249 C 1845 Lettersheet Auckland to London with boxed "Paid at Auckland", m/s "4" and "8". B/s "Ship Letter" S/L and "New Zealand SP 12 1845" cds. $1,500.00
250 C 1848-1910s Auckland cancels colln of 18 covers & 19 pieces, written up on 12 pgs. The covers incl 1848 pre-stamp with good crowned h/s (red) "PAID AT AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND: (SG CC1), 1855 ex GB with good/fine "AUSTRALIAN PACKET / LIVERPOOL" cds, 1861 to GB with fine unframed cds (red) "PAID / AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND", 1870 with good ONEHUNGA cds. Some interesting later items. $2,000.00
251 C 1849-50 entire GB to Nelson, NZ, with m/s "Via private ship", Fermoy cds (blue) AU 8, unframed "SHIP LETTER / LONDON" cds (with crown, red) AU 10, "PAID" cds x 2 (red), red m/s "8" (8d paid), black h/s "1" (1d to pay). On receipt, unframed Wellington cds FE 9 1850 & similar Nelson cds FE 24 1850. All cds fine. Very long transit (198 days). Addressed to Thomas J Thompson (early surveyor, arrived in Nelson 1843). Nice condition. Well written up on page. $750.00
252 C 1855 Stampless entire with 'Paid at Port Victoria New Zealand', crowned circle pmk rather faint, sent to England. Other markings '6' in red, '4' in black. Reverse Port Victoria 28 MAY cds, London 19 SEPT receiving pmk. $1,000.00
253 C 1856 entire (ex Wellington), canc fine complete unframed "PETRE / NEW ZEALAND" cds JA 9 1856 & fine large ornate "2" h/s in black (2d to pay). M/s "Overland", b/s fine unframed Wellington cds 2 days earlier. Also fine strike of same Petre cds NO 1 1855 on entire to Wellington (fine unframed cds NO 3 1855). Good condition. Written up on 2 pgs. PO name 1842-58 (to Wanganui), 2 items. $650.00
254 C 1856-73 Wellington cancels on 7 covers (incl 2 stampless & 4 franked FFQs). Noted 4 with unframed cds, 2 with diff ornate large "2" h/s in black (2d to pay), 2 to Australia franked 3d FFQ 1870, 1873. Written up. $1,500.00
255 C 1858 Unframed "NEW PLYMOUTH / NEW ZEALAND" cds (with reversed "z" error), very fine strike OC 29 1858, with fine large ornate "2" h/s (black = 2d to pay), on fine entire from Wellington (fair b/s). Superb. Also fine strike of diff "NEW PLYMOUTH / NEW ZEALAND" unframed cds NO 6 1856 on somewhat stained (by ink etching) entire, good red "PAID AT AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND" circular h/s (SG CC1), fine large ornate "2" h/s in red (2d paid), b/s fine Auckland unframed cds 4 NO 1856. Also 1871 cover (superb) with FFQ 2d blue p12½ canc "9" in bars obliterator, at left separate very fine "N. PLYMOUTH / N. ZEALAND" cds AP 20 1871, b/s very fine Auckland cds next day (3 items). $1,250.00