Auction 38 - Saturday, March 13, 2021

253 C 1840 folded entire Port Nicholson (Wellington) to Giessen, Germany (via England). From Ernst Dieffenbach (1811-1855), naturalist & surgeon ot the NZ Land Company, to his family. The letter (in Germany) is headed "February 26 1840 Port Nicholson New Zealand" & describes his passage to NZ on the "Tory" and his explorations in the hinterland (incl the first European ascent of Mount Egmont, with James Heberley). One of the very earliest known letters from Wellington. The main party of immigrants had landed on 22 Jan 1840 & a post office was opened on 8 Feb (without any postal h/s). Postal markings on this entire incl large manuscript "5" (5d paid to Sydney?), "5d Paid", "1/8" (1/8d paid, Sydney to London?) (these all in red), "8-" in black (8d to pay, to Germany?). Also London transit d/s "D / PAID / 27 AUG 27 / 1840" (red) & "Bond St. N.O" h/s (black), partially unclear European transit cds as b/s ("... PAR OSTENDE") 28 August & 1 other m/s mark (possibly German). With supplementary typed transcript in German & translation in English. An item of considerable historical significance. Dieffenbach returned to England in Oct 1841 & his subsequent attempts to return to NZ were blocked by the colonial administration. $5,000.00
254 C 1852 entire with "Paid at Port Victoria New Zealand" crown circk pmk sent to England. "2" m/s in in red, "8" in black. Port Victoria 25 March unframed cds, London 7 August receiving pmk. SG CC6. Cat £1200. $1,500.00
255 C 1854 entire with "Paid at Auckland New Zealand" crowned circle pmk sent to Scotland. Auckland JUN 16 unframed cds, red "2" h/s, black 1/- m/s (to be paid by recipient), London & Glasgow (14 Oct) receiving pmks. Transcript of letter detailing life in Onehunga with a list of goods required. SG CC1. Cat £300. $400.00
256 C 1855 Stampless entire with 'Paid at Port Victoria New Zealand', crowned circle pmk rather faint, sent to England. Other markings '6' in red, '4' in black. Reverse Port Victoria 28 MAY cds, London 19 SEPT receiving pmk. $1,000.00
257 C 1857 stampless entire with "Paid at Nelson New Zealand" crowned circle pmk sent locally. "2" m/s in red, "Nelson SP 19 1857" unframed cds, vert fold. SG CC 2. Cat £1100. $1,250.00
258 C 1859 entire Timaru to Christchurch with 2d blue imperf 4 good margins (SG 10), tied by barred 16 (Port Victoria), Port Victoria 12 MY & Christchurch 13 MY unframed cdss. (Note Timaru PO not opened until 1862). $300.00
259 C 1860 stampless envelope to England with "Paid at Wellington New Zealand" crowned circle pmk. M/s 1/- in red. On reverse - Wellington JUN 1 unframed cds, indistinct Newcastle cds. Part flap missing slightly torn on front. SG CC8. Cat £350. $500.00
260 C 1861-65 5 FFQ covers, 4 to London, 1 to USA. Noted SG 16 on cover with 2d, mixed condition. $1,500.00
261 C 1864 cover New Plymouth to London, 6d black-brown, pelure paper, imperf 4 margins FU, tied by "9" obliterator. Dispatch & arrival d/s on reverse. Envelope with faults but a scarce item on cover. RPSL cert (1972). SG 85. $500.00
262 C 1865 Land Wars cover - province of Auckland 1 JU 7, 2 light strikes tied to 1d carmine-vermilion horiz pair (SG 110) addressed to Mrs Laver, Auckland. Slightly clearer same b/s. This pmk was assigned to Newcastle (Ngaruawahia) at this time. $450.00
263 C 1873 NZ to India cover franked 6d blue FFQ perf (defective) canc Christchurch duplex pmk JY 5? 73 readdressed to GB. With approx 30 added transit d/s or m/s redirection endorsements. Finally returned to sender in NZ in 1874 within printed (unstamped) Dead Letter Office envelope, b/s nice strike of rare "D.L.O. / NEW ZEALAND" A-type cds FE 25/74. Faults on both covers but a rare combination. $400.00
264 U Old time postmark study on 40 leaves, probably 1200-1500 items FFQs to GV. Ex Harmer Rooke & Co auction 1966 (lot 1214). Worth inspection. $2,000.00
265 U FFQ excellent well annotated & illustrated postmark colln in s/b - about 260 stamps. Incl NZ Wars cancel (mostly on imperf, wmk star issues) - "5 Otahuhu A" x 12 (incl 1 on pair); "4 Onehunga A" x 7; Drury x 9 (incl 1 on pair & 1 manuscript); Queen's Redoubt x 5; "Headquarters" x 5; Maketu (3 line obliterator) x 1; "NZ Marine PO" x 2; barred numeral cancels x 4 - no's "A81", "A83", "A85" & "A86"; Province of Auckland x 7 (incl 1 as pair) - nos: 1: (Newcastle), "2" x 3 (Te Awamutu), "5" (probably Alexandra), (no number present on 2). Other cancellations (on various imperfs & perfs), incl overseas pmks x 9 (noted French Provincial cancel on 2d Pelure, maybe unique); Letter number pmks x 6 - various towns; numeral pmks x 18 & approx 170 various provincial pmks. A superb study that has undoubtedly taken many years to assemble. $10,000.00
266 C 1900 (6 July) envelope from Berne to Sydney, bearing 1900 UPU set of 3 with Express cds, missent to NZ due to the lack of a country in the address with "Australia" added subsequently, showing boxed "MISSENT TO / INVERCARGILL" (31 x 8mm) with the reverse showing Invercargill cds, "R.P.O. DN S/2" TPO (14.8), Sydney (23.8) and Kogarlah cds. The sole recorded example of this h/s. This mail was sent by northbound train from Invercargill to Dunedin & exchanged with the southbound train at the "crossover" station of Waipahi. Ex Jury, Wood. $1,000.00
267 C 1922-39 Express Delivery covers (2). 1922 cover to Palmerston North with 6d & 2d GV stamps (unusual not to use Express stamp, but allowed); 1939 cover to Dunedin with 6d Car. $375.00
268 C 1934 Royal Train cover - visit of HRH Duke of Gloucester. 1d Field Marshal tied by Royal Train 24 DE 34 cds, also Wellington 28 DEC 1934 machine cancel. Typed addressee LL Hills (GPO), readdressed in pen. Minor tone spots on top edge. $300.00
269 C 1934 Royal Train cover - visit of HRH Duke of Gloucester. Crusader tied by Royal Train 24 DE 34 cds, also Wellington 28 DEC 1934 machine cancel. Typed addressee LL Hills (GPO). Readdressed in pen. Minor tone spots. $300.00
270 C c1939-50s colln/accum WWII era covers & related material - about 25 covers most from overseas to NZ, several telegrams & 2 airgraphs. $250.00