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1094 U Austria 1910 80th Birthday Francis Joseph I set of 17. SG 223-39. Cat £1500. FU. $850.00 Spin UpSpin Down
1095 C Austria 1948 local stamps, 3 covers each franked with plain stamps, perf inscribed "POSTGEBUHR BAR BEZAHIT TAXE PERCUE BARNASCHWEISUNG". Franking 5 x 5gr, 10gr & 40gr. All canc GRAZ - ST PETER 11-1-48 & 2 h/s DRUCHPACHE. Unlisted Netto & Michel, not found on internet. $500.00 Spin UpSpin Down
1096 U Austria 1950 3s, 5s, 10s, 20s Birds. SG 1218-21. Cat £400. FU. $225.00 Spin UpSpin Down
1097 / Bremen 1856-67: 5gr (1856) black on rose, Type B mng; 5sgr (1859) green, used; 3gr (1864) black on blue, vert laid paper, mint creased & small pinhole (£1000); 1867 5gr black on rose, Type A, mint (4v). SG 3a, 5, 11, 20. Cat £1925. $300.00 Spin UpSpin Down
1098 C China (& India) 1902, 1924 2 covers to/from SVEN HEDIN expdns: (1) 1902 regd cover from Sweden to Hedin, arrived SHRINAGAR 23 JU 02. This 1899-1902 expdn from Tibet to Calcutta produced 8 vol report with new information on Tibet; (2) 1924 Sino-Swedish Sinkiang Expdn cover from N.AMBOLF (expdn cartographer) franked 1c & 5c Junks, Sinkiang ovpt. Provisional Chinese regn label on reverse. The 1923 China NW scientific stamps were issued to fund this expdn. Covers to/from either Hedin expdn scarce. $1,500.00 Spin UpSpin Down
1099 C/ Czechoslovakia 1918-20, 1945. 1918 Lion 20h (SG 2) on cover, Military mail 1919 Czech army at Irkutsk set of 6 mint, plus 5 x 1r proofs & 1920 ovpts 2k to 1r set of 9, essay of unissued Czech stamps, late usage of Russian stamps on 1919 Czech postcard etc, 1945 2 covers with Bohemia & Morovia stamps ovpt "CSR USA" etc, 15 Czech legion stamps, 4 diff 1945 Olomouc revolutionary stamps, 2 other stamps, 1 other cover. $500.00 Spin UpSpin Down
1100 C Czechoslovakia 1938-39 interesting postal history group, relating to disputed territories: 1) cover franked 8h Hindenberg h/s 'TESCHEN DOETSCHI'; 2) Airmail cover from Germany to Prague 4.X.38 with 2k Czech postage due stamp with Karlsbod swastika ovpt (Michel 38), very scarce; 3) "WIRFIND FREI" ovpts on Czech stamps; 4) Czech stamp on piece & Czech stamp on regd cover, both canc XYCT-CHUST (in Ukraine) 21.1.39 & 15.3.39 respectively; 5) 2 others. $800.00 Spin UpSpin Down
1101 C France 1852 40c red-orange Ceres imperf vert pair, full margins except at right on small mourning cover to England, grid cancel & central Paris 16 OCT 52 cds pmk. Cat Maury/Spink €1850 (for pair on cover). $500.00 Spin UpSpin Down
1102 C France-German Occupation 1940. Dunkirk: very clean front franked 30c Mercury + 70c Languedoc (SG 657) ovpt BESETZTES GEBIET NORDFRANKREICH & canc Dunkerque Nord 17.7.40 (correct usage). 2 expertisement marks. Michel, Spink, Ceres etc list the 30c Mercury & various other stamps with this ovpt but not the 70c Languedoc (issued Dec 1939). The highest cat price for ovpt stamp (MUH) is €6000 Michel, €3500 (Spink - Maury). $2,500.00 Spin UpSpin Down
1103 / German Occupation of Libau, Latvia 1919 set of 6, 2nd type ovpt, 2½pf to 50pf, excl 20pf (fake), 5pf mint. Others correctly canc FPO 168. Used on piece (excl 20pf & 20pf). Ovpts in violet blue. Additional 50pf ovpt in red. 2½pf, 5pf, & 50pf red with expertisement marks on back. 50pf violet & blue Schlegel cert (2011). Michel 1Ba-6Ba (excl 4Ba), 6Bb. Cat €3000. $1,500.00 Spin UpSpin Down
1104 U Germany & States: c1851-1865 Baden 13v (£1774); Bavaria 18v (£840+); Brunswick 7v (£1795) & Hanover 10v (£9404) seln on 7 stockcards, GU/FU. A few with minor faults. Attractive seln of these early issues. SG cat £5300+. $925.00 Spin UpSpin Down
1105 C/ Germany (incl Danzig & Saar), Austria 1904-1930s interesting & very varied colln. Germany: 1904 postcard from King Edward VII's visit to Kiel, 5 Feldpost covers WWI, (1 from air squadron), Australia to Germany "Return to Sender" cover posted pre-war (June 14) but then censored & returned May 1915, postcard of Gallipoli landings - Turkish propaganda; 7 other unusual WWI postcards, various occupation & Plebiscite issues, RUHLEBEN POW camp stamps (14, circa half fake); 1920 cover from member of German delegation to Versailles with FRIEDENSDELEGATION, Paris h/s & Berlin delivery cancel (avoiding French postal services); 1920 Bremen Uprising ovpts & cancels on pair of stamps); 1923 inflation; 30 private R.R. Rhineland ovpts (mint, MUH); 2 1923 Ruhr HESSHAIMER essays, 8 x 1923 local mail covers; various cinderellas; 1928 Welfare Fund set MUH; 1933 Zeppelin cover, Swedish Fieldpost in Saar cover 1935 (Ney cert 21005). German Colonies: 4 x Malakote locals, Karolinen 10pf bisect on piece (Michel 9H); Saar 1921 issue to 25M (MUH), 1923 4 values imperf MUH (Ney cert 1999). Danzig 100+ stamps (Mint/MUH). Austria 1919 local issues: Karnten, Burgenhof, Tirol etc (MUH, mint used). c100 stamps. $3,000.00 Spin UpSpin Down
1106 M* Germany 1940s interesting & varied WWII & aftermath colln. 12 photos of German troops, occupation sets of Laibach & Channel Isl incl cover franked with Jersey 1d & 5 Reich stamps canc 08.4.44 & other FPOs, photos etc. Many local issues from 1944-45 & post 1945 period, many better & mostly with expertisement marks. Noted Naumburg 6pf on 3pf & 12pf red on 1M MUH (Michel I, II, cat €900); Wittenberg 5pf fee label (Michel XIII, cat €1000); Salgau v ovpt set of 12 in setenant pairs - wmk ovpt upright & invtd, mint no gum (Michel €1560 MUH). Some 170 such local issues & 7 such covers. Repay research. Michel cat €7000. $2,000.00 Spin UpSpin Down
1107 * German 1940s WWII Propaganda Stamps: GB Coronation stamp with Stalin; Italian Hitler & Mussolini stamps with changed expressions; German Charity Relief setenant pair; General Witzelben stamp, 3 x Himmler stamps. MUH, unused no gum etc. Michel 2, 29, 30, 31ac. Cat €1200+. $750.00 Spin UpSpin Down
1108 / Germany 1942-44 Fieldpost, high quality group. Luftfeldpost ovpt INSELN in red, perf, used with cert (Michel 1A), Rhodes Dec 1944 type I used (expertisation mark), U-boat Hela mint, expertised; Ruhrkessel MUH, expertised; Konigsberg FPO L34 5 diff propaganda (Michel 1 etc); Denmark set of 3 MUH, expertised. Also 2 x green Feldpost stamps bisected on cover, incorrect use, philatelic. German Party official stamps ovpt for mobile troops in Austria (set of 10, mint, expertised). 33 others. Michel cat €2105 (excl bisects). $1,000.00 Spin UpSpin Down
1109 * German Occupation France & Italy 1943-44 St Nazaire front Atlantique pair, no gum as issued. Zara Michel 20 (I-IV), 31. Cat €940. All with expertisement marks. $600.00 Spin UpSpin Down
1110 / Germany c1945 East, West, Allied Occupations - 6 diff envelopes mostly MUH & FU sets etc, some dupn & each item cat in Euros, on stockcards. Michel €6275+. $850.00 Spin UpSpin Down
1111 / Germany c1945 West Berlin & Soviet Zone + Airmails MUH & FU - some dupn, & includes setenant varieties etc, all presented and cat in Euros on stockcard. Vendor STC €2575. $350.00 Spin UpSpin Down
1112 / Germany c1945 Allied Occupation Zones blocks of 4, setenant pairs - specialised colln of papers/gums etc, annotated as per Michel, with various net & line ovpt varieties also various AM Post plate numbers. Mostly MUH, but a few are mint & used. Michel cat €3600+. $550.00 Spin UpSpin Down
1113 U Germany: Oldenswort 1945 6pf x 2 on piece, canc Oldenswort 23.1.46. Michel does not list but Hanns Zierar cert (1991) states is "genuine & impecably preserved". "genuine cancellations" and were "proven as bill of lading on letters used" & "At most ten such examined". $500.00 Spin UpSpin Down