Auction 33 - Saturday, September 22, 2018

961 M* BAT 1963 plus original set mint, 1966 Churchill MUH, 1971 Decimal Currency ovpts mint. Cat £307. $180.00
962 U Falkland Isl Deps-Graham Land 1944 ½d Whale's Jawbones blue-black & green, scarce shade. RPSL cert (2017). (with normal SG A1). SG A1a. Cat £1100. FU. $1,000.00
963 M King Edward VII Land 1908 1d. VLH mint. Barely perceptible trace of previous hinge by right margin. Cat $900. $500.00
964 U Victoria Land 1911-3 ½d (on piece FDI), 1d. Jury cat $2475. FU. $1,000.00
965 M* Victoria Land 1911-13 ½d, 1d blocks of 4. ½d no gum; 1d MUH. (1 stamp deformed "A" in "VICTORIA"). Jury cat $7900. $2,500.00
966 * Victoria Land 1911-13 ½d & 1d ovpts, set of 2 (½d o/c as usual). ACS cat $2900. MUH. $1,250.00
967 * Victoria Land 1911 1d block of 4, 2 stamps show deformed "L". MUH. $500.00
968 C Victoria Land 1913 cover (with Lyttelton NZ receipt b/s 12 FE 13) to Chief Postmaster, Christchurch (S P Stevens), franked FU set of ½d & 1d overprints, canc BRIT. ANTARCTIC EXPD. cds JA 18 13 (1st day of use of the ½d). This was the day after the arrival of the "Terra Nova" at Cape Evans on its 2nd relief trip, when the relief party first learned of the death of Captain Scott & his companions. Expedition embossed monogram on flap (penguins on globe). Only 47 FDCs were dispatched in this mail, all addressed to family or friends of expedition members or to officials/politicians in NZ or GB. This number represents less than 2% of the total ½d stamps printed (2400). Probably only a small proportion of the FDCs dispatched have survived intact. The top right hand corner of the front of this cover (bearing the stamps) has at some time been torn off and subsequently fixed back in place. Light overall soiling. With original contents: typed message on expedition notepaper signed by Francis Drake, the expedition secretary & acting postmaster. The consignment of ½d stamps (1940 in all) had been handed over to Drake on the Terra Nova at Lyttelton on 6 Dec 1912 by the addressee on this cover. Rare, historic & significant item. $2,500.00