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273 C 1899-1902 Boer War x 3 scarce items: a) "N.Z. to the front! Rule Britannia" pictorial propaganda cover (lion, Britannia, flag, Maori), PU 1900 (vert fold); b) 1901 NZ 6th Contingent greeting card (badge & flags, unused; c) Piako Mounted Rifles parade notice, OHMS stampless p/c with pink frank h/s "H.J. Clifford, Captain", PU 31 OC 00. All fine & attractive. $750.00
274 C 1899-1902 NZ Boer War training camps: 3 similar printed covers (E.R arms & contingent No) incl 8th at Addington Camp, Christchurch, 9th at Forbury Camp, Dunedin, 10th at Addington. First two PU 1902, 3rd unused. All with relevant "MILITARY POST OFFICE / FREE" violet frank (all fine). Short-lived camp POs. Scarce. $750.00
275 C 1899-1902 Boer War colln of 16 covers South Africa to NZ, from NZ troops ex several diff contingents. Franked stamps of GB or S African states, some stampless & 2 with NZ Postage Due stamps. Interesting array of British Field PO cds. Also 6 x NZ 1900 1d QV p/cs with Boer War related scenes, all FU (1 with added 2d stamp to USA). Well written up on 13 pgs. $1,500.00
276 C South Africa-Natal 1906 OAS cover to Reefton, NZ, ex volunteer during the mid-1906 Bambatha Rebellion in South Africa, bearing 11 July 1906 Stanger, Natal cds, oval T/10c taxe mark in black, & NZ 1d vert pair P Dues tied by 15 AUG 1906 Reefton cdss. The Zulu uprising against paying taxes to the British, lasted for about 6 weeks before being suppressed. Mail from those involved with subduing the rebellion could be sent free of charge within Natal but because the rebellion was deemed by postal authorities to be a local matter, OAS mail sent outside Natal was deemed to be short paid & therefore taxed accordingly. This cover charged at international p/c rate of 1d (equivalent to 10 gold centimes - hence the taxe mark) & was thus charged 2d upon delivery in Reefton. Vendor states this p/c is the only reported taxed p/c from the Bambatha Rebellion. $1,250.00
277 C 1913 "MILITARY CAMP / 1" B-type cds, good complete strike 2(?) AP 13 on 1d Dominion on comic PPC (fine) to Dunedin. Also with fine blue h/s "C.E.M.S." (on cross) with "C.E.M.S. Regimental Institute" below. D/s used at Sutton territorial camp (Central Otago) 4-8 MR 13 & 4 AP-3 MY 13. Also small khaki commem label (solider, tents) used at the camp (unused no gum). $500.00
278 U 1914 "MILITARY CAMP / 7" B-type cds, fine complete strike SP 21 (with no year shown, as throughout usage) on EVII 1d lettercard cutout. Used at Sockburn, Christchurch (& earlier at Addington) 14 AU - 23 SP 1914. Also similar B with code "3" (used at Epsom, Auckland 8 AU-23 SP 1914), good complete strike. AU 25 14 on damaged cover with stamp removed (b/s Paengaroa 27 AU 14). Both WWI NZEF main body training camps. Very scarce. $500.00
279 C 1914 WWII stampless OAS cover to GB, franked fine blue straight-line h/s "Auckland / Garrison Artillery Dirstrict / DEVONPORT / ON ACTIVE SERVICE", canc Devonport machine d/s 20 DE 14. Fine. Rare item. $500.00
280 C 1914 WWI stampless OAS PPC (Noumea, New Caledonia scene), with light pencil m/s "Active Service Troopship", overcancelled by G.P.O. SUVA FIJI cds 27 AU 1914, to NZ. Blue Noumea merchant's h/s over pencilled message from NZ soldier of Samoan Expeditionary Force, in transit to occupy German Samoa 2 days later (NZ's 1st deployment in WWI). Very few OAS items known from one of the troopships of this force. Key item & rare. Minor corner crease, otherwise fine. $750.00
281 C 1914 WWI Trentham Rifle Range H-type cds (used at Trentham Military Camp Oct-Nov 1914 for NZEF main body training). Two covers to Levin (same address), canc light but 90% legible strikes 7 OC 14 (on 1d Dom) & 9 OC 14 (stampless, with also Wellington machine d/s & rectangular rubber Expeditionary Force d/s, same day). Also 1908 real photo PPC of target practice at the range (3 items). $600.00
282 C 1914 WWI Awapuni Military camp (PM, 13 AU - 9 OC 14) good 25mm J-type "AWAPUNI / N.Z." cds (used only at this temporary camp), as b/s on creased cover & fine strike 5 SP 14 on 1d Dominion on fine PPC. Also good/fine "AWAPUNI N.Z. / MILITARY CAMP" 26mm J-type 15 OC 17 on 1d Dominion on cover (from 1917-19 opening) & real photo PPC of "Pay Parade" at this office (with 1917 message from the camp). $600.00
283 C 1914-15 WWI NZ Troopships, Main Body NZEF (10 ships) colln of 15 stampless covers or p/cs with mostly rectangular rubber franks (violet) "N.Z. MILITARY POST OFFICE / EXPEDITIONARY FORCE" (or similar). Dates between 7 OCT & 4 DEC 1914. All to NZ. Noted oval d/s of Troopship No 8 (Star of India) & 3 real photo ppcs; also 4 x No 12 (Waimena). Also RP PPCs of HMNZT No 9 (Hawkes Bay & No 11 (Athenic). Mostly fine. Well written up, with maps etc. Ex Derek Holmes. $750.00
284 C 1914-16 WWI NZ military medical services in Egypt & the Middle East. Interesting colln of 14 stampless OAS covers or p/cs (mostly to NZ) from or to NZ soldiers in military hospitals. Wide range of cachets incl Pont de Koubbeh Hospital, Shubra Hospital, Helouan Convalescent Hospital, Aotea Convalescent Home. Also 3 with recreation cachets. Good condition overall, scarce lot, well written up. Ex Derek Holmes. $1,500.00
285 C 1914-16 WWI NZEF troops in Egypt & the Middle East extensive & well organised colln of 120 OAS (mostly stampless) covers & p/cs, mostly to NZ. Also 5 PPCs & photos & 8 pmks on pieces. Very well written up on pages in 2 matching looseleaf 22-ring albums. Noted 10 rectangular or oval "Expeditionary Force" rubber d/s (on Egyptian stamps) & wide variety of other d/s, incl several ex Gallipoli. One of the better & most informative WWI postal history collns we have seen. Ex Derek Holmes. $2,000.00
286 C 1914-18 WWI patriotic propaganda & recruitment display on 7 pgs incl 2 fine NZ-themed embroidered PPCs (made & sold in France), with matching "Onward!", R Tuck PPC (fine) & actual NZ Forces brass cap badge. Also 3 diff military training call-up p/cs used 1915-7 (1 worn), NZEF Reserve p/c PU 1916 & 6 diff Patriotic fundraising labels (mint or no gum) incl scarce ½d Greymouth, ½d Poverty Bay, large 1/- "Botha Souvenir" (Auckland), all fine, & ½d Red Cross Wounded Soldiers Fund (damaged). Ex Derek Holmes. $750.00
287 C 1914-18 WWI military training camps colln (well written up) on 22 pages, incl Trentham MC 6 covers (incl 3 reg'd) & 7 PPCs (camp scenes & 2 comic), Featherston MC 13 covers (2 reg'd) & 10 PPCs (8 scenes & 2 comic), very scarce Papawai MC (1 piece), Rangiotu MC 1 cover & 1 PPC of the camp, Tauherenikau MC 4 covers + 2 stamps (incl FU QV 2/- Official). Noted "Not on Rolls" h/s. Total 47 items. Ex Derek Holmes. $1,200.00
288 C 1914-18 WWI Samoa Expeditionary Force fine colln of 17 items (incl 15 covers) on 10 pages. Noted the rare 1st "Expeditionary Force" rectangular rubber d/s AUG 11 1914 (on piece), used at Buckle St barracks, Wellington 11-15 August only, 6 covers (2 reg'd to GB) or PPCs with green or violet boxed "PASSED BY CENSOR G.R.I. SAMOA" h/s (5 x No 2, 1 x No 3), 2 stampless OAS PPCs SP-OC 1914, 1915 PPC ex Apia franked NZ ½d EVII pair. Unusual markings on covers incl "Office of the Provost Marshal Apia Samoa", "British Military Occupation Samoa Official Free" (to Palestine, toned), black straight-line "Passed by censor", "Opened by Censor Apia, Samoa" large printed resealing label on cover to USA via Fiji, "A. Richardson, Captain Comdg." 15 DEC 1916. Ex Derek Holmes. $1,750.00
289 C 1915 WWI NZ Troopships 2nd-6th Reinforcements colln of 13 stampless covers or p/cs with identifying rectangular rubber franks, incl HMNZT No 13 (Verdala), No 15 (Knight of the Garter) & generic types "First Reinforcement" (1), ditto with "First" excised (2), "Third ..." (1), "Fourth ..." (2), "Fifth ..." (3), "Sixth ..." (2). Also 7 PPCs or photos of ships & 2 pieces. Mostly fine. Scarce lot. Well written up. Ex Derek Holmes. $1,250.00
290 C 1915-6 WWI NZ Troopships 7th-9th Reinforcements colln of 14 stampless covers or p/cs with identifying rectangular rubber franks, incl HMNZT #30, #37, (Maunganui), #31, #38 x 2 (Tahiti), #32 (Aparima), #33, #44 (Navua), #34, #39 (Warrimoo), #35 (Willochra), #36 (Tofua), #42 (Ulimaroa), #43 (Mokoia). Also 4 PPCs showing ships. Scarce lot. Well written up. Ex Derek Holmes. $1,500.00
291 C 1915-19 WWI NZ Hospital Ship No 1 "Maheno" small colln of 4 covers (3 OAS stampless, of which 1 is toned, with "Hospital Ship" franks) & 3 fine PPCs of the ship. On 5 pages, well written up. One cover (long) with printed "No. 1 Hospital Ship" & 3d, ½d NZ GV stamps, is reg'd addressed to the Quartermaster General, Defence Dept, Wellington & bears the very scarce "H.S. MAHENO" J-type cds 22 OC 18. $1,000.00
292 C 1915-19 WWI NZ Hospital Ship No 2 "Marama" small colln of 5 stampless OAS covers or p/cs, incl 4 with special boxed frank (black or red), the 5th with very scarce "H.S. MARAMA" J-type cds 9 FE 18 (fine). $1,000.00