Auction 37 - Saturday, September 12, 2020

499 M* 1938-53 range of mint/MUH on 15 pages. Noted 1d red plate 25 block, 1½d plate 20 block, all other vals in plate blocks, Official set (MUH), 30 coil pairs to 1/3d, 1d brown, 1d green, 1½d red, 2d, 3d, 9d plate proof pairs imperf. $750.00
500 / 1938-53 extensive mint & used seln/colln on Hagners, in s/b & on pages. Incls: 4 imperf proof blocks of 4 & horiz pair; 3 ½d brown trial strips (black horiz lines); 20 covers incl several FDCs, censored etc; plate/imprint blocks x 350+ mint & about 75 used. Many hundreds other mint & used blocks, pages of several hundreds identified by paper etc. Huge range all values. Good shades, papers & other vars. Maybe nice pmks. Massive cv. $4,000.00
501 M* 1941 1d green plate imprint blocks of 8: nos 29 & 30 fine horiz mesh paper; no. 29 MUH & no. 30 mint. CP M2b. Cat $1650. $500.00
502 M* c1945-53 counter coils extensive colln on Hagners. Appears to incl all values, number types with many start & end papers & many coil pair sets. Also a few vending machine items. Total about 85 start/end papers & strips & well over 1000 pairs. High cv. $2,500.00
503 M c1945-53 coils specialised colln on well written up pages, mostly counter coil items but some lightning coil/slot machine issues. Also bundle various on pages, in packets etc. Incl some interesting & scarce varieties. Total about 60 strips/end/star papers etc. Plus well over 400 coil pairs. Nearly all mint/MUH. High cv. $1,500.00