Auction 36 - Saturday, March 7, 2020

188 / Crabs 1960s-2000s five folders of well written up material stamps, p/c, magazines, photos, memorabilia. Exhibition ready. $1,000.00 Spin UpSpin Down
189 / Fungi 1960s-2000s in depth colln in 11 s/bs. Nearly complete to 1996 as per SG "Collect Fungi" 1997 cat & also with unlisted items. Substantial post 1996 referral to c2013-2000s of stamps mainly MUH. Wide open for outstanding exhibit material. Cat £5120 (2017). (Complete list on request). $2,500.00 Spin UpSpin Down
190 / Universities: 1900s-1990s elegantly written up thematic colln in 3 deluxe vols in cases (NZ, Commonwealth, Foreign) plus s/b. $750.00 Spin UpSpin Down