Auction 36 - Saturday, March 7, 2020

440 / 1909-1928 extensive accum/colln of c385 MUH, mint & used on 15 pages. Incl most basic paper/wmk varieties, many plate flaws, shades, misprints, some "Official", some pmks. Many blocks noted. Better items incl MUH block of 12 with official patching on back, single grossly misperfed, black proofs x 2 blocks of 4, 1927 2/- reversed wmk booklet (fine) incl 3 panes with "Kodak" adverts (cat $1020), but ½d GV pane removed, 2 nice offset blocks, De La Rue "official" pair with grossly misplaced ovpts. Considerable dupn. Also 1923-25 1d Map mint & used x 55 on 3 pages (all 3 types). Considerable cv. $1,500.00
441 * c1909 "De La Rue" chalk-surfaced "NZ & star" wmk paper, small sheet (18.3 x 11.8cm), with printed black number "J 417041" in top left corner, & with 32 impressions of NZ & star wmk plus "-OSTAGE -ALAND" double-lined selvedge letters wmk on 2 sides (intended for corner of larger sheet). Nothing similar seen by us before. With full gum. Presumed to be paper used for 1d Doms. MUH. $500.00
442 * 1925 DLR unsurfaced paper block of 4 with (annotated) top selvedge. CP J3a. Cat $1600. MUH (selvedge hinged). $600.00