Auction 40 - Saturday, March 19, 2022

139 Autographs: extensive collln in 7 autograph books, mostly collected in the 1930s-40s. Noted writers (incl GB Shaw, Zane Grey); actors/actresses incl Joan Crawford, Errol Flynn, Betty Grable, Bob Hope, Robert Mitchum, Shirley Temple (on movie guide), Mae West (on PPC); musicians (incl Yahudi Menuhin, Mischa Levitski, Andrews Sisters, Bob Crosby, Sir Harry Lauder), explorers (incl Jean Batten, Admiral Byrd, Charles Kingsford Smith & crew of Southern Cross), NZ PMs (Coates, Forbes, Fraser & Holyoake [Xmas card]), NZ Governor Generals (incl Sir C Fergusson, Lord Bledisloe, Viscount Galway, Freyberg, Norrie), also Lord Mountbatten, Montgomery of Alamein, Lord Baden Powerll & Eleanor Roosevelt. A more substantive list is contained in the lot & available to bidders on request. $5,000.00
140 1920s-30s Extensive cigarette card set collection in cigarette packets or bound by cellophane/rubber bands. Over 460 diff catalogued complete sets together with 58 duplicate sets & thousands of single cards. Noted: Churchman 1928 Men of the Moment in Government (cv £350) & 1929 Sports & Games in Many Lands (cv £250), Gallaher 1922 Boy Scout series (cv £250), Goodbody 1925 Sports & Pastimes (cv £240), Ogdens 1933 A.F.C. Nicknames (cv £250), United Tab Cos (South) Humour in Sport (cv £250). Murray cat £25,000+. $5,000.00
141 LOTR & "The Hobbit" colln of philatelic as well as numismatic material & other related items. Incl scarce "Ultimate Collections" all 3 for LOTR & Hobbit ("The Fellowship of the Ring" particularly scarce); LOTR Trilogy colln, Limited Edn; Journey Through Middle Earth (incl numbered m/ss); colln in s/b noted Air NZ p/cs set of 6; tickets to Premier etc; wallet for crew; actual film strip; 4 $1 silver coins (LOTR & all 3 Hobbit); Gollum book & 2 DVDs; phonecards; programmes; leaflets; newspapers etc etc. Also 2021 Anniversary issues & 3 books, incl jigsaw book, The Music of LOTR & Middle Earth from Script to Screen. A wonderful lot for the aficionado. $2,500.00
142 C Postcards: Wellington NZ pictorial fine colln of 282 diff, mostly 1900s-10s period, in large old Edwardian p/c album (some pages loose). Great range of attractive cards, unused & used. Noted 1907 Parliament fire, 1906 RJ Seddon funeral RP type, Days Bay House close-up PU 1905, "English Football Team at Practice" (Zak RP, 1908) & many other RP scenes. Also at back: NZ Post Offices x 30 diff. Nice cond overall. Weight 2.5kg. $1,500.00
143 C Postcard: 1908 Visit of the American Fleet with Admiral Sperry, NZ dignitaries, the fleet at anchor & "History of the United States in a Hundred Words", advertisement on reverse for "Roslyn" underwear. Unused, superb condition. $350.00
144 Postcards: Malta - well over 400. Most of collection ordered by manufacturer & stored in envelopes, also bundles loose & some dupn. Nearly all c1900s-14 but a few through to 1980s. $400.00
145 C Postcards: NZ (& Australia) PPCs range of approx 650 in box, NZ South Isl views (325), NZ "subject" themes (240) & Australia (80). Used & unused, almost all 1900s-10s period. Many interesting & attractive cards. Themes incl Exbns x 40 (1906-7 Christchurch x 28, 1913-4 Auckland x 4 RP type incl monoplane over exbn grounds, 1925 Dunedin x 7), shipping x 34 (incl HMS NZ, wreck of "Waikare"), military x 50 (incl Lord Kitchener visit, 1914 Takapau Camp RP, 6 WWI embroidered silk), Railway x 20, Muir & Moodie "stamp" type x 5 diff, rugby x 2, Antarctic (1), Pacific x 10 (incl 2 diff unused Tonga 1d p/cs). Also c60 NZ pmks on non-NZ p/cs (many RTPOs & closed POs). Generally nice cond. Weight 2.75kg. $1,500.00
146 C Postcards: NZ North Isl pictorial small box full of 425 view cards, almost all 1900s-10s period. Unused & used (incl PU, with some useful pmks, incl closed POs). Noted Wellington x 100+, Rotorua area (incl Maori ethnic) x 100+ & 200+ ex other areas. Some scarce items noted, eg: Wellington GPO illuminated for new Governor, PU 1904. Generally nice condition. $750.00
147 C Sir Edmund Hillary 1957 cover carried to South Pole 15/2/57 signed by 14, incl Ed Hillary, Peter Mulgrew. $5 note, appreciation card from parents acknowledging conquest of Everest and Knighthood State funeral order of service, plus a few newspaper clippings. $275.00