Auction 36 - Saturday, March 7, 2020

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525 M* 1967-70 ½c to 18c specialised colln of plate blocks (incl no wmk) etc, invt wmks, plate flaws, 4c on 2½c missing bars in block of 12. Mint/MUH. $200.00
526 * 1967 ½c Manuka block of 4 with left selvedge, wine colour shifted 5mm upwards. Spectacular. To be listed in future by CP. MUH. $600.00
527 P 1967 ½c Manuka proof booklet sheet mint/MUH comprising 3 columns of 30 stamps (3 x 10) separated by 2 columns of unprinted paper. Sheet comprises booklet plate pane XA twice, plate numbers 1A 1A 1A beneath R10/1-2 & signature of S Jones in blue ink underneath R10/2. Ex DLR archives. Unique. $1,250.00
528 * 1967 2½c Kowhai, 3c Puarangi (flower) & 7c Rata in imperf horiz pairs. Also 3c imperf selvedge block of 4. 2½c & 3c are MUH, 7c is no gum. Not listed by CP. CP OD4a, 5a, 9a var. $1,250.00
529 * 1967 2½c Kowhai, 3c Puarangi (flower) & 7c Rata in imperf horiz pairs. Also 3c imperf selvedge block of 4. 2½c & 3c are MUH, 7c is no gum. Not listed by CP. CP OD4a, 5a, 9a var. $1,250.00
530 M* 1967 3c Puarangi (flower) booklet pane (XA in selvedge) with purple colour completely omitted from first column (1 mint/1 MUH) & 50% omitted from central column stamps, (both MUH), with normal booklet pane (muh) for comparison. RPSNZ (2010) Cert (copy). Booklet pane missing colour not listed by CP, possibly unique. $1,100.00
531 * 1967 7c Rata imperf block of 4. MUH. $190.00
532 * 1967 8c Flag complete offset blue & red - top R/H corner horiz block of 8. CP OD10a var. MUH. $4,000.00
533 P 1967 20c Maori Rock Drawing unique DLR printer’s proof 12.7cm square with (printed by) DELACRYL proof & for comparison 2/- (PHOTOGRAVURE) alongside (with £12 on incorrect £4 sheet value printed!) Also with issued stamp showing diff denomination fonts. Vendor's comment "This experimental, unique proof produced excellent results in a process that was ultimately not used". $600.00
534 * 1967-89 MUH colln incl plate blocks etc. Huge cat value (face value $1750) incl 1967 $2 Pink x 22, 1968 $2 x 22 plus FU block of 4. Well presented in 6 Senator albums. $1,850.00
535 * 1970 6c Seahorses horiz block of 8, R/H 4 stamps deep green virtually completely omitted. Wmk paper. CP P8a var. MUH. $1,000.00
536 * 1970 Pictorials extensive 4 vol colln incl various errors (ex Baillie), omitted colours: 1c red, blue; 2c black; 4c blue, yellow, purple; 6c olive; 10c deep blue, red (2), silver (2). Also 2c yellow offset, major colour shift; invtd wmk; 3c part double perf; 4c on 2½c double surcharge one albino block of 4; 7½c offset; 10c silver offset (4-12), major perf shift. These errors alone cat $5000+. Also 4c on 2½c (weak) albino surcharge block of 4 unlisted by CP. Numerous plate blocks, plate flaws in blocks etc. 7c no wmk, both plate blocks, 8c no wmk x 4 plate blocks etc etc. Extensive counter coils, nearly all MUH. $2,500.00
537 P 1971 25c Hauraki Gulf Maritime Park & 30c Mt Cook National Park Bradbury Wilkinson unique imperf colour proofs on grey card 11.4 x 15.2cm, annotated 25c NOT APPROVED / SEE ORDER SHEET 30/12/70. & 30c APPROVED together with part letter re suggestions to 25c design & single stamps as issued, MUH. $1,200.00
538 * 1971 50c Abel Tasman Park, left (dark green) headland omitted. CP P19av. Cat $1000. MUH. $500.00
539 * 1973 4c Moth error: vert pair deep green colour (veins) 10mm shifted to right (appearing in margins), no wmk. Also, similar but single with 7.5mm shift to right of veins. Not listed by CP. MUH. $450.00
540 * 1973 4c Moth, imperf horiz pair, no wmk. CP P6cQ. Cat $500. MUH. $275.00
541 M* 1973 7c Leather Jacket (fish) horiz block of 6 with top selvedge, yellow colour shift approx 4mm upwards, no wmk. CP P9bx. Cat $600. MUH (selvedge hinged). $250.00
542 * 1974 8c John Dory (fish) block of 4, black colour shift 2½mm downwards ("John Dory" in lower margin, fins over "8c"), no wmk. CP P11bu. Cat $1000. MUH. $600.00
543 * 1975 4c Rose red & green colours offset - 7 stamps & 2 partial in lower R/H corner block of 9. CP PA4aw. Cat $4200+. MUH. $2,500.00
544 * 1975 small s/b with Flower plate blocks etc. Incl 3c imperf pair, 8c imperf margins block of 4 & 4c double ovpt (1 albino) block of 4. MUH. (DESCRIPTION AMENDED). $500.00