Auction 35 - Saturday, September 21, 2019

870 C 1957 Trans Antarctic Expdn. Original 4 page letter dated 29 Oct (57) written from Skelton Nove "lying in tent" by "Buster" (Lt Cmd Bill Smith RNZ) describing activities in detail "arriving farm tractors with canvas sides is bloody cold... have an idea Ed is going to ask me to stay on & go to depot 480". Smith led expedition in Dry Valley etc and was in part responsible for locating & establishing Scott Base. Letter addressed to L. H. Pollock who participated in wartime expdn to Auckland Isl. Also short note to Pollock "Expect bergs at any time". Both with original envelope + 13 other 1957-58 covers Smith to Pollock & 2 other items. $750.00
871 C FID-South Shetlands 1944 censored cover sent to England during "Operation Tabarin" with ½d South Shetland ovpts vert pair, tied by 2 NOV 1944 South Shetland cdss. Partial "tombstone" censor cachet & signed. Heijtz cat from £400. $500.00
872 NZ 1979 Air New Zealand material for passengers on Antarctic flights. 2 brochures, 9 page roneo doc & large 72cm x 72cm fold out map of Antarctic with intended and bad weather plane routes clearly marked. Pristine condition. $500.00
873 * Ross Dep 1967 decimal set x 12 (in blocks of 6). Jury cat $1200. MUH. $400.00
874 Ross Dep 1995 Antarctic Explorers: 460 x 555mm frame comprising 6 windowed (74 x 55mm) progress designs in ink & coloured pencil; 80c Ross Dep progress design (150 x 120mm) in water colour; outline of Captain Cook & ships, FDC & a loose FDC signed by Geoff Fuller. All Geoffrey Fuller artwork. $1,500.00
875 Ross Dep 1995 Antarctic Explorers: i) preliminary artwork, basic design, mockup & bromide of mockup for each (6) design; ii) FDC x 2 diff preliminary artwork; iii) date stamp preliminary artwork x 2, basic design x 2, sizes & assorted texts bromides; iv) 6 unaccepted (35 x 30mm) alternative designs in colour featuring explorer and Antarctic map; v) designer certificate with mint set affixed from NZ Post; vi) FDC & set of stamps in plate/imprint blks of 6 MUH. All Geoffrey Fuller artwork. $1,500.00
876 C Victoria Land/King Edward VII Land c1901 NZ pictorial p/c publ Weeks Ltd ("Discovery" route map), 1st franked NZ 1d Universal booklet stamp canc Lyttelton 1 AP 04 (date of arrival of 3 Expdn ships from Antarctica), addressed to JJ Kinsey (expdn agent). Later EVII Land 1d added & canc expdn cds 2.30pm MR 4 09 (last day of PO), then Victoria Land 1d canc expdn cds 10.45pm 9 FE 11 (ex Cape Evans) & ½d canc 3.15pm FE 4 13 signed by W Colbeck (captain of the "Morning" in 1901-4 Scott expdn). All stamps FU, fine, stamps alone cat $2300. $1,250.00
877 C Victoria Land, King Edward VII Land & Ross Dependency extraordinary philatelic cover to JJ Kinsey (expdn agent) in Christchurch, NZ, franked 1d EVII Land canc blue BRIT. ANTARCTIC EXPD, cds FE 27 08 (date of arrival of Shackleton's "Nimrod" back in Lyttelton). Later, Victoria Land ½d pair & 2 x 1d added (with 1912 1d Dickens Centenary cinderella) & all canc clear expedition cds, 3 diff dates (9 FE 11, 3 MR 12 on 1d, FE 4 13 on ½d pair). On back (55 years later), Ross Dependency 1957 set canc Antarctic Meeting cds 20 JA 58 & with surrounding signatures of 7 Trans-Antarctic Expdn members incl Ed Hillary, Vivian Fuchs & George Lowe. Nice condition, exhibition item. Stamps alone cat $4500. $3,000.00
878 / Victoria Land & King Edward VII Land 1908-13: ½d Victoria Land mint with expertisement mark, 2 x 1d Victoria Land, one MUH, one mint; 2 x King Edward VII Land FU/VFU. Jury cat $2250. $1,000.00
879 * Victoria Land 1911-3 ½d, 1d MUH. Jury cat $2725. $1,400.00
880 * Victoria Land 1911-13 ½d & 1d ovpts, set of 2 (½d o/c as usual). ACS cat $2900. MUH. $950.00
881 U Victoria Land 1913 ½d EVII ovpt block of 4, canc central BRIT. ANTARCTIC EXPD. cds 12.30pm JA 18 13 (first day). Cds impression rather blotchy. Rare as block. Jury cat $9000. FU x 2, GU x 2. $3,500.00
882 * Victoria Land 1913 ½d horiz pair, 1 faint toned perf. Jury cat $5000. MUH. $2,000.00