Auction 40 - Saturday, March 19, 2022

195 C c1880s-1970s colln/accum bundle of several 100s - noted Austin Walsh p/c x 2 unused; 1898 pictorial envelopes x 4 diff unused; 1920 1½d GV + ½d EVII lettercard unused; 1d + ½ ovpt "TWOPENCE" large Education Dept envelope used etc etc. High CV but some mixed cond. $600.00
196 C 1886 1d + 1d reply card intact, fragile, purple SPECIMEN h/s on both cards. Not recorded by Samuel, & believed to be unique. Samuel AU1a var. $500.00
197 C 1932 2d GV carmine envelope error: surcharge "ONE PENNY" omitted, also part albino impression of indicia at lower left. The 2d envelopes had been printed but not placed on sale when postage rates were reduced in 1932. The entire stock was supposed to have been surcharged! Surcharge omitted is listed by Samuel, but not the albino variety. Samuel CD22a var. Cat $600+. $400.00
198 C 1940 2d on 1d GVI carmine lettercard, without advert, with inscription on front. Samuel BE3a. Cat $350. Unused. $300.00
199 C 1944 6d on 1/- GVI blue POW Aerogramme, also 6d GVI blue, (with "SEE NOTE ON FLAP") both fine mint. Samuel GA7a, 8a. Cat $250. $250.00
200 C 1944 censored formular Air Mail Lettercard, bearing 8d Tuatara, to a civilian in England, ex Tauranga 24 Aug. This is the 1st day of sale (mentioned in letter) & is only the 2nd known (PSNZ Vol IX mentions one used to Palestine that day). The rate for airmail letter cards to servicemen was 6d & from 16 Oct 1944 for the public. Not only is this an exceptionally scarce FDC but an example of very short postal rate. $500.00