Auction 33 - Saturday, September 22, 2018

260 Photograph (framed) dated 8 April 1963 - The Beatles autographs on rear of photo the Fab Four on board (STAR PICS CP 583) ship, originally addressed to Pauline Laws, in Walthamstow. Ringo's signature in red, the rest in black. Frame permits both sides to be viewed. Note: a similar set of autographs on a creased 1964 Qantas postcard realised $6,000 approx in April 2018 in Melbourne. $12,000.00
261 Photography: 3 early daguerrotype portraits, all of British origin: 2 in decorative metal protective frames (man, identified as "Alfred Tozer, Feb 1856" & small girl, very attractive, both tinted; the third, a seated male, has considerable fading of the image & is in a small hinged box with clasps. The earliest successful photographic method. Rare. $750.00
262 Share certificates 1895-1915 colln of 37 mining shares - nearly all South Africa but some other African countries - gold, Tin, Copper etc. Incl many attractive designs. Full list available. $750.00