Auction 519 - Tuesday, January 7, 2020

449 "A" Class & Allied Datestamps of New Zealand", 1976, by RS Craddock, 290pp. $40.00
450 Collecting New Zealand Stamps, by R Gwynn. Pub 1988. Very useful reference. $20.00
451 "Czechoslovak Philately: 100 Years of Organised Philately" (220pp) & "Art on (Czechoslovak) Stamps (168pp). Both published in connection with "Praga 88" Philatelic Exbn. Hard cover. Text entirely in Czech. $40.00
452 Edwardian Wellington - Photographs by Joseph Zachariah, William Main, 2009, 186pp. $40.00
453 "NZ Postal Stationery Catalogue, Part 2 - Lettercards", Samuel, 1989 (62 pages). Also "Kiwi Catalogue of NZ Postal Stationery", 1st ed, 1983 (12pp). Now outdated but still much useful information. $25.00
454 NZ Stamps 1954-58 The Middle Values by A L Neeson, 36pp describing/illustrating retouches etc. $15.00
455 NZ & the UPU to 1907 by Colin Capill, published by RPSNZ, 133pp. $50.00
456 "Postage Stamps in the Making" by Fred J Melville, pub 1949, 246pp. Some damage to dustjacket & discolouration on fly leaves etc. $30.00
457 Samoa & other Pacific Isl ephemera - mostly photos of covers/stamps/varieties/postmarks etc - some used for Vol V PSNZ, pmks & regn labels also present. Approx 800g net weight. Ex Burge. $300.00
458 The Penny Universal of New Zealand " (1953) by GR Lee, 77pp. Signs of insect damage, not dust jacket. $50.00
459 The Airmails of New Zealand, Vol I, The Internal Flights. Ed Walker. 115 pp. Hardback. Extensive foxing especially first few & last few pages. $60.00
460 "The Cancellations of New Zealand - with Notes on the Early Philatelic History" (1926), 62 pp + 13 plates, by RJG Collins, ageing throughout & covers now with clear contact adhesive. A front's piece pencil note " Seen for Sale $250 in 1993". This is numbered (61/250) & signed by Collins. Some pages foxed & cover repaired. $200.00
461 The Postage Stamps of New Zealand, Vol II. RPZNZ publ, no dustjacket. $110.00
462 The Postage Stamps of New Zealand with dustjacket, Vol II. RPSNZ pub. $120.00
463 The Postage Stamps of New Zealand, Vol IV, RPSNZ pub. Incls updates QV-QEII, proofs/essays, postal history. No dustjacket. $150.00
464 The Postage Stamps of New Zealand with dustjacket, Vol IV. RPSNZ pub. $160.00
465 The Postage Stamps of New Zealand, Vol V (Pacific). No dustjacket. $225.00
466 The Postage Stamps of New Zealand, Vol VII. RPSNZ pub. NZ postal history 1820-74. With dust jacket. As new. $125.00
467 The Postage Stamps of New Zealand, Vol VIII, RPSNZ pub. With dustjacket. As new. $150.00
468 The Postal History and Postage Stamps of the Tokelau/Union Islands by AH Burgess, publ by the British Philatelic Trust. New cond. $75.00