Auction 513 - Tuesday, July 2, 2019

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586 C 1876-1901 QV postcards, colln of 12 diff unused on pages, incl Samuel AA1a-4a, 6a (2 diff printing varieties), 6b (2 shades), 7a, 8a, 9a (scarce), 11c. Mostly fine cond. Nice basis for expansion. $275.00 Spin UpSpin Down
587 C 1895 OHMS/Free Savings Bank, GPO letter sheet deposit form, "Auckland 24 DE 95" F type d/s. Minor ageing & hinge reinforcing. $40.00 Spin UpSpin Down
588 C 1899 ½d Mt Cook, brown-lilac, envelope. Re-entry of right top frame, unused, some minor tone. Samuel CA1a var. cat $40. $25.00 Spin UpSpin Down
589 C 1899 ½d Mt Cook commercial & foolscap envelopes mint. Minor ageing. Samuel CA1a, 1c. Cat 90 (1993). $35.00 Spin UpSpin Down
590 C 1899 ½d Mt Cook, brown-lake, envelope, top frame line normal. Some minor toning, unused. Samuel CA1a. Cat $40. $20.00 Spin UpSpin Down
591 C 1899 1d QV green postcard - Queen's Wharf, Wellington view ex 2 February 1900 Dunedin to Wellington, Wellington 4 February 1900 arrival canc. Minor damage at base. Samuel AA9a. $20.00 Spin UpSpin Down
592 C 1899 2d Pembroke brown-red social envelope. Samuel CA3a. Unused. $35.00 Spin UpSpin Down
593 C 1899 2d Pembroke, brown-red envelope, fairly neatly opened, back flap complete, fine used. Samuel CA3a. Cat $150. $85.00 Spin UpSpin Down
594 C 1899 2d Pembroke, brown-red env, part back flap missing. Fine used. Samuel CA3a. cat $150. $65.00 Spin UpSpin Down
595 C 1900 1d QV brown, postcard on cream stock, "Some Riders in the Rough", view ex 1 September 1900 Waikanae to Wellington, same day arrival h/s, diagonal crease & closed tear. Samuel AA10a. $30.00 Spin UpSpin Down
596 C 1900 3d QV blue on deep buff registered envelope, no printing order number, size F (134 x 82mm). Unused, very fine. Samuel EA3a, cat $100 in 1992. $125.00 Spin UpSpin Down
597 C 1900-60s seln of 50 assorted items mint/used incl postcards, envelopes, regd envelopes etc. $40.00 Spin UpSpin Down
598 C 1900 ½d QV green envelope mint x 2 diff: (a) frame filled in above "E" of "ZEALAND" & (b) normal for comparison, both fine. Samuel CB1b(var). Unused. $40.00 Spin UpSpin Down
599 C 1901 1d + 1d QV brown on surfaced cream reply card. Variety no accent over 1st "e" of "Zélande" & accent deformed on upper card. The lower also has missing left leg on "A" of "CARD" (not mentioned by Samuel). This may be the 4th forme variety not identified by Samuel under AU2a. About 60% separated at roulettes, otherwise fine unused. Scarce item. $100.00 Spin UpSpin Down
600 C 1916 Spiked unstamped OHMS/Official Paid Savings Bank credit advice (env no 48). Nelson 17 AP 16 cds. $30.00 Spin UpSpin Down
601 C 1923 (Feb) 1d on 1½d GV (red ovpt on yellow-brown) p/c. Fine mint. Samuel AC6a. Cat $50 (in 1988). $100.00 Spin UpSpin Down
602 C 1926 4d GV deep brown registered envelope, Die I, size G, (U120)6008" on back. 1927 use. Samuel EC7a. $30.00 Spin UpSpin Down
603 C 1942 1d GVI newspaper wrapper unused, also used. Samuel Fe7a. $10.00 Spin UpSpin Down
604 C 1943 1/- GVI blue Prisoner of War aerogramme. Unused (very fine), on page. Samuel GA5a, cat $350 in 1992. $350.00 Spin UpSpin Down
605 C 1945-6 unstamped formula "Greetings From New Zealand" airmail lettercard, in blue & brown - side panels incl Southern Alps & Mitre Peak. Fine, folded, unused. Scarce, see PSNZ Vol IV, p346. $100.00 Spin UpSpin Down