Auction 506 - Tuesday, December 11, 2018

360 C Autograph: W E Rowling (former NZ Prime Minister) on 1979 RNZ Army Education Corps souvenir cover, Burnham Camp, 15 Septembers "J" cancel. $15.00
361 C Germany c1948 Stamp Dealers advertising envelope made from uncut, unused 5g margarine WWII ration coupon sheet. Cover features 20pf Wurtemberg stay stamp. $25.00
362 Royalty Memorabilia - 1920 panoramic photo (40 x 13½cm split into 2 halves) of scene at Caroline Bay, Timaru just prior to civic welcome of Prince of Wales (later Edward VIII) on 17 May. Thousands in attendance. $40.00

At time of publishing (subject to change) NZ Dollar equals UK 52p, USA 67c, Australia 94c, Canada 89c, Euro 60c, Japan ¥77, Hong Kong $5.30, Singapore 93c.