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618 C 1876 Postcard, 1d red-brown - thin inner frame line x 2 diff: a) with inner frame complete at lower left & b) inner frame broken at lower left. Samuel AA1a (var). Both fine, mint. $25.00
619 C 1876 Postcard, 1d red-brown - thin inner frame line, error: no stop after "ZEALAND" & "SIDE", ex Auckland 23 April 1881. Not priced thus. Samuel AA1a. VFU. $50.00
620 C 1888 Postcard, 1d red-brown on cream stock, mint & also FU ex Wellington 18 October 1888 Samuel AA4b. $20.00
621 C/ 1890 Postcard, 1d blue on cream stock, variety "no stop" after side. Samuel AA6a(2). Mint & FU. $12.00
622 C 1891 Postcard, 1d blue, white stock. Samuel AA6b. Fine, mint. $10.00
623 C 1891 Postcard, 1d blue, white stock, transient variety - void affecting part "LA" of "ZEALAND" probably caused by extraneous matter on printing plate. Fine used (Wanganui-Dunedin), also normal (mint) for comparison. Samuel AA6b $35.00
624 S c1892 ½d Newspaper Wrapper, rubric in 5 lines with "PREPAID/29 OC A class cancel. Apparently this was first mentioned on 1893 in the "Official Circular". This cancel was used for presentation sets with the date being 29 OC (but no year). Believed to be unique. Ex J Shaw. $450.00
625 C 1897 Postcard, 1d QV brown, with coloured view on rear. Samuel AA7a. $10.00
626 CM 1897 Postcard, 1½d carmine x 2 diff shades. Samuel AA8a. $25.00
627 CM 1898 Registered envelope, 3d QV ultramarine (size K), vertical fold. Scarce. Only 9914 were supplied & the attrition rate was high. Samuel EA2. Mint. $200.00
628 C 1899 ½d Mt Cook env, 138 x 79mm. 21 x mint, tone spots, useful for studying transfer varieties on ½d stamp. Samuel CA1a. Cat $840. $100.00
629 C 1899 ½d Mt Cook x 2 diff: a) commercial (flap at left) & b) foolscap, both mint, former with tone spot on front. Samuel CA1a, 1c. $30.00
630 C 1899 Postcard, 1d green, view "Wanganui River" (horizontal), FU. Also similar but Queen's Wharf, Wellington & Where the Maori Loves to Roam. (Latter 2 minor blemishes.) Samuel AA9a(f),(g),(h). $90.00
631 C 1899 2d Pembroke on envelope. Samuel CA3a. Mint. $30.00
632 C 1899 2d Pemboke on envelope, used to Melbourne, ex Auckland 30 August 1900. Samuel CA3a. $80.00
633 C 1899 2d Pembroke, brown-red env, part back flap missing. Fine used. Samuel CA3a. Cat $150. $65.00
634 C 1890 Postcard, 1d blue, surfaced shiny stock, used (Clinton to Dunedin). 3 small pinholes. Mentioned but not priced by Samuel. Scarce. Ex Samuel. Samuel AA6d. $400.00
635 C 1900 ½d QV green (+ ½d QV indicium cutout affixed) envelope (commercial size with flap at top), ex Stratford 26 November, to USA, endorsed "Via Vancouver" with New Plymouth (26 Nov) & Honolulu (12 Dec) transit cancels. Samuel CB1b. $25.00
636 C 1900 ½d QV green, commercial size envelope, flap at LH side. Used (as "printed matter") to Germany, Wellington Barr-Fyke 5 November 1903, odd light tone spot. Also similar but flap at top. Samuel CB1a, 1b. $30.00
637 C 1900 ½d QV green env mint x 2 diff: (a) frame filled in above "E" of "ZEALAND" & (b) normal for comparison, both fine. Samuel CB1b(var). Unused. $40.00