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2721 C 1752 entiure Brecknock (faint h/s) to London, with fine black "4/MR" Bishop mark. Light overall soiling. Written up on page. $60.00
2722 C 1775 entire Wales to London with fine black "6/SE" Bishop mark (17mm wide). Complete wax seal. Good condition. Written up on page. $60.00
2723 C 1777 entire Easton to London with illegilble origin h/s & fine black "4/A" Bishop mark (18mm wide). Fine, with dragon motif red wax seal. Written up on page. $60.00
2724 C 1787 entire Brecknock (light town h/s) to London, with good/fine single-rim d/s "JU/16/87" of London in black. Fine. Written up on page. $40.00
2725 C 1791 entire Southam (fair town h/s) to London, with fine single-rim d/s "JY/20/91" with "D" at side (London receipt d/s), in black. Large m/s "5". Fine. Written up on page. $50.00
2726 C 1791 entire Kidderminster (good 2-line town h/s) to London, with fine single-rim d/s "AP/4/91" of London in black (with 6 dots at each side). Fine. Written up on page. $50.00
2727 C 1792 Scottish pre-stamp entire Elgin to Edinburgh, with good undated cicrulatr "POST OFFICE/ELGIN" (in use 1779-1790 only). No receipt Bishop mark. Written up on page. $45.00
2728 C 1792 Scottish pre-stamp entires x 2 with straight-line town name h/s "ABERDEEN" (good) & "KILMARNOCK" (fair). Both with red receipt Bishop marks. Good cond. Written up on page. $45.00
2729 C 1793-1835 interesting colln of "FREE" frank markings on 5 entires (1793-1833) "& 7 fronts (1822-35), very well written up (typed) on 7 pages. Noted markings of Inspectors of Franks, boxed "Charing Cross" h/s, boxed "T.P. Rate 2" local post charge h/s, etc. With various signatures of Members of Parliament. $140.00
2730 C 1794 Scottish pre-stamp entire, Wigton to Edinburgh, with fine "WIGTON" straight-line h/s (black), m/s "1/3" (1s3d to pay), & red "DE/8" Bishop mark of Edinburgh. Fine. Written up on page. $45.00
2731 C 1796 interesting entire London to Edinburgh with 4 margins, incl unframed "Penny Post/Not Paid" (red), "119 Oxford St. 119/Unpaid/Penny Post" (black), & part of "8'Clock...." (red). With black m/s "8" (8d to pay). Written up on page. $75.00
2732 C 1797-1838 interesting colln of 15 pre-stamp entires, well written up on pages, showing various aspects of the London post during this period. Noted: items charged 7d, 8d, 9d, 10d, fair/good "Two Py Post/Unpaid/Little Chelsea", ditto of Blackheath (unusually in red), framed "T.P. Cornhill", fine "Modbury" h/s on turned entire, circ unframed "Cirencester", d/s of Halifax, Northhampton. $150.00
2733 C 1797 Acottish p[re-stamp entire Glasgow to Dumfries with fair/good "GLAS/GOW" in circle (black), & 1800 entire Glasgow to Edinburgh with fine straight-line "GLASGOW" d/s (black) & fine Edinburgh Bishop mark "JA/7". Fine. Written up on 2 pages. $50.00
2734 C 1799 entire Richmond-on-Thames to London (Lincoln's Inn), with fine strikes of unframed "Richmond/Unpaid/Penny Post" (black), "2" h/s (black), & oval framed "12 o'Clock/MY13/99 NOON" (red). Wax seal stain. Written up on page. $50.00
2735 C 1800 entire London to Stanmore with large (37mm diameter) crowned "FREE" cds SEP 5, addressed to Marquis of Abercorn. Stated to be rare type. Also carries boxed "High Holborn" receiving house h/s. Also a 2nd entire with a similar (but diff format) large "FREE" cds (38mm) MAR 6 1806, to another MP (with Oxford mileage h/s). Well written up on 2 pages. $125.00
2736 C 1805 Scottish pre-stamp entire Anstruther to Edinburgh, with fine "ANSTRUTHER" curved undate h/s & red "AK/6" Bishop mark of Edinburgh. Minor stains. Written up on page. $40.00
2737 C 1805 local London entire, canc fine unframed "Pall Mall/2py P.Paid" (& a 2nd strike partly unclear), in black, & fine unframed oval "12 o'Clock Noon/TWO PENNY P.PAID" d/s 2+JY/1905 of Westminster office. Fine. Written up on page. $45.00
2738 C 1805 entire Birmingham to London with fair/good unframed "BIRMINGHAM/120" cds DEC 3 (but year reads "0815" in error) & unframed circular h/s "TOO LATE". M/s "3" (3d to pay). Fine. Written up on page. $50.00
2739 C 1807 local London entire, canc fine unframed "Two Py Post/Unpaid/Lombard St." h/s (in black) & fine oval framed "2 o'Clock/AU 13/ 1807 A.Nn. (in red) of the City office. Also with large "2" h/s (2d to pay). Very fine. Written up on page. $45.00
2740 C 1810 local London entire, canc almost complete (but only fair) strike of unframed oval "Two Py Post/Unpaid/Lower Tooting" & large "3" h/s (3d to pay), both in black on front, & fine framed oval receiving d/s "7 o'Clock/AU 4/1810 N.T" (in red), as b/s. Fine. Written up on page. $40.00