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2370 C Australia-Netherland Indies 1931 special airmail flight (May). Attractive cover with 6d, 1/- Roo, 3d, 6d Kingsford Smith. $75.00
2371 C Australia 1934 to NZ official airmail cover bearing GV 1d & 3 x GV 2d (canc 6 APR 1934) & a rectangular official cachet in purple. B/s "Christchurch 12 AP 34", roughly opened. Eustis & Frommer (2008). Cat A$60. $30.00
2372 C Australia 1934 Trans Tasman Faith in Australia official cover bearing 7d TT, 2 x 1d green GV (Australia) & cachet in purple. Nice cond. $50.00
2373 C Australia 1938 (30 May-5 June) Sydney-PNG return special cover, Sydney 30 June tied 5d Australian stamps, 3 JUN Rabaul (5d New Guinea stamps), b/s Rabaul 1 JUN & Sydney 5 June. Eustis 812. Cat A$50. $40.00
2374 C Australia-NZ 1958 TEAL 30th Anniv 1st trans-Tasman crossing return flown souvenir with cachet & NZ special cancel. Stapleton 492. $10.00
2375 C Australia 1984 50th Anniv 1st Official Trans-Tasman airmail re-enactment cacheted souvenir Australia-NZ-Australia FFC with transit b/s. Stapleton 761b. $15.00
2376 C Australia 1984 50th Anniv 1st Airmail Sydney-NZ & return Qantas re-enactment cacheted cover, also 40th anniv 1st airmail Melbourne-PNG re-enactment cover with arrival b/s. Eustis 1978, 1984. Cat A$20. $15.00
2377 C Belgian Congo 1937 (June). FF Belgium to Belgium Congo by Air Afrique (via Algiers), 8 special p/cs (showing route map), all diff stages (mostly within Belgian Congo). Pmks incl Bukama, Kabalo, Kindu, Bumba. Minor perf tone on a few stamps, otherwise fine. $120.00
2378 C Belgian Congo 1936 (Oct) FF Belgium to Belgian Congo by Sabena, 4 special p/s (showing route map, diff stages incl Brussels to Stanleyville (toned), Stanleyville to Libenge, Elisabethville to Stanleyville & Bumba to Libenge. Some perf tone, otherwise fine. $50.00
2379 C Belgium/Nigeria 1936 plain air cover posted Brussels 15 Oct, typed "via Imperial Airways", to Nigeria, then readdressed to Belgium. Transit b/s of Khartoum (Sudan) 20.X.36, Lagos (Nigeria) 26 OC 36, Lagos 24 FE 37 (on front), & Laeken (Belgium) 20.III.37. The return flight was clearly much delayed. Fine. $75.00
2380 C Belgium 1937 (5 April) FFCs x 4 by Sabena, Brussels to Frankfurt, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, with special flight cachets. Also 3 later special flight covers, Brussels to Venice via Prague, Brussels to Liberec via Prague & Brussels to Gersfeld, Germany (World Gliding Contest). Some perf tone, otherwise fine. Total 7 covers. $75.00
2381 C Belgium 1937 (15-20 May), matching FFCs x 3 from Brussels (via Paris) to West Africa, via Air France, Air Afrique & Aeromaritime (Senegal to Congo), with special boxed red flight cachet. To Libreville (Gabon), Douala (Cameroun), & Pointe-Noire (Middle Congo). With appropriate transit & receipt b/s. Light perf tone, otherwise fine. $75.00
2382 C Belgian Congo 1938 (Nov) matching set (?) of 6 special pictorial "100th flight" covers (to Belgium). Diff stages ex Stanleyville, Elisabethville, Coquilhatville, Libenge, Kindu & Bumba. Some minor perf toning on stamps, otherwise fine. $90.00
2383 C Canada 1936 x 3 diff cacheted FFCs, also 1937 x 2 diff, 1938 x 2 diff & 1946 x 3 diff (10 covers). $20.00
2384 C Denmark/Japan/Germany 1970 (1-3 March), Lufthansa LH 650/655 FF Copenhagen to Osaka & return to Hamburg, 10 diff cacheted covers, incl posted Finland (2), Iceland (2), Norway, Greenland, Sweden, Belgium). Noted 2 with boxed "MISSENT TO KOREA". All with receipt b/s. Fine. Cat 265 Marks in 1980s. $75.00
2385 C French Oceanic Settlements 1951 (31 Dec) plain FFC Papeete to Auckland, NZ via TEAL "Coral" route, with special flight cachet h/s, Auckland b/s 1 JA 52 (Stapleton #389d). Also similar air cover by same service, canc Papeete 19.3.52. Both ex British Consulate, Papeete (royal arms on flap) to Belgian Consul in Wellington, NZ. Fine. $40.00
2386 C Germany/Australia 1932 (Feb-July) Hans Bertram flight cover (large, unaddressed), printed "Bertram Atlantis Expedition", franked by 14 stamps from 13 diff countries, canc on arrival at various stages incl Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Syria, Iraq, Persia, India, Ceylon, Thailand, Malaya, Neth E Indies, & finally Wyndham W.A. 6 July. Plane lost in NW Australia for 6 weeks from 13 May (then canc at Wyndham). Additional cancel Sydney 15 NO 32, prior to return flight. Very fine. One of 40 carried. Eustis #232, cat A$1750. Rare. $1,000.00
2387 C Germany/USA 1970 (31 May-1 June) Lufthansa LH 430 FF Frankfurt to Chicago & return, 6 diff cacheted covers, incl 3 outward (posted Iceland x 2, Belgium) & 3 return. Fine. $35.00
2388 C Germany/Netherlands 1970 (1 Nov) Lufthansa LH 402/403 FF Stuttgart to Amsterdam & return, 7 diff cacheted covers, incl posted Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Romania. Fine. $50.00
2389 C Germany/USA 1970 (26-27 April) Lufthansa LH 404/405 FF Frankfurt to New York & return, 5 diff cacheted covers. Fine. $35.00