Auction 525 - Tuesday, August 4, 2020

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624 C c1890-1990 colln of 43 diff mint & used, NZ Post/NZPO/PTPO, some uprated with adhesives & range of items - envelopes, p/cs etc. $30.00
625 C QV-QEII Newspaper Wrappers: bundle of 72. Noted Kaiti 18 FE 69 "J" (1st day of use) & TE PUIA SPRINGS 16 DEC 1974 P.O.S.B. cds. $50.00
626 C 1895 1½d QV violet, Group "E" lettercard, lettercard p10 with comma after CARD. Samuel BA5d. Cat $40. Unused. $20.00
627 C 1897 1d QV p/card, brown on cream, with coloured scenes on reverse (ptd Waterlow, London). NZ's 1st picture p/c. Unused. Samuel #AA7a. $30.00
628 C 1900 1d QV postcard, brown on surfaced card, with Boer War-related vignettes "Mounted Parade/Dismounted Parade" (cavalry). Fine unused. Samuel AA.10b(L). $50.00
629 U c1900-1980s seln of (mostly NZ) cutouts, dupn on 5 Hagners together with various meter frank cutouts & some GB QV embossed revenues on page. 202v +1 cover. $45.00
630 C 1901 1d on 1½d QV violet lettercard, Group "I" lettercard perf 10, variety (unlisted by Samuel) damaged frame & lower most trident in left vert column, on bluish stock, unused. Samuel BA18a (var). $40.00
631 C 1903 ½d EVII post card, fresh. Samuel AB1a. Mint. $20.00
632 C 1921 1d on 2d GV yellow on blue lettercard. Fine unused. Samuel BC10a. Cat $45. (2001). $25.00
633 C 1923 1d (red) ovpt on GV 1½d (new die) yellow-brown p/c. PU canc Christchurch "Visit The British Empire Exhibition" slogan machine pmk NO 14 23. Fine. Samuel ACba. $50.00
634 C 1924 1d Map & defaced GV 2d yellow lettercard. Fine unused. Very scarce. Samuel BC13a. Cat $120 (2001). $75.00
635 CM 1932 EVII ½d + GV ½d postcard (REPLY CARD obliterated). Samuel AC23a. Mint. $40.00
636 C 1932 GV ½d + ½d HALFPENNY surcharge. Samuel AC19a. $25.00
637 C 1932 GV ½d + ½d adhesive with HALF PENNY surcharge in purple. Commercial (McSkimming & Son Ltd/Brick & Pipe Manufacturers) card returned for postage credit, as 1d card had been surcharged, unused. Few tones on rear, front clean. Samuel AC19a. (Cat $20 in 1988) $20.00
638 C 1932 ½d EVII + ½d GV postcard (REPLY CARD obliterated) surcharged HALF PENNY in blue, addressed c/o G.P.O. Wellington, bearing WELLINGTOMN 1 JE 32 "C" class cancel & b/s WELLINGTON DELIVERY 1 JE 32 "C" class. Also a similar postcard, surcharged in red with 12 AU 32 "C" class cancel & b/s. Both likely to be FDCs, although Samuel only gives date of 1 JE 32 as for blue surcharge. SCARCE. Samuel AC23a. $125.00
639 CM 1932 1d Field Marshal postcard with partial double HALFPENNY surcharge - 1ts on upper half of indicium, 2nd diagonally but weak at lower left. Samuel Ac22a var. Mint. $40.00
640 C 1944 6d on 1/- WWII "Prisoner of War Post" blue aerogramme to POW in Germany,canc Auckland machine d/s 20 NO 44, with fine NZ censor "DDA/9" & "Stalag 383" censor. Light vert fold, otherwise fine. Samuel GA7a. Ex Startup. $225.00
641 C 1945 OAS air letter with "MPO KW7' datestamp (Maadi, Egypt) with censor 5210 cachet. Average cond. $20.00
642 C 1951 Unstamped, formula air letter form in light blue on white paper, folded, fine & unused. PSNZ Vol IX, p338, No 9. $30.00
643 C 1953 Unstamped, formula air letter form in blue on blue paper, fine, folded & unused. PSNZ Vol IX, p338, No 10. $30.00