Auction 517 - Tuesday, November 5, 2019

321 1977 Panpex Stamp Exbn silver medal (dark colourful toning) awarded MacMaster & Purdy 1977/7, in original box. Cat $300. Weighs 35 grams. $100.00
322 Cigarette Cards - 1935 "Variety & Circus [Artistes]", publ Bergmann (Germany), complete set of 200 stuck down in special hard-cover album describing the performers. Contents fine, cover some wear (incl rusted staples). Attractive. $225.00
323 C Postcards: GB real photo PPC (close-up) of Claude Graham White (early aviator) flying his biplane over the treetops. Inscription "Photo J Russell". Appears negative retouched, PU from Anerley 29 AUG 1910 (EVII ½d stamp). Also GB studio RP PPC showing Edwardian gent sitting in photographer's mockup of early biplane (a little cut down). (2). $50.00
324 Telephone cards - Norfolk c1990 $5, $10 Owls phonecards special edition. $15.00