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2724 C 1792 Scottish pre-stamp entire Elgin to Edinburgh, with good undated cicrulatr "POST OFFICE/ELGIN" (in use 1779-1790 only). No receipt Bishop mark. Written up on page. $45.00 Spin UpSpin Down
2725 C 1792 Scottish pre-stamp entires x 2 with straight-line town name h/s "ABERDEEN" (good) & "KILMARNOCK" (fair). Both with red receipt Bishop marks. Good cond. Written up on page. $45.00 Spin UpSpin Down
2726 C 1794 Scottish pre-stamp entire, Wigton to Edinburgh, with fine "WIGTON" straight-line h/s (black), m/s "1/3" (1s3d to pay), & red "DE/8" Bishop mark of Edinburgh. Fine. Written up on page. $45.00 Spin UpSpin Down
2727 C 1797 Acottish p[re-stamp entire Glasgow to Dumfries with fair/good "GLAS/GOW" in circle (black), & 1800 entire Glasgow to Edinburgh with fine straight-line "GLASGOW" d/s (black) & fine Edinburgh Bishop mark "JA/7". Fine. Written up on 2 pages. $50.00 Spin UpSpin Down
2728 C 1804 Edinburgh local penny post, entire (a little stained), canc fair/good strikes of circular framed h/s "6 / P.P. / OCLOCK" (used c1800-1808) & "JAN / 1804 / 9" 3-line Bishop mark, both in red. Written up on page. $50.00 Spin UpSpin Down
2729 C 1805 Scottish pre-stamp entire Anstruther to Edinburgh, with fine "ANSTRUTHER" curved undate h/s & red "AK/6" Bishop mark of Edinburgh. Minor stains. Written up on page. $40.00 Spin UpSpin Down
2730 C 1806 Musselburgh (Scotland) penny post receiving office: entire canc good (partly unclear) strike of boxed h/s "MUSSELBURGH . PENNY. P. UNPAID", faint framed oval h/s "5 OCLOCK / P.P. / NIGHT" (Edinburgh) & Bishop mark "APR 1806 28", all in red. Also m/s "2" (2d to pay). To Edinburgh. The Musselburgh h/s is scarce (used only 1805-7). Written up on page. $75.00 Spin UpSpin Down
2731 C 1811-1830 Scottish pre-stamp entires x 3 with boxed mileage h/s : 1811 "DUMFRIES/341-D", 1817 "STIRLING/431-E", 1830 "PAISLEY/412-G. All fine strikes. Good cond. Written up on page. $65.00 Spin UpSpin Down
2732 C 1811 Scottish pre-stamp entire, with good "DUNKELD/453/E" undated circular mileage mark & fine red Edinburgh circular date stamp 27 MY. To London. Light soiling. Written up on page. $35.00 Spin UpSpin Down
2733 C 1814-28 Scottish pre-stamp entires x 3 with undated mileage postmarks, incl fine 1823 "MONTROS(E)/488-E", 1814 "FALKIRK/429-E" (fair), & 1828 "DUMBARTONN/420-G" (fine). Written up on 3 pages. $65.00 Spin UpSpin Down
2734 C 1819 Edinburgh local penny post: entire to Dalkeith, canc good strike of framed h/s (red) "HANOVER STREET / P.P.O" (Penny Post Office receiving house) & octagonal d/s (red) "OCT / W 23 A / 1819". M/s "2" (2d to pay). Marking used c1818-1824. $75.00 Spin UpSpin Down
2735 C 1824 entire Caen, France to Chudleigh, Devon, readdressed to London, canc fair (indistinct) step-framed h/s "SHIP LETTER / SOUTHHAMPTON" (black), London receipt cds 20 JY (red) & "CHUDLEIGH / 185" mileage h/s. Written up on page. $40.00 Spin UpSpin Down
2736 C 1827 pre-stamp entire London to Coldstream, (Scotland), w;ith good strike of unframed d/s "BERWICK" JA 13 1827. This d/s in use only 1825-31. M/s "5" in black (5d to pay). Exempt from Scottish ½d road tax because Berwick was a border town. Written up on page. $40.00 Spin UpSpin Down
2737 C 1831 Scottish pre-stamp entire with good unframed "HADDINGTON" cds JU 4 & 1888 entire with fine boxed "DUNDEE" d/s OC 15 & "½" h/s (extra ½d Scottish road tax). M/s "5½" & "3" respectively. Some light stains. Written up on two pages. $50.00 Spin UpSpin Down
2738 C 1834 Scottish pre-stamp entire (Edinburgh local mail), with good strike of octagonal d/s "6 OCLK PM/11 NOV/1834". Written up on page (stated to be government post). Large black "1" h/s & signature frank "R. Auld". $35.00 Spin UpSpin Down
2739 C 1837 Scottish local wrapper Aberdour (Fife) to Edinburgh, with good/fine strike of "G [crown] R" inspector's h/s (red), postage charge revised. Also with fine "ABERDOUR" straight-line h/s (black) & Edinburgh cds (red) "JUL / C 3 M / 1837". Written up on page. $60.00 Spin UpSpin Down
2740 C 1837 wrapper ex Havana, Cuba (no despatch marking) to London, canc on arrival by good/fine (slightly skewed) step-framed h/s "DEAL / SHIP LETTER" (black) & London double-rim cds 6 NO 1837. Written up on page. $75.00 Spin UpSpin Down
2741 U 1840 1d Black, (Plate 1B, HD), imperf, about 3 margins (just into design in lower right corner). Red MC cancel. SG 2. Cat £425. $225.00 Spin UpSpin Down
2742 U 1840 1d Black (KH), plate 5, imperf 4 margins, large light back thin. Light red MC cancel. SG cat £425. FU. $125.00 Spin UpSpin Down
2743 U 1840 1d grey-black, plate 1a (LD) worn plate, 4 margins good to large, red MC cancel, 2 small back thins. SG Spec A1(3). Cat £500. Used. $250.00 Spin UpSpin Down